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Hello, Internet.

I am a very different person from the one who wrote this almost three months ago. At the time I decided to take a break, I was feeling wretched. Last year was actually very difficult for many reasons. The end of the year was particularly bad, with one horrible thing happening after another. I was burnt out, sad, tired, stressed, unhappy, and unsatisfied. I wanted to quit being a photographer. I couldn’t stand to be in my own skin. All I saw was everything I wasn’t accomplishing. What I was doing, I wasn’t doing very well. I was completely divided, unfocused, and doing absolutely nothing with my whole heart. I moved from one thing to another, trying to find satisfaction by following my impulses instead of fulfilling my real needs.

In my past, when something happened that made me sad, stressed, or want to give up….I checked out. Or I would decide to pamper myself by doing something that was “against the rules” or frivolous. Like loading up on carbs or sugar while spending the afternoon on the couch watching TV, or spending money. Exactly NONE of these things fulfill me or heal me. They only drain me even more. I realized that I had to make a change. First was just taking the break. I knew I needed to focus on myself and I could only do that alone. Then, I had to make the move from pampering myself…to nurturing myself.

What’s the difference? There does seem to be a fine line, but think about this: You are having a rough day, so you want to give yourself a treat. You DESERVE a treat – your day is total crap! So, you get a pedicure or you buy a new pair of shoes or you check out in front of the television or you EAT your treat. The moment passes, and what are you left with? Do you feel energized? Do you feel good about yourself? Or did you simply follow an impulse that ended up being empty and meaningless in the end?

Nurturing means you look at the moment and you take care of yourself. You pay attention and see what is going on. You experiment with different things that are fulfilling for you. Then, you understand what you need and you give it to yourself in those moments of stress, sadness, or exhaustion. That means, after a bad day, you don’t reach for a bag of cookies. Instead, you make your big healthy salad and you feel so good about yourself because you gave your body something it NEEDED. Learning what you need isn’t easy – and won’t be the same for everyone. A lot of times we totally avoid what we need because it is hard. It takes energy to create energy.

This new way of thinking came through for me because I had such a dramatic cleanse. A cleanse from things that waste my time and make me feel unworthy and artificial. I have had, in the past, a big part of my life revolving around a computer. It all started because I wanted a job. I wanted a purpose. I didn’t know what my purpose was. I wanted to work from home. I wanted to meet people. I wanted to take in information.

So, this whole internet presence of mine was born, and it took off, and I didn’t handle it well. I avoided reality. I dove into social media. I connected with amazing people and not so amazing people. I went from blog to blog to blog, getting lost in the internet. You know when you suddenly look up and realize a lot of time has passed and you meant to have Googled a recipe and instead you spent the last hour reading about some person building a tree fort in their backyard in South Dakota and you are like, “Um. What the hellllllllllll am I doing?!” That is me to the max. To. The. Max.

I suppose I should say, I don’t handle it well, because we are in the present here. But we are working on it. With this break, I have reached a balance with work and personal time that I am fiercely protective over. I have immersed myself in living, which is exactly what I needed. I have had some light bulb moments. Much of my brain has shifted and seen things in a new light. All relating to my core person and what my purpose is. I almost feel like a totally brand new blogger, so unsure am I about where to focus and what to do here. This post has taken weeks to write. All stops and starts.

My two main changes have been these:

I once pampered and now I nurture.

I once used my computer time as a way to avoid my reality and immerse myself into an entirely different one. Now, all that I want is my reality  – my real, limited, fantastically beautiful and relentless life. Instead of using my computer time as a relief, I now see it as work, and I want to finish as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So – how do I nurture myself?

I know I am on the right track when these things are happening: I take care of myself. I eat foods that are good for me. I take care of my home and I don’t let small tasks pile up. I cook healthy meals for my children and send them to school with homemade lunches. I spend quality time with my family exploring nature and trying new things. I allow time for spontaneous delight.

These last three months have been one long experiment in nurturing for me, and here is what I did:

I am changing the way my house runs. Making my home an inspiring, calming place. Making sure everything HAS it’s place, and if not, out it goes. There are only two rooms I have not completed, but they are next up. I have cleared bags and bags out of closets. I have sold huge pieces of furniture that have clogged up my garage for years. I cleared and planted in my backyard, and have a plan for how to make it something I can work on creatively, yet simply. I am a collector of beautiful things found while thrifting/flea marketing/garage sale-ing. The problem with that comes when my garage starts looking like a thrift store and I hoard my treasures instead of putting them to use. Guess what, a bi-product of avoiding life is hoarding.

I am changing the way we eat. I have done it slowly and thoughtfully because I don’t want to shock my kids into not eating anything. Starting by cooking meals at home four to five days a week, with a lot of their regular favorites, but made with hidden tweaks. I switched almost everything white to brown, and added in a LOT of plants to our diet. I make a green smoothie every day, and a few of them will drink it with me. Right now I am focused on teaching them to choose nutrition over empty calories, watch their sugar intake, and eat as many things that grow out of the ground that they can in a day.

I am changing how we spend time together. I threw down the long arm of the law and banned any and all screen time for kids Monday through Thursday. This means zero TV, movies, computer (except for homework), video games, iPad, etc. It was really hard on them at first, but the changes I have seen in my house have been amazing. UH MAZE ING. I want to devote a blog post to our transition, so I will be writing more about this later.

I took a long break from work during this time and I will honestly say that I am nervous adding it back in. I didn’t pick up my Canon for two months. I took all my photos with my iPhone. I feel like a newbie. My nerves are fried, like I am off to my very first photo shoot all over again. After feeling burnt out and uninspired at the end of last year, this is actually a good feeling. It’s like butterflies. And who doesn’t love butterflies? With my upcoming re-brand I feel like things are going to fall into place for me online, a place I haven’t felt totally comfortable in for a long time.

I have been neurotic and depressed and scatterbrained for most of the time I’ve been alive. When your head is a mess, so is everything else in your life. When I turned 30, I could see that, and I didn’t want to live that way anymore. I got myself a therapist. Since then, I have worked on changing. I turned 35 last year, so this work has been going on for five very long years. I think the changes are finally becoming normal to me. A new kind of normal. I just feel…different. I am a calmer, more self aware, more grown up version of myself.

I know this is only the beginning for me. I know I will fall back into my old ways. I know things will get rough, and I will have to revisit what is nurturing for me. I know I will constantly remain vigilant. And I have to. Because I want to.

