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  1. Absolutely beautiful! You’re right, the colors definitely make a statement, especially the yellow! Did you use any editing software to get the blue in their eyes to stand out? Again, absolutely wonderful!!

  2. Terrific photos. Quick question for you. Do you give your subjects any direction when you are shooting them? The photo of dad with son with just the son looking at the camera is amazing. I was wondering you told the son to look….or did that just happen.


  3. so, ya only photograph models, right? And their model husbands and their model kids and their whole freakin model family?? LOL, no, hmmmm, well, it must be the camera then right?? LOL, no, its just a tool, I know. Location maybe?? nope that changes too. damn, must be you then (and some sort of mojo voodoo juju magic you got goin’ on.) beeyoutiful as always, t!
    (another) t

  4. So cool! You are so talented, except my one complaint is- you need to take more pictures! I check your blog constantly to see if you have new ones up, don’t make me wait too long, LOL! I’m getting addicted ;-) You are sooo good!

  5. The one with the whole family and the son playing with the dad’s glasses…well, that one is just incredible. I love that he is playing with the glasses. That’s a great moment captured. I want to know where the mom shops for such cute boy clothes!


  6. HURRAY! Thank you again and again, Tara. I am having so much fun sharing our cool photos. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. We are going to have the best xmas cards ever! : ) I am so impressed with how well you captured my nutty, silly, chaotic family. You are such a pro!
    Hugs, K

  7. I like the change of scenery. My favorite is the kid with the boots in the foreground with his bro walking away and parents watching in the background. Good stuff.

  8. your photographs are always stunning but the color ones in this album were especially interesting, likely due to the colors mom slected for the boys to wear. they were a pleasure to look at. i suspect the yellow boots were not mom’s choice but i am glad she let her boy go with his preference. excellent photos. my favorite is the one of them laying on their backs, the younger boy playing with dad’s glasses. love the interesting angle.

  9. Tara, I check your blog often and I am constantly amazed at your talent. WOW! My husband just walked in and up until now he just never got it. He just stood there and said… WOW she is talented. I love your pictures and if I can ever plan to get out your way I will have to have my family photographed! You have such an amazing way of capturing the essence and personalities of the families you photograph. I almost feel like I know them!

  10. Tara,

    I’ve read that ancient people of more modern times have an aversion to photography because they fear the camera, or image, somehow steals their soul. I think that’s what a good photographer does. And, that’s exactly what you did. You were able to capture the sparks in my children’s eyes. You got all these frozen moments that also managed to capture human qualities that are so intangible. Love, mischief, happiness…and the bonds between us.

    If you were to ask someone to take a photograph of these, not examples, but actually “take a picture of the bonds between a mother an child.” They would be hard pressed to do it, and might tell you that it’s impossible. You did it effortlessly.

    Just one of those shots was worth every penny. I hope to make this the first of many sittings we have with you over the years. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for the care, talent, and the artistic eye. Thank you for giving me something that communicates to other people how precious my family is. Thank you for stealing our souls.

    -Drew Carter

  11. Oh wow, I am speechless Tara. I’ve been admiring your work on your blog for months now however this session is especially wonderful. Like Drew said, you captured the love & feelings within this family perfectly. Excellent work as always but I think this session is my favorite so far!!

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