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the most precious thing

(These babies.)

I had connected really strongly to this couple during their first session, so I was looking forward to seeing them again. I was also curious because of my interest in behavior and people in general, to find out if I could sense any changes in them after being parents for such a short time. I think there is always a subtle shift in men and women after they become father and mother, and it is just an interesting thing to watch transpire. A beautiful thing.

I walked in and Mom told me she was nervous, that the baby girl had been fussy and out of sorts all morning. I gestured to take her and she handed the bundle over to me. I looked down into this TEENY tiny little face, with big dark wide eyes taking me in. She was alive and kicking behind those eyes. And I just completely melted. She tried throughout our session to remain feisty, but I knew all her tricks. Baby boy was chubbier, more content, sleepy. His watchful gaze was a sweet surprise once he finally woke up enough to see what was going on.

They took me upstairs to their room, with white bedding and a huge sliding glass door. We all agreed that we loved the natural, quirky movements of newborns and wanted to capture those along with the little details that would soon be gone. So we did our thing. Stripped them down to diapers, warmed up the room, fed them, calmed them, changed them, photographed them, marveled over them.

I could have stayed for days.


Life with Kaishon - Oh! They are absolutely perfect. So sweet. I loved seeing their parents yesterday. Wishing the family a lifetime of love.

Megan - Just having my first little bundle 11 weeks ago, these photos made me cry! These babies are so beautiful and you did a wonderful job capturing them as new little people in this world. Love, love, love! Thank you for sharing. :)

alana - wow, these are amazing. love the yawning images and the one of them on the changing tables!! good work T Dub!

Robyn - best photo shoot EVER. And I am a HUGE fan of yours and tend to think all of your work is amazing. But this one was sooooo beautiful. Takes the cake, for sure.

Patti - Your approach to newborns is like a breath of fresh air.

Emilie - This is the most beautiful newborn session I've ever seen!

Gina Kiesel - Exactly what a newborn session should be - just perfect and pure. <3

Joy - I absolutely love these photos you took! Great job!

Amanda Worrall - Beautiful session, Tara! The yawning photo is just so precious:)

Alicia - Oh my heart Tara. These are the most beautiful photos ever. You gave them such a gift. Your eye, your heart, your words. You move me. <3

Jen Sherrick - Love how these babies are so genuinely captured! Well done!

Julia Shinkle - What a treasure!

sheila spencer - just beautiful!!!!

brooke - white linen - you have such a gift. every single time i pop by your site, i imagine myself in your photos. thank you for always inspiring me to enjoy the moment that is staring me right in the face! :)

Trude - Oh, the sweetness. It's like those two will always be inseparable. Love the in-home sessions the best, people are so much more comfortable that way.

Molly Wickes - Brilliant!! These are beautimous!

Carrie - these are wonderful Tara. so so wonderful.

Visty - What a sweet beginning for a beautiful family. If I could have one thing handed to me right now, it would be more pictures of my tiny babies. Pictures just like these.

Elizabeth - Adore thiese pictures! What a sweet family...those babies are perfect!

Christin - I could feel your emotions through the photographs... nicely worded and captured. Beautiful family.

Sheridan - They are SO yummy!

Trina - absolutely beautiful photos tara! love how you captured all the perfect little details of each of these little ones. i also really loved the light in the maternity shots you took of this couple. it was awesome that the beach was so empty, too. can you tell me if this was sunrise or sunset? i was thinking sunrise??

Georgia - Absolute magic... I love it. Especially of them together and cuddling or touching e.o. Lovely mom and dad too.:)

lindsey - you can practically *smell* their newborn-ness. just lovely, my dear.

katy - oh baby twins - they just get me every single time... I love these SO much! can you please time-machine yourself back to baby P&A and photograph them too?

PamN - So refreshing to see such beautiful, timeless newborn images without a gaggle of props and crazy hats...

ellen patton - these photos are beautiful, just like those babies!

Jen Long - These are the sweetest and truest newborn images I have ever seen! The parents must be so grateful for your presence and magical vision. You are a gift!!

Sara Schneider - This session really moved me. Thanks for sharing. I always love your fresh insight, perspective and peace. These babies made my insides hurt from their adorableness. Is that a word? :) ps. that bakset organizing system was OOC. Out of control. LOVE.