A friend of mine has gone through a similar journey alongside me, and one day a long time ago I came home to a message on my answering machine from her, pleading in a joking way, “I don’t know how to do this. I just want to turn a corner, Tara. Please! Somebody, anybody! Just let me turn a f***ing corner!”

We laughed about it then, and we still laugh about it now. That damn corner. Previously unattainable.

The thing is, I think I might have found it.

If you are still looking, leaning against the wall and struggling endlessly in the dark, reaching your hands out, stretching, praying hoping waiting for that corner to show up – it will.

Just don’t give up.


Ryan - Yet again, you have the words and the courage to publicly say what so many of us are thinking. You inspire, thank you.

amber fischer - I read this post as if you were talking to me on the phone. I'm going to reread it dozens more times and feel the comfort of having other people in the world who are going through (or have gone through) similar experiences/feelings as me. Your turned corner is an encouragement to me.

casey martinez - It's funny because I haven't been able to visit your site or any other blogs for that matter for weeks and weeks. Today my daughter is napping and I clicked on your site while thinking to myself, hmmm..I have a photo session (first one in nearly 3 months) and maybe Tara can inspire me with her transparency today. My mouth was hanging open as I read your first paragraph and I was like, is she inside my head right now?? I have been battling the most bizarre funk in my life over the past 6 months. I haven't wanted to pick up my camera, I use only my iphone and I am loving the break, the freedom from the web and all things that seem to suck the life out of me. It's SO refreshing but, at the same time it can leave me feeling a bit lost and confused since those things identified me for so long. I too am on a journey with the Lord to sort things out for myself this year. To find a better balance and a more peaceful process. Perhaps it is an early midlife crisis for me. LOL. Wish I could vent out the thoughts in my head as well as you do. You have inspired me for the past 4 years so thank you so much for being you:) And good luck to you by the way!

Natasha Smith - Beautiful! Way to have the courage to change and share!

kelly mccaleb - you know i understand every word of this through my whole soul. love you!

Marina Miiler - high five and a huge fuck yeah. with my injury forcing me to take a step backwards, i have been able to take a look around and see what needs to be changed. we have also changed our diets and screen involvement. running a household of 6 is not easy. it is not hard either if you have your priorities in check and everyone is on board. you my friend are a huge inspiration. stay strong and carry on!

tara pollard pakosta - dearest tara, I can so relate to this! I have gone through similar changes on and off these past 4-5 years! I made the rule of no t.v./computer/ipod etc. monday thru thursday and it worked awesome! it got to the point, my girls NEVER turn on the t.v now, I usually turn it on for them, but they never even think about it! They do go online because they post youtube videos and stuff and I do let them do that. but ava will come to me and say , "mom I was on the computer too much, I don't want to be on it anymore today" so they realize their limits! it's so important! so happy to see this change in you! so many people get sucked into the internet world! it's so hard somedays, but I feel so much better when I have cooked a healthy meal, gone for a walk or exercised somehow and really feel great when we get a LOT of family time in! hugs to you on your journey called LIFE, I love it! tara

Gail - Oh Tara, I respect all the time in the world you need for yourself. And I'm SO glad that that time was so fruitful for you in so many ways. But gosh I'm not gonna lie, it's great to hear your voice here again. Kudos to you for finding that elusive corner.

carly - word.

Hege - I feel sick from reading this. Not as in not liking it, but it hit home hard. HARD!! I wrote a blogpost abot this last week (in Norwegian off course) and it was all about turning the corner. Feeling a purpose. Thank you so much for sharing your transformation. It takes courage. You have that. In more ways than you believe, I think.

betsy - Lovely words. I am looking for that corner that I know is there. I agree with gail is wonderful to hear your voice again-sooooo wise. Thank you for any nuggets of your life you wish to share.

Michelle Stone - Go you!! :)

Camille L - I missed your brutally honest writing...time for me to turn that god damned corner too. I'm taking baby steps but I think I should be a toddler by now... :0

Kim - hugs to you tara. thank you for sharing!

Becky Earl - I guess I needed to read this post when I realized tears welling up in my eyes, thinking to myself, yep this is my life right now and I hate it. Thanks for your courage and honesty, Tara.

yan palmer - brilliant tara. and bravo. i'm trying. its so hard when you feel like you should change almost every habit you have--but those little glimpses make it worth it. here's to living more in reality and less online and all the other wonderful stuff. xoxoxo

Heather M - All I have to say is I loved you six years ago when I found you through the digital scrapping land, I loved you amongst all of the pain that I didn't know you were having and I love you still. You are SUCH an inspiring woman and I am so glad to have been able to follow your journey :) You CAN DO IT!

Alice - Oh Tara - you have such a knack for putting out there the things that we all need to hear and resonates. Inspiring as always.

Caroline - Tears. I'm 20 and riding on the edge of life lately, unsure of how to hang on. Thank you for reminding me its worth it.

Yolanda - So moved by the raw, honest truth of this. I have jotted around my corner and retreated back. I have ran around the entire building, and found myself clinging to same place, again. But I'd never loved myself enough to write it down, to admit it, to share it with others and to ask for compassion in my journey. For being able to do that, you should feel so, so proud.

Meg Manion Silliker - wow. i was just saying to a friend of mine today that i have felt like hanging up my camera for good. i feel like i am on a roller-coaster of emotions. and then suddenly, i click on this and it all starts making sense. thank you. thank you for reminding me that it doesn't have to happen over night and that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger. bravo. change is good. hell change is great. xoxo

stefanie - Thank you, thank you for being so willing to share yourself. It seems like you are often going through the same things I am feeling in my life, but usually one or two steps ahead of me. Thank you for the inspiration to keep going!

Melissa Stottmann - I love your honesty. Your words are so true. We all need to take a step back and make sure we are making the most of what is real.

Penny - OH how I have missed you so. We have never met and yet your honest posts speak volumes to me. Thank you.

becky - you're awesome! so glad you're back. for what it's worth, cyperspace missed you!

Kaitlin - Hi Tara, Thank you for this wonderful post. I so admire the way you take action in your life. As I read the list of the things you yearned to accomplish during your internet hiatus back in January, I felt inspired. I know you didn’t feel inspired at the time, but I felt inspired by your potential… because I KNEW you were serious. And I knew that when you came back you would come back with new insights and energy and passion and direction. I just want you to know, that somehow over the past three months your silence also spoke loudly. It spoke loudly because I knew your absence meant that you were out making things happen for yourself. I could sense your productivity. In some way, every day there wasn’t a new post served as a reminder that you were hard at work. I am so very happy you are back. We all are! I am thrilled to learn about the changes that you’ve made, and I am excited to follow your example. Kaitlin

lindsey - wow. this is SO me right now. i do a similar thing when i am feeling overwhelmed- run away. make crappy decisions... but this time i am trying to change what i eat, and my (cluttered) surroundings. how i spend my time. my priorities. im glad to know im not alone.

