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LeeAnna - lovely, as always <3

Maria O'Donoghue - Beautiful pictures as always. We need a Tara Whitney here in Ireland!!

isabel - good stuff goin round

Molly W. - This post just leaves me wanting to yell MORE MORE MORE!! :)

cathy - God. You're good.

Kal - YOU. ARE. SO. AWESOME. imagonnacomefindyoutotakeourpictures. xo

Posy Quarterman - OHMYGAWD STOP. No, no, keep it up. LOVE. xxx

Jordan Glazener- Sunday Sky Photography - My goodness, these are just amazing Tara! :)

Lyndsay Hyatt-Almeida - I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!

Hege - I really admire the honesty in your art. The way you see people, the way they open up to you. And your quirky angles that makes me smile, because they are so perfectly imperfect. :)

Gabe - Tara...the way you see people and world is beautiful. each one of these is it's own little wonderful story. perfect.

Chris - You have such a gift.

Kathy Reid - Am in need of another Tara Whitney music post.

josh - beautiful work as always, my friend.

Macey Snelson - Your blog is always such a breath of fresh air. Beautiful work, as usual. <3

Tara Whitney - Gabe, thank you so much. Means a lot coming from someone whose own vision inspires me very, very much.

Tara Whitney - YES PLEASE

yan palmer - and this is why you're my favorite. ohhhh the humanity. <3

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