Rachael May - Holy rock. Go ahead and pin this awesomeness now....for a little inspiration later ;)

Cathy - I don't love newborn shoots categorically. But you? Your photos? Freaking LOVE these Tara. A) the babies are beautiful B) The family is beautiful together and C) the house is rad. I love this shoot. Love. Love. Love. Not sure if anyone's told you lately, but you're quite handy with the camera.

jen downer - Beautiful! All of it. Firstly your words... so touching. The babies are YUMMY :o), and Momma? She is stunningly gorgeous! Oh and the wall unit in that last one? holy moly!

mel - You inspire me! Wow. I love how you described your passion and photography style. I just wanted to share. Your talent is amazing in this session! -M

jasonschafer - beautiful Tara.

arenda - such beautiful, tender, thoughtful photos!

Annie Otzen - Oh my gosh, I am so in love with these photos!!!! I think I'm going to have to look at them everyday forever!!!

Jen - Oh goodness. Your gift is incredible. These are priceless.

Julie - This might just be my all time favorite twin photo shoot

caro - speechless ....

Shannon Taylor - Such BEAUTIFUL babies!!!!! I loved the ones with the little boy's eyes open while his sister slept soundly. Absolute amazing photos! And I think there house has the most perfect design!

Gia Guidry - This is a stunning session. It feels like an art book... and art display... it feels like art. I love you.

emily ruth - Beautiful! I especially love the one where the mom is sitting in the chair, holding a baby & her hair is poking out a little on the side. Perfect picture of motherhood, we don't always look perfect but perfect moments still happen. All the time

Puanani - So absolutely lovely.

Karen - I second what each commenter has said.

Candice Lanning - love this session. what a BEAUTIFUL way you not only captured babies...but TWINS. one of my favorite sessions to date! this lil' momma looks great and so comfortable. just love it. must show my husband!

tracey - They are absolutely perfect in every way. I would also like to steal their very cool wall unit shelf thing.

Kathleen - beautiful work tara. especially love momma holding her babes when one of them is giving us that giant newborn yawn in that amazing light next to twin sibling snuggled in cozy and tight. all of them are beautiful though! And LOVE your banner!!

John Dowling - Beautiful photographs. Very well done!

Kelly - Those are some of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen!

meg duerksen - this is AMAZING!!!!!! i want twin babies. :) seriously these pictures would make anyone want twins. such lovely sweet pictures!

Sandra - Tara Whitney you ROCK! These are beautiful photos!

Christina C - You are magic! These photos are amazing! Just curious were the wall baskets are from I need those in my life.

jill - a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

Lorena Mora - The babies are so sweet. I just love their maternity session, how calm mom looks and beautiful.

Kristen - ohhhh! snuggled babies with one of them LOOKING! Oh those intense little eyes! Shoot! Gotta shut down that "just one more" instinct! :)

Kendra - Love love love this!! So many newborn photographers get so upset when one little finger is an inch out of place, or the bum is an inch to low, or the headband is a little lopsided.... This is so real and natural and exactly how I would want to remember the, like someone else said I can almost smell them! And their lovely peels skin. I just adore this session!

Delia - Aww these babes are just so precious.. and the mummy looks freakin fantastic!

Molly W. - UTTER PERFECTION.This shoot leaves me wanting more! FABULOUS!!

sally - just lovely :-)

Konul Rosario - I utterly adore these. You are my inspiration Tara, thank you for being true. <3

Andrea :) - These are absolutely amazing! Such sweet, sweet little babes! :)

Leanne - Love it! You've captured the family's uniqueness so perfectly.

Jen G - O.M.G. - the shot of the legs with the wrinkles... I am dying. The photo with the yawning baby... I am dying. This whole shoot is killing me. Love your work! thank you so much for sharing!! Jen

Kathleen - Truly truly gorgeous photos! I love the details you captured!! Also, I NEED to know what those bins are above the babies' changing table! I LOVE THEM!!! :)

Maureen - Tara, I am completely blown away by these photos. Just made my week. You are so over the top talented, always remember that in your down moments. The one of the babies together with one yawning is a work of art!!! Thanks for sharing.

amber - Wow....i'm pretty sure looking at gorgeous photos of babies lowers my blood pressure. :) Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Now I want another baby. ha!

Rachel - WOW!! These are so awesome. You brought me right into that time. What beautiful, beautiful pictures for them. Great job!!

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