a shoot for some friends

i love this family. goerge has worked with jeff for years now. when we all hang out we have so much fun. they are a really cool couple and the kids are so sweet and easily mesh with our kids.

i have wanted to get my camera on them for, literally, YEARS. i knew these gorgeous little greek children would photograph amazingly with their dark brown eyes and precious faces. catchlights in brown eyes are one of my favorite things. i could just stare into them forever.

so i finally got them down here and to the beach on friday. i love the colors they chose, and the embroidered shirt on grace.

here are the gorgeous kiddos:




and my favorite family shot:


their album is here.

tech info:
85mm 1.8 or 4.0
4pm at the beach

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  1. Hi Tara-
    I am usually just a lurler, not one to make comments, but I just had to say wow! I have really enjoyed looking at all your shoots lately. I think it is really amazing how one person can take a picture and just see a family and you can capture so much more..what a gift to you and your subjects. Any chance you can bottle up that talent of yours to share or is it that we either have it or we don’t?!
    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. WOW, again! Love checking out your blog for all the inspiring photographs, thoughts and quotes. Where do you get your quotes from? They’re always so unique – not the typical overused ones you sometimes see. Love your blog, really enjoy checking it out! :)

  3. Hi Tara,
    Another lurker here. I love how you share the technical info of your shots. I’m assuming you shoot in aperture priority since you just use the 2 stops. Is that right? Your shots are amazing! Thanks for being so generous to share them with all of us. And thanks to the families who don’t mind you sharing their photos with us. Thanks so much Tara.


  4. amazing, as always, tara!
    figured out today why i enjoy your blog so much. i love people watching and i love picture books. every time i visit here i feel like i’m engaged in an incredible book that i can’t put down!
    thanks. :)

  5. You done it again, girl! Rockin’ photos! You do such an awesome job, Tara. I am constantly amazed at how easily you capture the essence of a family. One of these days I’ll make it down there for a visit with my family and have you work your magic! Until then I’ll continue to drool over those lucky enough to have you photograph them….Ü

  6. wow! these are lovely t! that family shot is awesome!!!!!! love all the big brown eyes. gorgeous familY! love that colorful outfit!!!!!! gorgeous gorgeous as usual!

  7. thanks everyone. they are a lovely family.

    yes-i mostly shoot on AV mode. i know how to shoot manual,and i use it for certain situations, but on a shoot, with things moving as fast as they do with the little ones, i prefer to shoot on AV mode. i go back and forth and shoot a little of both…but mostly AV.

    lee-the lenses can go either way. auto or manual depending on what you set your camera to.

    megan-i find quotes all over. online, in signatures or emails. in magazines. i write them down and put them up somewhere. my mom is also a big quote person and shares them with me sometimes.

  8. hey, Tara… I kept hoping somebody else would post and ask about “itty bitty actions” so i wouldnt look quite like the illiterate I really am – but…nobody has so here goes. What is it and how does it work? I checked the link but I’m not rerally sure what it all means. It looks like a great thing to have but I wanted to know more about it and the website doesnt explain much to someone like me. Can you help me out?

  9. lisa-good question!

    you use actions in Photo Shop to create different looks for your pictures. you have to download them and open them in the program. you also have to have a basic understanding of photo shop to use them.

    if you need help, let me know. im not sure what you have right now.


  10. Hey Tara –
    Another lurker here…just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing your vast knowledge and drop-dead GORGEOUS photos with everyone! You’re da bomb! And if you are ever here visiting Margie…I would LOVE to have you do a family shoot for us. Pretty please? :-) Poor Margie…I was asking her a ton of questions when we were together…but you’ve answered a lot of them by your posts. One remains though…do you bring a step-ladder with you on your shoots, or do you stand on a big rock…or how do you get the height on the shots w/ the kiddos looking up? Esp. w/ a 85mm…can’t be too close I’m guessing.
    Anyway, love your work. Just bought Jinky’s itty bitty thingys too… ;-)

  11. i love how michelle up there said she wants you to bottle up your talent to share. lol i would love that too. that is so sweet. however, i think you are one of a kind and truly have an eye. i am grateful for whatever insight you have and things i think i can copy but you have the all – seeing eye. love ya

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