Charla - Thanks for your honesty, Tara. I needed to hear this too. It's similar to what I've been working through...or at least the end result is closer :) Thanks!!! and good luck as you continue the process!

leah - i love you tara whitney. so so much. and so happy you found the corner. some day we will do lunch, maybe when i turn my corner. xo!!!!!

susan - Tara, I too, have been going through much of the same as you. Such a painful but wonderful time of reflection. I love your work, whether it is taken with your canon or your iphone! good for you for taking the quiet time that you so deserved!

becky - Beautiful post, thanks for sharing. Very inspiring!

karen - beautiful. honest. perfect. i so needed to read this today. thank you. glad you're back.

Karena Dixon - Well said Tara, well said. I think we can all relate. I KNOW I can. You said what I've been feeling but could never have put into words so beautifully. Thank you! Lots of luck on your journey!

~Kristina - A warm hug to you!

Emma - breathtakingly beautiful. i need to print this out.

Erin Oveis Brant - Is it weird that I've never met you and I want to hug you? Of course it is, but whatever. I want to hug you!! This post brings me much happiness (for you), relief (that I'm not alone), and hope (that if I keep putting one foot in front of the other one of these days I'll turn that corner, too). Sending you lots of love as you continue on this new, beautiful path. xo

Melanie - Sooo happy to see you back and Love the changes you made to your family life....totally get it...good for you!!! :)

Jenn - Love it.

ellie - prettttty sure you are reading my mind right now. this post is so inspiring & it is just what i needed. i am in such a depressive funk and i need to re-prioritize and set some new goals and habits health-wise and work-wise. the fact that you now focus//rely more on reality and have naturally trained yourself to not strive for the computer and your alternate-world is HUGE and something i really really need to work on. thank you for posting this. i can imagine it wasn't easy but not only have i always loved your writing (and photos, duh!), this is honest and open. you are an inspiration to me. this post really changed me & opened my eyes. thank you again & keep up the good work, mama :)

jaime lackey - amazing job you have done with your new life! you may be nervous but now i think you will love what work you produce with the new life you have created for you and your family!

Linda - Oh wow. This is amazing. And inspiring. Thank you.

Laura H. - just a note to say "hello again". and "i'm going to find you" to that f***ing corner, still out of sight for me, but feeling so close these days. ... being on this planet with you is an honor. thank you for enriching my life, and broadening my perspective -- no matter how often that happens. it's a gift every time. big love, as always, from texas. ... and one more thing: i'm sad to go without pictures from you during your trip here in a few weeks, and perhaps more sad to miss out on meeting you. have a fabulous trip, and consider this a premature welcome to this wonderful city (who is experiencing its own kind of growth / change / blossom).

Monica - Thank you Tara. This is what we all need to do. All of us. I try daily. And on days I majorly screw it up (which are more often than I would like), I tell myself that there is tomorrow. I refuse to allow myself to slide back into old habits because i can remember so vividly why they didn't work for me. If it happens during the day, I make myself start over tomorrow - because it's what's best for everyone. I totally love your differentiation between pamper and nurture. That is going to stick. Thank you for your honest words and encouragement for all of us readers.

Maggie - Thank you.

Lisa Spiegel - Tara, I've been following you on Instagram the last few months, and you have inspired me to try to be more present with my family as well. I also have been cooking (and sharing my chalkboard menu) 4-5 nights a week and the process of being more present and nurturing my family with healthier food has been good for my soul, too. Isn't it funny how when we get back to basics that things start to feel more true and right? Thank you for sharing your feelings with are not many of us are on this journey with you. :)

Liza - Inspiring, Tara. Thank you for sharing.

Melonie Madison - I am SOOO glad you are back...but I wouldn't want you to be here at the expense of YOU. Such an uplifting post Tara. Keep on nurturing yourself:)

Janet White - Holy wow - congrats on all the hard HARD work! I'm reading your words and feel like I'm looking into a mirror similar to my world. My husband and I together chose 'one little phrase' this year: Right Relationship. And we're embarking on the right relationship with all aspects of our life. Your words express so much of what I've been trying to express about it. The struggle, the transitions, the almost St. Augustine search for choosing fullness. Thank you for your honest words here - they resonate deeply. Adding you in on my 'morning blog news' list. Looking forward to what you decide to share next.

Lisa - This is so me right now. I'm going through the same thing. Yesterday I spent the whole day organizing my home. I'm not done, but it helped. Working on all the projects that have been piling up. I hate my camera and my "job" right now and am not motivated to even look at my camera. Financially, I need to keep going, but I'm restructuring my whole business. I wish I lived someplace warm so I could shoot outside all year. I'm rambling, but I needed this. Thank you.

Sophie - We definitely all go through this phase at some point (or multiple points) in our lives. Kudos to you for taking a step back and finding your mojo again. Love that you're taking the time to take better care of yourself, because that nurturing is definitely something that so many of us forget to do... Good for you, and thanks for sharing such an inspirational post!!

Jen - <3

Vera - I have to chime in and say, "Amen!". It's an interesting thing, the internet. I am starting a photography biz, and some days I feel like I'm totally missing out on so much business because I'm not always on FB or Twitter, or working on my SEO, but then I'll get a call from someone who knows someone who hired me to take their photos and I'm reminded that there's no substitute for real conversations, and in-person chats. I hope you can stay vigilant. Just remember that it's your life, and you can do whatever works for you. I love your blog, but, honestly, blogs just aren't all that important are they? : )

Carissa - So inspirational. Thank you for sharing your life and being so inspirational!

Kass Hall - This. THIS is why I adore you. After all these years you continue to inspire me.

Melissa - Love the distinction between pamper and nurture. I've been pampering myself for too long now. What I need is to nurture myself. Thank you Tara.

Shari Schwarz - Much love and peace! It's soooo good to hear how you and your family are doing.

Amy - It is my first time to your blog & this is so inspiring. I found myself nodding along saying yes, this is how I feel/what I want. Amazing.

