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Torrey Pines is a natural state preserve in San Diego County. There are huge trees reaching off cliffs to meet the beach at this particular spot, my favorite.

Sometimes just an hour of solitude in a beautiful place is all I need to feel alive. This is something I do often, when I feel like I can’t move another muscle or make another decision. I am very aware now of my stress level, and when it needs to be adjusted so that I can live my day more wholeheartedly. When I feel drained, depleted, and empty, I am usually called outside, almost always it is the ocean, and in the Fall it was all about the ocean at night.

I go to a place, and I let myself go completely empty and silent, and I listen and I smell and I feel. And the place gives to me what was missing, it fills me right up.


I discovered this about myself last year, and it is something that has become ritual. Vital, sacred. I can even do it at home. I think I might start sharing more of my restorative moments here, because taking photos is always a part of the process. Seeing in a new way, pushing myself, learning.



kati - so beautiful. i miss living by the beach so much. there's nothing like it.

katie - beautiful. i relate so much to this. quiet walks with my camera fill me up. i'd love to hear about how you do that at home too.

Gail - LOVE this Tara! I don't get outside often enough but I'm grateful to be married to a man who is SO outdoorsy that he forces me to see the beauty in nature. One of my fondest travel memories is our trip to the Pacific Northwest. The portions of northern California we visited were so powerful an experience for us, we decided at 30 and 31 that this is where we want to one day retire to. These photos of yours take me back to what we discovered on the shores there. Thanks for that.

katie - (oops, i should have clicked the link first.)

Sarie - Beautiful, love.

Jen - I really love this idea. Whenever I need a pick me up, or want to get back to myself, I head to the beach/water as well. I don't know why, but it makes me feel better/more restored. I do my best thinking there. We used to live in the San Diego area but I never made it to Torrey Pines (other than the golf course I didn't know there was anything more there even!) Now I wish I had...

dgm - Yes to this! We're so fortunate to live here. (My escape to solitude is San Onofre/Trails, because it probably looks like it did 100 years ago.)

Peta - Sometimes I think I am reading my own words when I come here x

Shawna - I love these photos so much!! I know exactly what you mean about restoring yourself through nature and peaceful moments alone. There is nothing better for me than seeing the beauty of my creator and knowing there is a purpose for me in the midst of it. The hard part is listening to Him and being still long enough to find out what that is.

Whitney Hardie - Absolutely gorgeous. The images and the sentiment. Seriously, just looking at this today gave me a much needed respite. I think I will start the same practice.

Shannon - Yes share more! This was beautiful.

Shannon - Love the repetition of that pink coral. It feels like breathing.

tonya - umm...beautiful.

sharon - I love Torrey Pines. I always leave there feeling refreshed and hopeful. it's an incredible place to be with a camera

Jaana - stun-ning. i would hang them alllllll!

wreckless - so pretty. simple. lifeful. such a perfect set for VBB, too.

Melissa - I'm right there with you - the ocean is where I go to catch my breath and make myself whole again. Beautiful photos.

Monica Justesen Photography - These are all so simple, but so wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

Rhonda - Love these! I would buy one of this to hang in my home. :)

lisa - Beautiful, strong images Tara,these photos really seem to convey the emotion of solitude and peacefulness.

Kathleen - omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!! i absolutely love these tara. love.

Tammy - This is just lovely. Love the images you captured of the beach we visit every time we go to San Diego to see Grandma. And lovely time, that we all need to take. Tammy

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