nuzzle nuzzle

i say "nuzzle" when i photograph people and i want them to get close and soft and sweet.

nuzzle. i especially love when a husband nuzzles a wife, or a mommy nuzzles her baby.



there is something so true and so real about a nuzzle.

this is the rest of the edington family.

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very very
really bright
at the beach

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  1. could it be? that I am the first to comment on a Tara post??? delicious! (most likely my computer will take too long to think about my comment and I will end up being # 74, but whatev.
    These photos are amazin’ as always my dear…you are a marvel…even on a stinkin’ sunny day…don’t you wish you had power over the clouds!!! I do!
    keep on rockin.

  2. Wonderful awesome T. You did a wonderful shoot yet again. I was just wondering, do you ask the family to strike some sort of pose like you said nuzzle of hold eachother like this or that, smile at eachother tell a joke or whatever? I was just wondering because it all just looks like it is so playfull, not stressy at all. Wonderful

    have a nice day’


  3. thank you!
    alette-i keep the shoot generally pretty playful. i try to make it as fun as possible because i know mom is stressed out as it is, trying to get everyone perfect. :)

    stacy-yep, jinky action.

  4. Dear Tara, I so wished you lived closer… I would have loved for you to take our family photos! By any chance do you know any photographer in Göteborg, Sweden…:-)

    Just wanted to let you know that I love your work.

    Happy Thanksgiving from Sweden

  5. you did an amazing job capturing the spirit of this family – i know this for sure because I am so blessed to have these beautiful people as some of my closest friends

    that 2nd nuzzle shot is my favorite along with the one of little Matthew to the far right – gorgeous!

  6. Your photos are so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes and I don’t even know these people! I hope to capture emotional photos like these…just love the little one giggling! So cute!!

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