Kelsey - So happy to see you here, even if it is just a brief glimpse. So many amazing changes - I am excited for you, and in turn inspired and excited for my little family and all of the balance that we have been striving to achieve as well. I can't wait to see snippets of all of the love and contentment that comes to you in your brave new world. :)

Carolyn HP - Hi Tara, so proud of you for doing things for you, as always your words are difficult to read but poetic, a corner eh... I may have to just think a bit about that some more. Yay for butterflies, sometimes we do our best work when we're trying our hardest not to screw it up... you'll be fine, no matter what, just keep striving to keep what is important to you in sight and you should be ok... thank you for sharing yourself with your readers and the universe :)

Sheila - Just Beautiful! Truly inspiring! Love and Peace to you and your family!

Marina from Dubai - Hey Tara, it's 3 am and I'm browsing internet to get rid of feeling numb. I would better be sleeping, because I have to wake up at 6am to get my family ready for school and work. I clicked you link through twitter. I read this post 3 times now... and I can;t stop crying. Every word resonates in me so deeply. I'm right in the middle on my quest, I'm looking for an answer... I'm looking for piece of mind. It is so easy yet so wrong that TV became a babysitter and in order to have a relieve I stuff myself with empty calories ... I feel like my life is fast moving train and I need to get down at the station, sit for a while and think. Just be with me. Alone. I can't thank you enough for this post. I'm going shut down the computer now and go to sleep those few hours I have left. You don't know me, I leave across the globe from you, yet I'm sending you sincere hugs. Pls keep up with photography. Your work is one of the kind inspiration.

Lisa - Wow Tara thank you for sharing, it has made me quite teary! This blog post and your previous post is so me, I sometimes just want to walkaway but I know I can't. Good for you on finding your corner hopefully one day I may find mine!!

lisa-b - I've read your blog for quite a long time. This is the! Thank you for such inspiring words. I've had a couple of ah-ha moments while reading this and hope I can implement a couple of the changes you've made into my life very soon. It's high time I stopped hiding from my reality and did something about it. THANKS!

diane - can totally relate...have similar thoughts and feelings this corner is in sight :) xx

marcy - just what i needed today. thank you.

Robyn - Hey Tara. Long-time reader, Zero-time commenter here. Just wanted to take a minute to say: I really loved this post. Thanks!

Olivia - I feel like I'm going through the same things right now. Slowly making changes to live more from intention and less from habit. Cheers to a new HAPPY life!

Brendazzle* - Welcome back. I missed reading your posts. You said exactly what I needed to hear today.

Tiara - Oh, I have missed you, but so very happy for you and your family for taking this time to nurture yourselves. We feel this during the school year, as I am a teacher and my husband is in the publication. We get way too consumed with work, maintaining our kids' schedule during the year. We eat out WAY too much, enjoy each other less and watch way too much TV. However, our summers are sacred...we unwind, explore, grill, love and laugh more! Thank you for this blog post, as it is getting to our summer break! It's a great reminder for what's to come!

kimberly - This and you are amazing. Thank you.

Kathy - Good for you Tara......... take care of yourself and family and then enjoy life again...the internet can be a trap. I have just recently discovered Pinterest.......I love it however it is the biggest time waster ever...I get so inspired by people's projects though and great ideas. It's healthy if it has a time limit on it I think. Home made meals and lunches are teaching your kids the importance of nutrition and being organized and they will feeling better because of it. All the best, Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Peta - so love this, Tara. Really hits home at the moment. I think I'm starting to make out that corner, I know that when I've found it before it's been good, just gotta keep up the nurturing to get there again! So glad you have found yours and that you have shared. You are amazing, I am sure this new chapter will be kick ass, you have earned it! xo

angelica - wow, your photos do make me want to get up and do something, like exercise! I've been doing great on the eating front but the exercise bit I just can't seem to jump on that wagon, and that one I need to get my energy back..... here's to hoping you will be giving me more inspiration until I catch up!

karen cox - You are truly inspiring Tara. Hugs!

tara s. - i loved your post, and i read through a lot of the comments, and you know what strikes me, tara? so many people "love" you regardless of who "you" really are. we love your photographs, we love your voice, we love your honesty, we love that you are just a real person trying to make it work. but i bet that starts to feel really empty after a while. because there is so much more to you than that; so much more that the vast majority of us never see and will never know. i think the really beautiful part of your story is that you just might be starting to love yourself. hang on to that. it really is a beautiful thing.

Carrie - You are really a courageous woman. You and your family will be blessed by this time you have taken to get your life in better order. You have inspired me to get all that stuff I keep meaning to sell on CL and get it out of my life! Thanks and have a great day.

lisa turner - hi tara, i have been awaiting your return! and it is so refreshing to see that you have found purpose and meaning OUTSIDE of the "biz" and all this internet blah blah blah. i'm so over it. i just wish i had the luxury of taking such a healthy break. as a single parent and this is my only source of income...the pressure to work is huge. and every time i can't book a session i feel like a part of my self esteem is dying. i hate how my entire self worth has become tied up in this business. it's not what i intended this to be. every day i think, this is the day i will think differently, feel differently...i really hope i can find my corner soon. the love of my life is moving here soon and i hope with his arrival i will have a wonderful companion and also a little breathing room, financially. i just try to stay positive and hope that better days are on the horizon. thanks so much for sharing. you give me hope.

Rebecca - Thanks for nourishing my brain. Thanks for writing the words that I need to hear. Thanks for making me feel good. Thanks for coming back. Thanks for sharing. (Now for that shake recipe?)

Sara - Hi Tara, .... It is so so great so see you back. You go girl, you are amazing, your words are thought provoking, inspiring and I can totally relate to them, thank you for having the courage to type what most of us want to say. Good luck to you and to your family. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cheers Sara M New Zealand

Crystal - I love this post and i'm so happy you have the courage to share this. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I hope to have half your courage one day. Thank you!

bentley - omg tara. I logged onto your blog today praying you had returned. and like i said on twitter, i knew it was going to be good. so many of things you have said resonate with me so deeply. i have taken a blog break, not as long as yours, but have basically said, it just isn't a priority for me now. i only blog when i really feel like it, which is few and far between these days. there are so many other things i want to focus on. i too have cleaned out my home. cleansed inside and out. bought a juicer (which i highly recommend) and just tried to concentrate on my family. as you know, while running a business, that is not easy. i have felt lost photographically. i am struggling with my photography. i dont know why but i get more anxious and nervous that i used to before a shoot. i almost freeze. i feel like my photography was better years ago when i just started and now, i get lost in the blogs and focus too much on what everyone else is doing. i hate that. it's detrimental. i too am waiting to turn the corner. to get back to where i started. that's what i want. i wish you lived closer. you are a huge inspiration and im so proud of you. bravo girl. xo

kim schmidt - tara - what incredible words you have written and shared with the internet world! I love that you have spent time nurturing yourself and your family over the past 3 months. you are right, we just have to get beyond that corner and then the weight is lifting. i can't wait to see what's in store over the next year and years to come with you, your family, and your business!

telisj - Fantastic post Tara! Thank you for sharing. You hit upon a big distinction between pampering and nuturing true! Thanks again!

