shaun, alexis, and bowie

some of you may remember alexis and bowie from pictures in august. alexis is an old friend who still does my hair even though she works in encino and it takes an hour or more to get to her. she rocks man.

we have been meaning to do this for years, but its hard to make it work. they made the trip down last sunday and i got to spend some time with them. they are such a gorgeous family, and bowie was having so much fun in front of the camera.

here is my favorite from the day:


and their album is here.

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  1. Bowie is back!! Yea! LOL, love that name! My fave is Mom holding Bowie and her pointing back at the camera. It says “I’m goin’ places baby, you just wait and see!” And LOVE Bowie getting piggie-backs from Dad. Great shots again!

  2. oh wow! love those!!!! esp. love the one of the mom and bowie in the far right with all the space in the shot…….very cooL! these are all soooooooo unique… them!!!!!

  3. Awesome photos…as usual, Tara! What else do we expect, right? Love that name…Bowie. Very cool. Have to say that my most favorite of the bunch is image #19. The one with Mom & Bowie nuzzling on the far right of the photo and the blurred image of the ocean in the rest of the photo. Totally awesome!
    Have to also mention that I am in awe of your ability to get amazing catch lights in all your subjects eyes…how do you do it? Is it a learned thing, sheer luck, shooting outside? Please tell!! It is what draws me to your photos right away, every time!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I heard the lishman’s were headed your way and have been checking back for their album. And, you didn’t disappoint. They are darling and the photo’s only are beautiful as well.

  5. Great Photos! I love image no. 11 where Bowie is looking out at the ocean and the parents are facing the camera. Great metaphor for the whole parent/child relationship!


  6. Wonderful and Bowie is a darlin’:)
    Just so clear and bright, I love your way of photography T.
    Just wondering, your shots at the beach, it is always so emppty on the beach. Everytime the sun is shining overhere and you go to the beach it is so crowded. Is it always so quiet overthere? Just love it like that, give you a great oppurtunity to do the shots :)


  7. WOW!!! These pics are awesome. Every single one of them is my favorite. The child is so beautiful and spirited. I love the shots of the little girl with the parents from the waist down. It gives me a feeling of security surrounding the child. Perfection, as usual.

  8. man Tara – you ROCK!!! Your pictures are so wonderful and so inspiring. . .I try to think of things you’ve done or “said” when I take mine. . .somehow, your look professional and wonderful and mine look like a kindergartner took them. .. .SO wish I lived near you. . .if you ever come to Philly. . .


    ps – i miss your blog. . .hope you and your family are well this holiday season

  9. Tara, if you ever come to Minnesota would you consider doing a photo shoot, even though you’d be on vacation? I live 1.5 hours from your friend, Miss Cathy Z. And would love to have you do a shoot! Kirsten

  10. oh and just wanted to say i went out and bought the new SS and your layouts ROCK! i love the little page all about you also! can’t get enough of your work! those were darling darling pages t!!!!!!! tara

  11. TW! I am equally angry at you and thankful for you! I’ve been missing me a So Cal Christmas tree something fierce! Thanks for the fix, man! (now take that last picture down so I can stop moping around all home-sick like :p)

  12. I just wanted to share with you what I wrote on my blog about you a few days ago, on my “Happy List”….. Thank you for being you.

    “Tara Whitney. She is powerful. She is one of the most creative and talented women I have ever known. I admire her as much as I do Donna for much of the same reasons and some different. Tara’s photography makes my soul come alive and truly encourages me to keep doing what I love. She is grace. She is laughter. She is Art, Living Out Loud. She, too, is someone that I would love to call friend.”

  13. Wow!! The pics are awesome and Wow!! at how completely adorable Bowie is and Wow!! at how great Shaun and Alexis look! They both look great! I haven’t seen them in a long time so its great to see the pics of them at least!! They look so happy! You did a fab job capturing the real moments of their little family!!

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