we are so lucky to have her in our life

this is lindsay, mckenna’s teacher, and her husband nate.
when she asked if i had time to do a photo shoot for them i MADE time, although it took a few months….

lindsay took mckenna’s class over last year, and it makes me laugh when i look back at how nervous i was for kenna to leave her previously AWESOME teacher susie. but in the special education dept, when you get a teacher who your child responds well to, you dont want to lose her. after a few months of growing pains, the class fell in love with lindsay just like the parents had, and now she is a part of the family. her husband nate is a marine recently returned from Iraq. lindsay has done so much for mckenna and we all just adore her to bits. i am pretty sure you will too after you see how adorable they are.

we drove around san clemente for a few hours, but started at home with their dog charlie.Aye_web003


every time i drive by this burger place i have wanted to put a couple in front of their sign.

rockin’ the blue steel.







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  1. You never cease to amaze me with your talents…like the poster above said, that last one is just PERFECT!!!

    Love that you share your photography talents with us – wish so bad that I lived closer to you for a photo shoot. Let me know if you ever make it to NC :)

  2. OK love them all but I must say the one of Charlie is my favorite. Not only are you good with kids, but I think you have the animal world under your spell too!

  3. McKenna Whitney = An A+….LOL

    I bet they love these!!! I can even see a touch of Jonathon Rhys Meyers in her (very cute) husband. what a lovely couple! He looks a lil different in each shot..I wonder which one he looks most like (her husband) to her? Gorgeous colours on the dog photo! brilliant work tara.. just fab!

  4. Your work just rocks Tara.. everytime I look at it I am so inspired.. I love the way you incorporate signs into your shots.. so cool… like the hamburger shop sign.. or when you use the old photo booths.. just awesome.. keep em coming


  5. Seriously some of your best work…I don’t know if it’s the love comin’ from behind the camera, the constructive criticism you recently got or what…but you are on the cusp of somethin’ here…awesome, awesome photography.

  6. wow – its all to much to bear. ill come back and check more out later.
    we dont have super coolio street/food place/beach signs like that in England. The weather is abismal and its so dark here.
    good job i like to brighten myself up by coming here

  7. Well done. And what a good eye you have to notice and remember where all these signs are. This Marine could work undercover for sure – I agree – he does look different in each picture! GOOD PARENTS are a blessing for teachers to work with too you know. Stay your snazzy self – I love your blog and your work. South African greetings. xx

  8. Do you remember the line from Jack Nicholsan in the movie ‘As Good As It Gets’ where he tells Helen Hunt, “You make me want to be a better man.”? My point is when I stop by your blog and see your stuff, it makes me want to be a better photographer. Really. It make me want to go out and ‘see life’ from a diiferent angle, or to put my subjects against a different background, or to capture real life as it happens, rather than forcing a pose. That is a wonderful thing…to have what you have and share it people (up and coming scrapper and mom who doesn’t want to miss a thing in life)like me, it’s a gift. Pure and simple. So, thank you, straight from my heart…all the way from Michigan to you. Hope you can feel the love. =)

  9. Gosh – These pics are gorgeous! They made me get teary-eyed – and I don’t even know the couple – but just the emotion that you see in your photos – they speak to me…Thanks for sharing! Hope I can make it out to Cali some day to hire you to take photos of me & my hubbie :) Your work rocks! :)

  10. These are just another example why EVERYONE aspiring to be a great photographer tries to mimick your work. You capture emotions, make photos captivating, and so easily draw someone in to your photos. I always feel such a connection with the people you photograph even though we’re complete strangers! Some day. . . . I wanna be like Tara Whitney when I grow up!


  11. Oh gosh….loved these. I think they are my favorites ever. I think it is the eyes. The dogs eyes, the couples eyes…made my eyes cry from happiness at just seeing them and knowing your daughter has an awesome teacher. As always, thanks for sharing.

  12. You never cease to amaze me. These photos are stunning. When are you going to start a photography class or workshop so I can attend? You have so much to offer. Plus you crack me up at every turn.

    Happy Birthday. I had no ideas we were so close in age. I turned 30 a few months ago.

  13. I wish you were closer to me-I have three kids who would love to have you behind the camera.

    As for the couple, I agree-how pretty they are and you can really see the love, huh?

    Of course, I am biased-it is my niece and her cutey putooty husband.

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