Rachel - "I have been neurotic and depressed and scatterbrained for most of the time I've been alive." That is a realization I have been slowly coming to about myself lately. At first I thought the whole neurotic and depressed thing was a recent development in my life, but then I started to look back at my past, especially my teenage years and college, and I realized that it's been pretty constant; I just didn't have the words to describe, and I didn't realize my mentality was any different from anyone else's. It's been hard to accept, but it's also been a strong motivator in making some big changes in my life. This post resonates with me so deeply. Thanks for writing it.

dawn sela - Dear Tara...HUGE hugs! Welcome back...stay strong and keep your hand on the wall and hold on to the corner 'til you make your way around it!

Beira - Seriously refreshing. Thank you!

Sara S - Once again you seem to say exactly what I am feeling, what I need to hear. I feel out of control of my life, my body and it sucks. We have started trying to eat better, up next is doing things that nurtures me rather than what helps me avoid real life. Thanks for the inspiration! And hey, feel like sharing any of those recipes? The photos and your menu list looks INCREDIBLE! Hang in there!

Katrina Grabowski - Thanks for reaching out and touching us all....

candy - I wish I lived next door to you. I would want to be your friend! Thank-you again for being real. It is okay to be real. ;) Hugs. Lot's of them!!

Julie and Tess in Minneapolis - It's hard to believe I could admire you more than I did before. But I guess it is possible. You inspire. "Allow time for spontaneous delight" Love it.

Joyce Alexander - This is amazing and beautiful and I'm always so inspired by your work and personality. Thanks for sharing this good reminder we could ALL use.

jane - Welcome back! What a sweet surprise to find this post today. I have almost given up hope. I so look forward to seeing more of your incredible work. Jane

Emilie - Thank you, Tara!

Anne - I've missed your blogging, Tara! Thank you for this post. It hits home with me and I admire what you're working towards in your life. As always, your words are so well written. Nurture on!!! XO

tiffany garfield - You are so real. Thank you!

jess - i love this. and i'm anxiously waiting for my corner. one of these days, i know it. It is just taking a lot longer than I'd like to get there ... thank you!

Michelle A - Thank you for always being real. It's nice to read these words. Words that describe my life right now so eloquently. You give me courage.

Gina P. - ahhhh.....tara! it is so good to see you back. and with such great family images that speak volumes of you and your family. can't wait to see what is next for you!

Mandi - Tara, I love you. I love how you write. That is all. Mandi

Erin - I want to hug you through the internet for writing this post. Gives me the encouragement to keep making nurturing choices instead of diving back into a bowl of icecream to hide.

Sharon - really beautiful words. we are all on such a journey. praying your just gets more beautiful!

Kara - TARA! Your are an amazing woman!! Thanks for sharing your heart to the world and keeping it real. You are inspiring!

Von - Oh goodness. You might as well have called this post, "Stop and Read This Right Now, Von!" Everything you're doing sounds so right and good and timely. Hope it all keeps flowing for you. Some of it I am on the verge of diving into too. Less avoiding, more living.

Shari Hanson - tara, you took the words right out of my head and just put them on your blog! i was just having a conversation TONIGHT with a friend, talking about JUST THIS! i can't wait for her to read this and see that SHE (we) are NOT alone in this. thank you for so eloquently sharing what I find so hard to do. xoxo

Gypsy Chaos - Pampering is NOT nurturing! Who knew? Thank you, Tara, for knowing and sharing - with such eloquence, as always. I've been laid off for almost two years. Until recently the finances were ok due to a well-timed refi with cash out - for a project not done - and decent severance. NOW I really need to find the money..... sigh. I need to follow your path.. Pray I find the strength and willpower. Your time poorly spent online mirrors my experience exactly. I even wrote a list tonight - five things to get done. I have done one thing: shared an article. oh gee. It's 3:30 am; what am I doing awake? I read your blog post - I was meant to read it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Julie - love this - can TOTALLY relate! missed your blogging - looking forward to more - you go girl!! xo

Erin - Good for you! Such a great, honest and inspiring post.

Kristen - I found your blog via a Twitter friend and it was the exact thing I needed to hear today. Just last night I sat on the couch surrounded by laundry, bills & other things to do feeling overwhelmed & stressed-- and instead of really nurturing and taking care of myself, I sat in front of the TV and ate cookies. I definitely needed to hear that truly taking care of oneself is honoring body and soul in the most honest, clean, real ways. I know it's going to be a tough battle to fight the tired at the end of the work day to overcome the desire to just plop down in front of the TV instead of doing something about my life and my stress. I will definitely be bookmarking this entry and re reading for inspiration. Thank you so much for your honesty.

jennie - tara, you always write with such honesty and grace. i loved this post, and can't wait to see what's ahead on the blog, even if it looks different from around the corner.

sara - tara, this post is abolutely amazing. i had to book mark it. i am currently going through something similar right now. i am on short term disability from work, have been seeing a therapist and meeting with a truly inspiring woman once a week (who also happens to be a life coach). i found myself doing the same thing - running away from my reality and immersing myself in someone else's. hell, i still am a bit...but i've grealy decluttered my reading list and only read the posts of people who stir something up inside me. such as yourself. truly inspiring and your posts are so real.. you're cool with blogging about negative aspects of life. i'm sick of reading posts by bloggers who act like their lives have no negativity. i think it's great if people want to take that kind of view - only positive thoughts no negative. but is that really realistic? if you're having a bad day...embrace it! figure out why it's bad and what you need to get through it. don't pretend everything is's f***ing exhausting. my inspirinational life-coach lady made a suggestion to me which i love. i could never really get into journaling or blogging, but she suggested i keep a journal and every day write down the positive events for the day - and it could be as simple as "I drank 8 full glasses of water today" and include pictures of happy moments, inspiring when you have negative days, you can look back on all of the positives and realize getting out of the negative isn't hard. You are capable of so much. anyway. thanks for being real.

