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  1. thank you!!

    how did i get them to laugh like that?
    i had previously hired an assistant (cathy) !

    she was doing all sorts of crazy crap behind me-i dont even know what. at one point, she even grabbed my boobs. i dig that about her. she does what it takes to get the laugh. :)

  2. I adore the pic of the girl sucking her thumb (color). How personal and treasurable. I also love how the hair color and the clothing color are similar in the very last pic.

    Echoing comment above: I miss seeing more of your photos here (and of course your blog comments). Oh well, we’ll take what we can get.

  3. oh i have had some questions about exposure.

    i used my 85mm portrait lens at 1.8 most of the time. upped it for family shots. ISO at 200, it was cloudy, but bright out. perfect lighting. i overexpose a half a stop with the aperture at 1.8 to get the brightness i like. then i adjust in PS.

  4. Wow. (Note to self: Close your mouth now.) I have to agree with what everyone else has already said. Margie – you’re gorgeous and your hubby is hunky. And all of your kids – I just want to squeeze them all! And Tara, you always amaze me – ALWAYS! Snow, sand, wherever – you do such awesome work.

  5. Um, I’m not sure I’m allowed to post here, since there seems to be some sort of gender requirement that I don’t and likely never will meet. But I’ll risk it anyway.

    Hey Tara, Marj sent me the link to the photos. Thanks for the great photos of my brood. That first one, of Pete and me on the couch, has some great angles, textures, and shadows — you can hardly tell that I’m peering over his shoulder to catch the basketball game on TV. And I love all the shots that include Martha’s tattered blankie. Oh, and any with Marj and me in the background, while the kids frolic and gambol and gallivant — all good, all fun. Sure, I’m a little concerned about the considerable gray at my temples in the color solo shot of me, but I suppose I can’t blame the photographer for that, can I? So anyway, thanks!

    (OK, the man is now leaving the room. You can resume your ordinary girlish chatter. I’ve got more manly things to do anyway, things involving hunting knives, engine blocks, and chainsaws…)


  6. Way cool pics! I love’em. One of my all-time favorite layouts is one you did of margie’s girls years ago (thin line between sugar and spice), I can’t believe how much they have grown since then. Beautiful family. I love the way you capture the essence of family. Bravo girl, bravo!

  7. usually when you post an entire shoot i just pic a few from the thumbnails to look at, but i looked at every picture this time…margie’s family is so cute & you are just incredible…so inspiring…thanks for showing off…keep it up:)

  8. Tara, I just looked at these to see what we are to expect with our photo shoot. These are just amazing! So beautiful and I love the unique things you do. Love the parents out of focus behind the children and I love the ones of the parents together. What a beautiful family and incredible photography. I hope you can make us look this good – I can’t wait! Suzy Plantamura

  9. WOW! I am always so inspired by your photos.

    PLEASE please please tell me you are going to teach a class on photography at Big Picture Scrapbooking?????

    I want to learn, and the idea of learning from someone who is self-taught and more concerned with the heart of it than the perfection angle…well, I’d be willing to pay.

    I’m emailing Stacy next, but please tell me you are thinking of doing this!


  10. Tara, not sure if you’re still checking comments or not but I’d love to know about the tilt you have to your photos. Is this done post-processing or while you are shooting? I’ve tried it while shooting but can never get it quite right, Yours are always bang on. Any tips on this? Thanks for always sharing!

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