this is going to be a big one

so in the last week while i was away from home i was busy busy busy.
i took the kids out to arizona to visit one of my best friends christine. here we are dripping from the pool.



we swam, played, swam, and played. loved getting away from the house for a few days and christine always treats us like celebs, with little presents on my pillow and our favorite foods to eat. we also got to experience the most amazing storm i have ever seen. constant thunder and lightning all night long. it was totally cool.

the night before i left i travelled down to mission beach in san diego to photograph mary ann kennedy and her husband matt. we walked around the streets for awhile and then hit the beach.



while i was in arizona, i got to meet a friends new baby. this is baby ruby.

doesnt she look like a little baby gorilla here? those long little arms….

with momma.

not too happy

little pink toes

i also dragged christine and her family outside one beautiful evening for a photo shoot. we drove around and found an abandoned barn that was PERFECT.


i LOVE this one of christine and adam. so much love.

the kiddos


the light was just bouncing off of these corn fields. we had to leap over a drain and lotsa mud to get over there, but it was worth it.

so im home for a couple days and off again to mexico with the family next week. ill be able to share more when i get home. for now-laundry and packing!

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  1. wow tara! i freaking love these! the colors are yum yum yum!!!! you makes me want to have lots of kids when i see your photos! they are so warm. so full of love. thanks for sharing these! hugs to you! E

  2. All of the shots are beautiful. The one of your friend and her family in Arizona are outstanding. The lighting is perfect.

    The shots of the baby are sweet. My daughter didn’t have that much hair till she was 2!

  3. everyone has such nice things to say. i love them too. the lighting was just beautiful and super fun. for those that live in arizona, the barn was in gilbert at val vista and the new mercy hospital. don’t know when they are going to tear it down though. thanks again soooooo much tara. we love them and will treasure them always. you are a goddess!

  4. I know that it has been said time and time again, but, your pictures are so breathtaking, that I honestly feel like I know each subject. What a gift to have, the ability to tell a story of someone just by photographing them. Have a wonderful vacation and I can’t wait to see the pictures from Mexico!

  5. Gorgeous photos again Tara. Glad that you got to spend some time w/ friends. And…going to Mexico soon…All Right! Good for you. Enjoy!

  6. you were so close to me- I live near higley and guadalupe in Gilbert! Bummer..too bad I was not one of your really close friends so that you could take pictures of me and my family! I love the pictures and yes those storms were crazy weren’t they?

    Too bad you didn’t attend the PPA conference that was up in Scottsdale…I know it was vacation. I have to go check out the barn!

  7. i am so glad you had a great time in Arizona, seems like I have to travel with you, my brother lives in Arizona and all my family in Mexico. I was born and raised there, moved here some years ago. So enjoy all you can my Country. You are going to eat the best food ever. If you like peanuts buy some Cacahuates Japoneses then add a liquid chile called Miguelito de agua, believe me that is the best thing you can ever eat! oh after tacos al pastor of course. I hope you enjoy your trip and can’t wait to see the pictures you are going to shoot and how you are going to capture my Country and Culture. So exciting!

  8. I’m going to see a friend in AZ in Sept. (and by lucky coincidence, it will be on the CKC weekend), but I’m leaving the kiddos home. She has six of them and we’re getting a hotel for a night or two. My own personal reward now that the youngest has stopped nursing.

    Next year, she’s meeting me in Santa Barbara whether she likes it or not!

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