Mel - Tara, you write such powerful, humbling, inspiring and aspirational words. Thank you for being courageous and for coming back- I've only stumbled across you today and I certainly relate to much of this. Keep on it! Mel xx

Amy C - Wow Tara! I always love when you pour your heart out. But this time I think you were speaking to me!! Thank you for the push. It's time for me to turn that corner.

teri - thank you for this. i am also stuck at a corner. thanks for giving it words and hope. :)

emily ruth - i'm so happy to see you back! & though i worried that you might never return i knew you were doing something so good for yourself...thanks for coming back to share it with us...i admire you so much <3

Olivia - Thank you and keep going! You have made some incredible revelations and transitions. Seriously. Thanks.

Jakki - *RAISING MY GLASS* to finding IT.

Brittany - As always I am so inspired by you. These thoughts on nurturing....and that corner, is what Im striving for, too. Sounds silly but it really is hard to be a creative person and be exposed to EVERYONE ELSE's creativity online on a daily basis. It's so easy to lose your voice. Makes me miss childhood and the simplicity of life before the internet/grown up things! Similar thoughts on what it means to be present frequently pass through my head, but it is so wonderful to see your reflections/words written so clearly. It really hit home with me as I feel I am constantly evolving and finding my place/rhythm in the world. I SO appreciate you and your constant evolvement. You express it so clearly and beautifully!

Brittany - PS after reading all of these comments, you are like OPRAH, lady!! haha!

Lori - YAY! So glad you are back -- you help us all so much with your honesty.

Marci - This really hit home with me, too. Thank you for articulating what I've been struggling with. xoxo

Joann Woolley (@sign4baby) - Love this honest share - we all need someone to share their journey like this from time to time to help us validate the bugging questions in our head. Where is the balance? Am I fulfilled? Am I losing touch with reality? You are totally correct in that it will always be something to check in on... so easy to get lost in what is not important.

krista - i've unsubscribed from most of the blogs i used to read for these exact reasons. but i kept yours. because when i'm done reading you, i always feel like it was time well spent. reminders of what i love about this ability to share life with complete strangers. thank you. time to turn off the computer for the day. :-)

Trude - I am so, so happy for you T! I have felt myself approaching that corner for a long time, and have been coming to grips with a truth that I think I have to admit is partly depression disguised as apathy. In so many ways I've been doing the bare minimum for a long time, and it's time for a change, but it's like I still haven't quite reached that breaking point, much as I want to. Weird, right? But yeah, thank you so much for sharing your road, and for giving me hope. xo

Anna - Tara, so many relate so much with this! We're all going through the same things, but noboday admits it I think. Just wanted to pass along something that's really helped me - It's silly, but it works! 1. I put K-9 web protection on my computers [it's free.] 2. I blocked all my favorite, time-suck sites and set my husband as the "administrator" and make him promise not to tell me the password, ha! 3. For those sites that you must access for working, you can use K-9 to set up blocks of time that allow you to be online, and block the rest of the day. That way, you get stuff done, but your life isn't sucked away on the stupid internet. Hope that helps! [and I am not in anyway affiliated with K-9 btw :)

Tinachicky - Tara, Absolutely A-MA-ZING! Thank you so much for this post! I am in the middle of what you just described. So much to do, no time, scatterbrained, the list goes on and on and on. I feel like I get into a swirling mess of things, with very little to show for it. So many things I want to do. So many things I DON'T want to give up! So many things JUST outside my grasp, making me want to work harder, but then also give up at the same time. Thank you for reminding me to take the time to do that. I am a working full-time mom out of the house, raising two girls, and working on creating a photography career, as well as creating crocheted pieces for people as well. Oh, and try (to no avail so far) to lose weight. I think, Damn, am I crazy??!!

Tammy B - Wow. Thanks.

abcgirl - thank you for this. i read this last night and can't stop thinking about the difference between pampering and nurturing. both are "feel-good" words, but i love how re-framing them in this light shows which one will bring lasting joy. thank you for sharing this with all of us.

Mary Rogers - that took a whole lot of courage and strength to write and share that Tara and I for one (and any more I am sure) am so glad you did. You inspire indeed. go you!

Susan - I can't believe the timing of your blog post. I am exactly where you were a few months ago. I needed to read this today. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this publicly. XO

Seanna - You've pretty much always been the s**t. I'm glad you have found a place where you realize that, too. You go, Tara Whitney.

tracie - YOU INSPIRE ME!!

Dawn Mc - I am at the beginning. Thank you so much for sharing your words and reminding me that I need to take action to get from here to there. Go You!

Kristina - Thank you.......I feel we are kindred spirits experiencing some of the same things right now. I am in awe of how well you just articulated your experience. Thank you for helping me with mine : )

Jamie - brilliant. cathartic. i want to be in that place.

Jill - Thank you, Tara. Your words are just what I needed to hear today. Your bravery and actions are incredibly inspiring. FORWARD!

Michelle - You too! I thought I was alone. Beautifully written and it has motivated me to find myself. I had a horrific accident last May and I hope that I can follow your lead. Thank you!

Terry Gardiner - Happy for you that you are finding a place to be centered and take care of yourself in a way you are happy with. We all must continue to work on ourselves, you are not alone. Wishing you peace, hope and strength in your journey. Thank you for including us (me).

KarenP(kphike) - thank you for sharing what I KNOW so many of us feel....beautifully written and stated...peace and love on your journey xoxo

Dasha - I red this blog post once, twice, three times. Somehow it seems like lots of people goes through changes in their life. The deeply needed changes. I had a car accident a bit over year ago, with it came some health problems and after the depression came. I got myself a therapist, got some medical treatment and since than i am on my way back to normal, to my new kind of normal. focused on myself, doing what is good for me, do all the ting i wish i would have time to do... Thanks for sharing with the world that the deep difficulties or troubles are the chance to change your life to the way you always wanted it to be. We all know it somehow inside of us. But we need to hear it from time to time from someone else. :)

Mel - I couldn't have read this at a better time! I am going through a very similar thing and your words have inspired me so much!! Thank you for sharing so beautifully and openly.

Sarah Tittleton - Awesome very Inspiring words of wisdom!!~ Go you!!! You can do it!!! and anyone else!! :)

Brooke - Fantastic post. Just what I needed. So glad you found your corner.

Patty - I was so glad to see your post today, it was great to read. I just said to my daughter yesterday that I was thinking about you and your family and hoped that your time away has been restorative. Ive been standing at my corner afraid to turn it..... Been here for a while and dont know how to take the next step. Ill keep inching. Thanks for being as real as you are. SO glad you're back

Pam Heggie - You're amazing and my favourite. Creative work like photography can just be so depressing and it constantly beats me up, and I'm thankful your post may actually help me win a round today!

