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Category Archives: bathroom graffiti

bathroom graffiti | october 09


I loved this board because it has one of my favorite compliments ever given to me written down. My friend Amy told me, after visiting for the first time, that my house looked like a farmhouse, and then wrote it on the board. I was absolutely smitten with the description. I would never have been able to see that or express it for myself, (it is so hard for me to quantify that type of thing about MYSELF), but that is TOTALLY my style as far as decorating my house goes. Farmhouse. A bit sloppy around the edges, bright, colorful, lived in, quilts, glass jars, kitchen rugs, painted peeling furniture, plants, antiques. I love that I now have a description for what I like. Thank you Amy!

Jen was also over that evening and left me a little note.

See the heart? What did I tell you?

And Sookie, well…do I really need to say more?

bathroom graffiti | august 09


This is an older image that I just found, circa May 2008 when Project Runway was in full swing. I wrote “make it work” one morning before getting the kids ready for school. My morning needed a pep talk. Later, Rachel added “make it fierce.” (we both oh so loved that Christian, he was so ferosh)(And oh, what will we think now that its been bought up by Lifetime? I am so afraid but will assume the best and wait impatiently for August 20). Even later, I am pretty sure it was Emily who wrote “then flush it.”

The heart was again by Anna. (You will see this is a recurring doodle from her.)

This inspirational quote board hijack is one of my VERY favorites. I was searching through old files for a project I am working on and came across it. I was so excited to see it again and so happy that I thought to photo this back then. Now I can laugh about it forever.



bathroom graffiti | july 09

We have a small vintage chalkboard hanging up in our downstairs bathroom.

I like to think of it as my own personal brainwashing device. That whatever I may write onto it will be soaked up by the spongey brains of my children as they sit and contemplate life on the commode. I have been known to write things like:

all employees must wash their hands before returning to work. -the management
beat the day
obama for your momma
be kind
listen to your mother

However…what seems to be happening instead is that it has become a springboard for whoever happens to visit. A springboard into the funny sarcastic little wading pool that is my friends and family.

“All employees must wash their hands before returning to work (signed -the management)” becomes this:


The communist party? Hardly. Okay, well maybe. I guess we are pretty commie around here. I love how Doug and Drew were both with it enough to turn their was into WAZ. But Nate was a little short on the how to insert cool Zs into your words stick. Take note of the scratchy I heart U scribbled by Anna. This is an old board. Maybe a year old, or more. My friend Christine snapped this while at my house.

Our current brainwashing board looks like this:


It started out as a sign in board. But no one was signing in, so one morning after having watched a documentary about “herd mentality” I wrote this: “Don’t follow the crowd. Always do what you know is right.”

Apparently that would be blue agave tequila.

“Guys?” is a Southpark reference/inside joke.

I do not know whose birthday it was. Or why they chose to use numeral signs to make a heart instead of just drawing a freaking heart. Oh wait, maybe thats a clue. It was probably one of the 12 year old girls I drove to school the last week of school with Drew.

And, look up tenesmus at your own risk.