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Hi everyone – I am really excited about this because I am being featured in the very first issue of this brand new print magazine from Clickin Moms! I can’t believe it and can hardly contain myself. I have seen a sneak peek and it is PRETTY.


Note from Cameron Bishopp of Click magazine:

Clickin Moms is launching a new magazine and today you get to be the editor!

The women behind Clickin Moms, Kendra Okolita and Sarah Wilkerson, have announced the launch of CLICK, Clickin Moms’ all-new print magazine celebrating the modern photograp[her]. CLICK’s 6 issues per year will be perfect-bound and printed on gorgeous matte paper so you can escape into its pages and emerge inspired, hopeful & recharged!

CLICK’s creative team includes Cameron Bishopp, former chief editor for Professional Photographer magazine and Lisa Thé, previously art director for Martha Stewart Weddings & Outside magazines.

Get your subscription RIGHT NOW and be among the select few to receive the premiere issue, a limited edition mailing in October.

I’m being featured in that first issue so don’t miss it!

Now here’s your chance to win a $100 gift card to Clickin Moms’ store:
Just leave a comment below telling the team at CLICK what you want to see in those pages. Features, profiles, products — Here’s your chance to make your own magazine!

Winner of the gift card will be chosen and emailed Monday morning at 10am PST.

Thank you!

Krista - I'd love to see profiles of moms/photographers - how they balance work and family life and showcasing their work.

Valerie - I would love to read about how to encourage new photographers to come into the industry without gouging and undercutting established photographers. How to foster good relationships with current pros and keep the industry growing and to start to repair the catty back stabbing that is going on right now. Very difficult times right now in my small town.

beth - i'd love to see you, tara and your work in every single issue....could they make that happen ? oh, and i guess i'd like to see me in there, too.....LOL

kristy c. - i would love to see regular moms featured in there! what a fabulous sounding magazine!!

Kate - I'd like to see lots of my favorite photographers featured. Can't wait to see the issue with your article Tara. I'd love to see an interview with Dana Pugh, she is another one of my favorites and totally sweet to boot!

Jessica - I hope to see artist profiles, technical shooting information, post processing tips and lots and lots of gorgeous photos!

Michelle Adams - tech shooting info for me! Thanks for the chance!!!

Amanda - I'd love to see comparisons of different editing styles. And see the different ways women got started in the field.

annie s. - Thanks Tara! I'd love to see other mom/photogs featured (maybe a some who balance homeschooling and a business), tips from popular photographers, and helpful photoshop tricks?? Can't wait to see it! xo

Jess - Would love to see more out-of-the-ordinary photographers featured, not so much the generic everyoneisdoingit naked babies and posed families. Show us the minds of the unique creative artists.

Becky thomas - More lifestyle/ photo journalistic shooting (tips and tricks)

Rhonda Thompson - I would love to see photographer studio spaces!!

megan - what an awesome idea and so relevant for so many of us mom photogs out there. Would love to see variety...different styles of shooting (lifestyle - styled shoots) Also, how to juggle mommy-hood with career (especially when so many don't characterize photography as a legit job!)

jaana - tips on running a business. any and all tips. i've been doing this for 4 years and still run into new things i'm not sure about!

Deanna - I would love to see how moms get themselves in their pictures.

Jennifer - I'd love to see tips, product ideas and features/profiles for those who love photography but don't necessarily do it as their profession. There are a lot of us experienced mommy photographers out here.

Jenn - I want to see real life.

ajira - I'd love to see more about the practical side of photography- features on the greats, pieces about light and equipment, business advice as well as money advise for serious hobbyists. Most of all I'd love to hear about artists and their process, their lives and their inspiration.

alana - i'd like to see more photojournalistic/documentary style sessions - particularly with families. i'd like to see lots of nice black & white art.

christa - I would love any tips on starting a business and any business end details. I've already subscribed and can't wait to get it in my hands!

erin - Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to see specialized focuses (birth or day-in-the-life type stuff) and how those photographers do their work.

Dana - I like seeing tips about post.

Angela - I would love to see tips on how to shoot into the sun during the golden hour

Elizabeth - I just subscribed last night but I would love to win a subscription for my photographer sister, too. And, I'd love to see solid business resources and strategies!

april - Congrats on the magazine feature! I'd love to see lifestyle photography and tips for working with toddlers and small children.

Shawna - I am so excited about this magazine! I would love to see more info on print products and how to integrate them into your business in the age of everyone wants the CD mentality.

Whitney - I can't wait to see this magazine in person!! I love to see features about photographers - seeing all the different styles and what inspires them.

Claire Harvey - I have been so excited for this magazine to come out!!! I can't get enough of articles and insight from people like you, Tara!!!!

