it was madness. madness, i tell you!


had the absolute pleasure of photographing danette and family last night.

we decided to go the untradional route (or i decided and then begged, cajoled, convinced, and dragged them along) and met up at the balboa fun zone, walking around to find cool hidden nooks and crannies. i am so grateful that they allowed me this gift-letting me do something i havent done. trusting me and following me around. it was weird dealing with the crowds and people staring at us…i am so used to my quiet little beach! but it was also kinda cool-added a bit of fun and drama and ENERGY.

i have only had time to work on a few, just to satisfy our need to see them. (mine and hers.)



and there they are. more to come later this week.

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  1. OH man, Tara. I am so excited. The shoot was totally fun — and no way did you beg! We were very up for the balboa shoot. It was a great idea. You are absolutely amazing, we felt so comfortable with you, and you already know that I CAN’T WAIT to see the rest.

    By the by, that second shot blows me away. I had no idea you captured that. I don’t remember you capturing that. When I say you are amazing, it’s an understatement. Thank so much again.

  2. first-time commenter, here! ;o) i’ve always loved your beach photography but these are my favorite. great subject, great blowout of the color. i love to photograph at amusement parks, personally. can’t wait to see more of this album.

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