Pam-Tara's mom - I want what your having!!! I love the calmness, your joy your comfortable with being. Its a journey , an ever changing journey.Its about balance and once your aware,yes there will be backward turn days. But like riding a bike, once you've learned you never forget. Its a choice forever yours to go back to.Welcome to the better part of your thirties.

Christina - so many comments that have said all I wanted to say. But? I just want to say thank you for being so brave. I have been thinking the same things about technology, it can take over your life. I went to a concert last night and so many people were sitting there with their iphones, some were even checking whilst the concert was on. I decided then that I will NOT get an iphone. I have been toying with the idea for some time and now you have helped me make the decision. I think!!! lol. Anyway thanks be sharing and welcome back.

AmyQ - Yes yes yes and yes. I'm rounding a corner now. I hope it's the one I've been waiting for. You inspire me, Tara.

Whitney Kolb - WOW. Awesomeness. Thank you soooo much for sharing your heart! This has totally inspired me to NURTURE, not PAMPER. Brilliant!!

Sheridan - I am on a similar journey. Simplifying, cutting back on media and computer. I am feeling balanced and grounded and I love it! I am glad you are getting there too. It is so much sweeter. Hugs!

mrshobbes - Thank you so much for sharing what I've been feeling deep inside me. You've given me a lot of light shed on my own life, and I'm now in the process of making my own adjustments and not "checking out" in front of the computer like I used to. I know you will come out of this stronger, happier, and a better human :)

Hannah Nicole - This is EXACTLY what I needed to read tonight. Thanks SO crazy much for writing, Tara. x

kimi - this post means a lot to me right now and i am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. i quit my job 2 weeks ago, because of that feeling. that feeling i need to do something different, am not happy, am not satisfied, everything discouraging in life. i have a therapist and am working through some things...but when i am sitting at home trying to make myself better, i feel like i can't. i feel stuck, i feel lost. i hope that effing corner comes soon too, because feeling like this is exhausting and i know there is hope if i stay focused - but lately i have sat in front of the tv eating a box of girl scout cookies then feeling horrible 20 min later. i am so happy you have found a yellow brick road! you are truly a inspiration and you are never alone in this journey.

Toni - I am so happy you found some peace and are dong well.. I love following your work and blog, BUT I found myself smiling when I pulled up your blog and saw no new entry. For me it meant you are doing what it takes to make "you" work. Your talent is overwhelming. I Appreciate your gift.

Catharine - Tara, thanks for the honesty of this post. You are brave to step back from our crazy, modern,plugged-in world long enough to begin to heal yourself and your family. Reading your post and so many comments, it is obvious that it is so hard for us to say " enough". You are giving yourself and your family so many beautiful gifts. To me, today, you reminded me it is all worth it. May it get brighter and easier more often :)

emily - That could have been me writing that.... So good to have you back. x

Steph Hamilton - Tara, oh Tara! We are on such a parallel it is frightening, yet comforting!! My husband lost his job (for the second time in 3 years) in December and we made a bold move and decided to sell nearly all of the contents of our home and relocate back overseas to Dubai. It has been incredibly painful sifting through all that "stuff' that I bought just to fill in the "gaps" to my so called happiness and hauling bag after bag to the Salvation ARmy!!! Insane!! And now here I sit, and in three days I will board a plane and start my life over again in Dubai but from a different perspective this time. I will play the game with my rules, live the life I want to live without worrying about those around me. I am in the middle of a project called "Hungry" which pretty much highlights what you talk about in your blog it's basically moving from feeding the void to feeding the soul. A shift from mass consumerism to the nurturing aspect that lives in all of us and in the "little things" that surround us every day. I look forward to sharing my ebook when it's done and to helping people through the ecourse I have developed to encourage people to move into this space, even if it only means just changing one thing to start. You are so brave in stepping back and taking ownership of your life. Pat yourself on the back, look what you've achieved, be proud of all that you've shared. Inspiration is contagious!!! Shine on happy lady!!! xx

Joy Taylor - I found your blog via Ali Edwards and have had your blog post open all day, ready for me to have that moment to take the time to sit and absorb everything that you have written, it is inspiring to read and I found myself nodding at a lot of things you had shared, I thank you for sharing your experience and openness here on your blog. I too about 4 years ago found myself at cross roads and with help have managed to work through the bumps in the roads, but you Tara have opened my eyes to many things, thank you :) Sending you lots of hugs!

Liz - Thank you Tara. This is a year of changing for me too, a new city, a new house, now a new job, in a new industry, and I am excited. And scared. But I am trying to ignore the scared, because it is baseless and doesn't help me. Your blog just now really did help me though, as did the thought of not being alone, and all the other commenters that are feeling the same.

MichelleB - thank you Tara. I love this post. You are speaking to me. I can see exactly what you are saying.. I can see I do the same thing some days. Maybe not in complete funk, but I hear you. I like this idea of nurturing and I think I need to explore it myself. You rock - and I can't wait to read more about the better you :) thanks so much for sharing and your honesty and for taking a break to find yourself!

Melissa M. - I am taking a break to re-prioritize and make changes too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Stacie Enriquez - I.missed.You <3

Heidi - What an incredibly inspiring post. I am so there with the "internet presence burnout" thing. And I waste too much time doing nothing on the computer, all while my kids (age 4 and 2) need me. This last month I took a month off of business to spring clean and finish some half-done projects, and it's been amazing, all the productivity. I look forward to more of it. Thanks, Tara.

Kimberly B - Tara-You've obviously hit ALL our hearts w/ your post. It seriously made me cry! This is HOW I FEEL! DAILY!! Your writing is lovely. Are you following someone/something? Please share! :)

tabitha - I feel you. Which means you made sense to me, you spoke to me. Thank you for being honest, articulate and brave. Your words nurture many.

Tracy - So glad to see you are back! 9 1/2 years ago my husband and I moved our 4 children from Laguna Niguel to Charlotte NC. It has been one of the best things we have ever done, living in the OC is FAB! But, it has it's price. I feel in Charlotte I am myself and always tried to be someone else or felt inferior in OC. Stay tough, true and strong! XOXO

mari - tara- i loved this post & the one before it. i hope i have your courage and strength to get to this place. I also love i don't want to forget a thing. "automagically' indeed! -mari

valerie - You have been on my mind for a long time. So glad you are finding your way back to 'you'. You are such an amazing woman, mother, sister, daughter, friend, inspiration and so much more. God bless...

