i recently got some constructive criticism from a photography friend that instilled new energy and a revival of inspiration for my work. it is so nice to receive something like that from someone you respect and i hope i can one day return the favor. especially at this point-when most people assume you dont want to hear anything but words of affirmation.

taking her thoughts to heart, i worked hard at my next photo shoot to work on some things. i hope it shows!

a wonderful evening in huntington beach:

this has got to be one of my favorite family images EVER taken.


always on the quest for a new and unique "foot shot" i got to use dads prized porsche.



there is all sorts of "stuff" photoshopped out of this alley! you dont want to know. haha

she finally relaxed and i got to really see HER.

doing what all dads do best: tickle

right after we shot this one, up came the lifeguard…but he let us stay a little longer.

saw this donut shop as i was parking and we ran across the street to do this. quirky, fun, and cool for a family shot i think.

thank you natalie and tan for inviting me into your family for the day. you both (actually all four of you!!) made it really fun for me. letting me do whatever i wanted with you. even dirty old spider webbed alleys!

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  1. i would literally freak right out if someone critised my stuff becuase after all, art is objective. but – if they were to guide me with gentle advice then of course Id be able to handle it.

    good for you for having the balls to deal with it.

    And the pic of the boys? WOW – the best ive seen of your kids for ages.

  2. okay, i am going through some major ‘tara’ withdrawl right now! it’s been 8 days since your last post. where are youuuuuu? LOL! ….. just wanted to let you know that you are missed! hope all is well!
    p.s. i am loving these pictures, especially the one with the bicycle passing through. cool! most photographers would have ps’d that out!

  3. These are amazing! I’m a photographer based out of NJ- I may be pricing myself on the low side- though I do work FT…
    Any how, I just can’t get over how amazing your work is! I would love to learn more about your philosophy and how you determine the value of your time and art.

    I also just started a blog- check it out- would love to hear from you. chelophoto.typepad.com

  4. That Porsche/Foot shot is SOOOO COOL!!!!! I’m totally inspired by that. I got a new ride…I want a pic of my feet by it now :) Of course mine’s not a Porsche, but sporty to me! :)

    Keep on rockin’ those urban shots girl!


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