Julie - I'd like to see photojournalistic style sessions and profiles on rocking clickin Mom's

erica - Looks like a great magazine! i would love a lot of technical tips coupled with inspirational photos - and profiles of various mom photographers with links to their websites! Also more practical business information would be great, for those wanting to start their own photography business.........

Candy - I would love to see an Inspired Project in every issue. Feature one photographer for each issue and dig deep into what inspires them. As someone has survived many things I love some inspiration daily. It keeps me above ground level.

Shari Schwarz - Congratulations, Tara! The magazine looks gorgeous. I would love to see photography tips and tricks for the average mom and features on the photographers who inspire us! Maybe creative ways to display photos, too!

Jenn - Definitely profiles of those that are inspiring...AND I can't wait to read all about you Tara!

arenda - Congratulations on being featured, Tara! Quite the honour. :) I would love to see an article that focuses on focusing - I hear people talk about 'back-focusing' and Nikon users talking about 51-point systems, and would love to learn more about all of that.

Taylor - I have been sooo excited about Click! I can't pick one thing I'd like to see...but I am most excited I think about artistic inspiration and I'm really hoping the magazine is encouraging!

sherry - I would like to see an amateur contest :)

Laura - I'd love to see regular features/interviews on inspiring photographers like you, on everything from their process in-session to post-processing techniques.

Sarah - I'd love to hear a balance of technical tips and examples of different artistic styles.

Debbie van der Schyff - I am so looking forward to the CLICK magazine now that I know you are featured - congrats! I would love to see some 'pullbacks' of how photos are achieved. I always find it really interesting to see how the photographer positioned themselves to get the shot xx

Elizabeth - products please! And not just products but photographers who use them and why! I am a sucker for new fun toys to play with! and always am looking for things to add to my "one day i'll have this" list!

Kim Peterson - I have been checking my mailbox daily for my copy of Click! Now I will have to look you up in it too! I am looking forward to inspirational images to spark my creativity as well as tutorials about any and everything!

Kelli - I want to see "what's in your bag" posts and maybe stuff on lighting stipulations when capturing everyday life.

Marie Taylor - I would love to see product reviews, lighting tutorials and of course lots of gorgeous images!!

Cristin - Well this is AWESOME! Tara Whitney + Click Magazine! I don't think I can contain myself! I am a huge fan of CM (and Tara) and I'm currently mid-way through my 5th workshop this year!! I think it would be awesome to have an "In the Spotlight" feature for up and coming photogs, or a "Photographer making a Difference", maybe for those who use their gift for a cause?

Sue FitzGerald - I'm doing project life at the moment so I guess I'd like to see hints, tips and examples of how photographers document the everyday moments in life while still keeping the balance with the paid stuff they have to do.

Yolanda - I have already subscribed! Can't wait for my first issue!!! I hope to see both pro's work and newbie tips, tricks, and loads of inspiration. Also, hoping that there is a balanced representation of styles and types of photography: natural light vs. studio, sports, wildlife, portraiture, urban/street, travel, etc. I hope to be wowed without being overwhelmed and left with the thought: "hey, I could do that!"

Heather W - I'd love to see tips from successful photographers and ideas on how to keep things fresh.

Anna - Oh everything and anything but particularly, how detailed case examples of how photographers started out, how they manage work flow, technical tips and why and how different photographers started out. So many great ideas above! I always like lots of details in articles. Quite often I get a little frustrated with the glossing over of information in magazine articles. Part of the beauty of blogs is that authors are so generous and share so much information.

tara s. - Ooooh, I just subscribed! So excited to get the first issue! I would love to see photographer profiles and editing tips in the magazine.

Lorraine - Congratulations Tara! Looking forward to the continued inspiration and even more so in print. I would love to see articles on photojournalistic photography and hear about how others have grown and established their businesses.

Tina V. - Very cool! I'd like to see different ideas/examples of what to do with images throughout the home.

onsanity - I would like to see photography tips and photographers that focus on the beauty of the every day life of moms

michelle thomas - I would love to see successful marketing. I'm starting over in a new city and it's hard.

amber fischer - Since you're already featuring Tara (YAY!!!), I'd love to see you feature my other photography idol - Andrea Hanki of Pink Sugar Photography. If I could have lunch with any two photographers in the world, it'd be these two. Since that most likely won't happen, I want to read about them in Click! ( ;

Sheri - I would like to see a perspective that it is "okay" to be a hobbyist for fun, and not everyone needs to try to establish themselves as a small business. Technical information balanced with inspirational would be great. Nice to see some SOTC photos that have not been overly photoshopped too. Not everyone has the time or money to spend on PSE, etc.

Leah Rixmann - I would love to see product suggestions used by different photogs. I'd also love to see family lifestyle features and high school senior focuses.

Amy Hill - Just signed up to receive the magazine! Yippee! I'd love to see and read details on how to perfect indoor, at home photography...Tara Style! And...I love seeing ideas for at home offices and work spaces! Yay! Choose Me!!!

