after elsie stays with me, i am so selling this puppy on ebay


what do you think? donna, ali, & cathy z have all slept on it. and elsie is coming in april. you think i could make a buck?

not to mention the actual fluids my children have spewed forth onto it.

someone out there would pay a pretty penny i bet. ;)

some more pics from my wonderful weekend with ali and lisa.


(thanks joy-this picture totally rocks. see? tilting is FUN!)


this is how people react to the projects ali teaches. (thanks pam for these fun shots!)


and ali is so yummy you just want to kiss her.


{i also just have to say that seeing all of you women at the class-meeting you and talking to you and laughing with you and joking with you-was the highlight of my week. you were ALL so nice and very cool. the whole class was like a party! i feel so lucky to have friends who teach classes where i just get to show up and hang out. so cool. thanks for making my day you guys.}

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  1. It WAS a fun day and I loved being there with y’all… My family loved my projects- although I did NOT get the same response as you guys in your first picture (above)… but they loved ’em, none-the-less. All the best, B.

  2. it was really a blast. even my “scrapping? who cares but it gets you out of the house” husband thought the projects were brilliant.

    i’m jealous of all the visiting teachers who get to romp with your beautiful children.

  3. You rocked as a tablemate girl! SO glad I got to meet 2 of my GURUs in one day!! I had a blast and guess what… came home to a HOME-MADE anniversary card from the hub and a vase full of matching gerbera daisies! AHHHHH


  4. Ok so you lost me on the sale with the various fluids from your children :-) but I just know some scrapper out there would spend at grab it off of Ebay for some insane amount..especially if you threw in that they had to come to your home and pick it up!
    Ok I so want to go to one of those classes :-(

  5. You totally crack me up! I love the pictures, isn’t it great to have such fun friends to hang with! Seeing all the cool stuff you do with scrapbooking ALMOST makes me want to do it…not quite there yet though. :)

  6. Tara, those pictures are so cool! It was so great meeting you at the class. It was such a fun day! And you’re so right about everyone in the class being so nice and it being like a party all day long!

    BTW, I totally think you could make a fortune on ebay with that couch. :-)

  7. Totally laughed out loud at the fluids! After Elsie comes – maybe you should have it bronzed – you know – like baby booties! LMAO!!! Too fun! Had fun observing your kids in the pic – their little personalities (as you’ve told them) are just so evident! Love the pic of you and Ali! It looks like you had just way too much fun!!!

  8. As much as I miss your personal blog I really really miss your ‘Photo a Day’ That little normal ‘slice of life’ captured by great photgraphy. I will take whatever you give us girl!!! Beggars can’t be choosers :)

  9. Christine and Stace, you musn’t forget that dear old Jon has has his fair share on that couch as well. :)
    T, are you talking about Elsie Flannigan? Have been seeing her work in CK lately, and just think she is adorable, (if that is who you are refering to).
    Love how your kids are all on Ali! LOL!

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