KatieM - I would love tutorials for more than just beginning photographers...something for those comfortable shooting in manual who have more than a basic knowledge of photography, but who want to continue learning and growing as moms, artists, and photographers.

sarah c. - I would love to see some before and afters with processing steps.

Heather T. - I would love to see lots of unique family poses.

mary bartolotta - I'd love to know how to truly start a photography business.

EBPitcher - I'd love to see lots of behind the scenes info, posing ideas for problem situations, and work/life balance articles.

Mary J - I would love to see different "How To" suggestions with maybe a challenge for us associated with it and an upload area for us to see each others photos.

Christina C - I would love to see articles featuring professional photographers with their back story on how they got into photography and tips for new photographers on a budget.

lyndsay hyatt-almeida - I'd LOVE to see more features on photogs like Tara... people who keep it real and don't take themselves too seriously!

Linda Good-Hart - I would love to see a feature of great photo products to offer family clients.

Angi - I love to see the details about the photos - camera, lens, settings. Looking forward to reading your feature, Tara. And, glad that you are back blogging again.

Gillian - i'd to see lots of tips on how to improve photography on a day to day level as a mother!

Melissa McGowan - I can't wait to start reading this magazine and to start being inspired. I love looking at creative ways to dress and style people. I do lifestyle and love capturing people in their environments. I get inspired by your blog and love your motto. I would love to see the latest trends and interesting ways to "pose" people so that it doesn't look so posed. I love reading reviews on equipment as well. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing your feature!!!!

Laurie - I'd love to see family photos and not just adorable babies. I love babies but my own are a bit older. I'd love to see great ideas for backdrops and settings that the average person could do. Not all of us live near the beach. Would love to see inspirational photos of everyday events..... thanks for asking!

Rachel - An article about how to take beautiful, quality photos of families that natural and not posed.

Rebecca - How to keep a very part time business running & profitable. I have 4 kids & a part time business, but I don't have a ton of time for my business, but I want to keep it up, so I'd love some tips.

Susan - I'd love to see pics of photographers in action -- to see how they pose, position for light, etc. And then see the final shots. Of course, besides Tara (yeah!) would want to see other "biggies" doing just this.

caro - Wonderful to feature in their priemere issue! To see encouragement for action, environmental portraits (like yours) and to make direct comparisons on colour rendering in jpg, between the main brands, would be superb!

Ashleigh - I would love to see some of the typical photography (client shoots, mamaratzi stuff) as well as more offbeat (food photography, pet photography). I like getting the opportunity to see into more unique photography styles as well.

karen - I would love to see "behind the scenes" of a photo shoot. Cant wait to check this out!

Michelle A. - I'd love to see editing tips and posing ideas! :)

Julie Turner - I would love reading about how a professional does a photo shoot, start to finished product, with tips that can be adapted to the hobbyist. Also, I find my style leans more toward story telling than single photos - so any tips for that style would be appreciated too. I can't wait to see your new magazine.

Mylène - I would looove to see the photographies and the artists behind the cameras : ) Especially Tara! Merci beaucoup : )

Dawn - I'd love to see creative tips for styling a photo shoot. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Rachel French - I would love to see some posing guides and tips in Click.

Paula S. - It would be nice to see before and afters, with different styles of afters on the same picture. Thanks for the chance and congratulations on being featured!

Jennifer - I'd love to learn more about how photographers find their "vision" and style. To see how their portfolios evolved over time with commentary on how their vision changed with experience. Can't wait to see Click in print! Thanks for the chance to win.

Laura H. - I'd love to see artist profiles. Nothing inspires me like other passionate doers of all things beautiful and enriching. (Excited for you, Tara!)

Mandy - I'd like to see some tips how to go about getting supplies for a homemade photo studio! =) Thanks for the chance...very exciting opportunity you have!

Jen - I would love to see some product reviews and more of the shooting and editing tips that I love on Clickin' Moms!

diana - I'd love some posing tips from top family photographers on how to best photograph young, very active kids.

Rebecca - Tara, I am just so thrilled you are back....and back with such zeal and awesomeness....your recent photos have been fab-0.

Shelbie - I'd love to see behind the scenes of a session. I'd also love to learn more about styling a session. Thanks for letting me know about the magazine! I can't wait to see it.

JenCozz - That's great! Can't wait to see you in the first issue. As a photographer I would love to see pull backs and behind the scenes of other photographers works.

sarah - I am so excited you are being featured! I love your perfectly imperfect style - I am craving more real mom shots and journalistic style :)

Sarah R - I would like to see features on photogs who are Moms as well, and their secrets for balancing it all and staying sane :)

Lisa S - congrats. can't wait to read it. I would love to see artist profiles, processing, and display ideas.

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