Shannon M. - We are on parallel paths. Last year, I wanted to quit my life. Drop the business, move somewhere. Anywhere. This year, I broke. Crumbled to pieces. And then, in the rubble, I found myself. It's kind of awesome. I know I'm still going to make some changes and mistakes, but I'm so much more forgiving of myself, and feeling alive for the first time in years. I got buried by my business and a lot of expectations, so glad to be on this side. So glad you are too. :)

Ingrid from the Netherlands - Just the words I needed today. I hope they inspire me for making the right steps to nurturing instead of pampering. By the way I'm very curious how you managed to get screens banned in your household: please let me know how I can make my children be satisfied without screens ;-) Love, Ingrid

Kelley - Thank you. I really needed to hear this today.

Lindsay - you can do this! it won't be easy, but you will fight for it. we're also a family of 6. not all areas of our life are running just as we wish, don't get any grand illusions. but i thought i'd share with you that Mon - Fri we have a set meal plan. Monday is always a crockpot meal (b/c we had time Sunday to set it up a day ahead of time), Tuesdays are always tacos, Wednesday is pasta night... you get the idea. It keeps our plan in place. Consistency becomes easier. Week after week we don't have to devote time to meal planning. Week after week we know precisely what to get at the market. I'm not sitting here today revisiting over & over again, "what should I make tonight". I'm not wasting time online hunting down a recipe ;) And when one of us parents is busy that evening the other one knows exactly why chicken is defrosting in the fridge. It is amazing how much mental prep goes into thinking out dinner - you realize just how much when you simplify the system like this. It also saves money. We know we have tacos every week. When stuff comes on sale for that meal we buy lots of it. We have found the schedule key to being consistently successful with home cooked meals. And our four kids actually love it. They know what to expect. Each Tuesday is met with a chorus of, "Yeah, Taco Tuesday!!!" anyway, i'm not really all about giving out advice. lots of things work for others that don't work for us. lots of best wishes being sent your way.

ruth - yes yes yes you are echoing so much of what many are going through bravo for 'turning the corner'

jeramy sossaman - whoa! this is fantastic! so happy for you...and inspired. thanks for this post.

janis - i missed you and this is exactly why. thank you for sharing all this. you are not alone. xoxox

Jen G - Lovely to see you again. :) Congratulations on finding that corner. Jen

Jana - Yep and Yep. Here's to nurturing! xo

Amnah - Oh girl, you took the words right out of my mouth. This is exactly what I've been feeling and going through also. I've been a fan of yours since way back in the Two Peas in a Pod days. Good luck with your new journey.

jennifer - congrats and bravo to you! missed you in this space but happy you have taken time for you. keep up the great work!

Visty - How do you deal with your boys if they know they can't have technology at home on school days, but then they ask to go to a friend's house where it is completely unlimited? And it's a really good friend, someone they need? And the friend can't come over? Because this is killing my brain right now.

michelle carrillo - thank you. seriously. thank you. I am tearing up reading this, because some days I just don't recognize my life. It's filled with so much "filler" and stuff I "should" do that I find myself on auto-pilot most of the time, my head buzzing at the end of the day. Thank you for sharing this. It's inspiring to read, as I struggle to keep hold of my true self and the reason I live... to find joy every day.

Amy Hill - Tara, you do not know me but I feel as though we talk on a weekly basis. I have missed your words these past few months. Thank you for posting this. You are a light to so many of us. My corner is coming, I see it, I'm almost there. I'm so envious of you and your courage. Thank you for inspire often.

jo marks - Have loved following your journey on Instagram, and am so glad you're living in a better place for you and your family. You inspire so many people Tara - your honesty and authenticity is a gift, thanks for sharing xxx

Angela - Sorry for the long ramble...please read it all! :) In September 2010 a massive Earthquake rocked our beautiful city, Christchuch, New Zealand! Not long after that another massive Quake hit destroying the heart and sole of Christchurch killing far too many people. Although the second Quake was smaller in size it was far more destructive and we sadly lost our home. For me and my family it was heartbreaking, but when the bigger picture became visible we were so, so blessed to have only lost a house. I realised it was just that - a house - that a home was where ever we made it. We have moved twice since that second Quake and it has been exhausting....trying to form some normality while keeping it all together....I found one of the things that always made me feel better was your Blog.....when I discovered you were taking a break I was gutted! My go to Blog for an uplifting moment was.....MIA! All this time I have been checking in on a regular basis waiting for this! Waiting for your return and all I can say is WOW! You have not let me down, in fact I am so uplifted and inspired to find my very own corner! So thank you Tara - Thank you from my heart here in NZ to yours on the other side of the world - because that is how far your inspiration travels!

kari - Good stuff. Missed you. Love you.

Kim - So amazing. I have been in a rut and really feeling sorry for myself. After reading your blog, it was like a light switch. I decided that I have the choice of how I feel. I can mope around and be miserable and procrastinate and be late for work (again) or I can take charge of my life. Wow. What a difference. I have been on-time or early every day this week. I'm waking up earlier and taking care of stuff before work. I feel completely different and a million times better. Thanks for sharing. You're making a difference.

Kim - Lovely! and exactly what I needed to read right now.

Melissa Giles - beautifully said.

Michelle - You ARE every fucking woman, aren't ya?! I have that damn Oprah song stuck In my head. Your more candid posts always seem to hit a nerve with people. I'll see you next week!!

Hannah - This is exactly EXACTLY how I feel. I am almost in tears reading this and enjoying your images because there's a feeling of hope. If you found a way, there's a way. Thank you!

Steph - LOVE. Everything. About. This. You CAN do this.

Jennifer - From my heart to yours - THANK YOU for sharing this and for telling us not to give up on that corner. xo

Michelle - I think you just changed my life. Pampering vs nuturing...yes. I need that. I turned to cookies or chips or I lay down and pamper myself instead of giving my body what it needs. I also NEED TO GET AWAY FROM THIS COMPUTER! My kids need me to get away from this computer too. There are so many things I want to do and this computer is keeping me from doing them. I too am the person who meant to look for a recipe and ended up reading about tents that hang from trees for rock climbers or what Sheri my grade school friend just posted on Facebook. This has to end! Thank you Tara. You are every woman. You just get it.

Diana C. - This is amazingly inspiring. Go you!

Rebecca Little - Life is relentless. That's for fuck sure. Sending you a big, warm, enveloping hug.

Donna - I so needed to read this. It felt like I was reading what my brain/body has been trying to say but didn't know how. Thank you Tara. I want to be where you are at now. How do you start? WHERE do you start? I feel so scatterbrained I am a mess. I like order and just can't find it anywhere.

Lexi - LOVE IT, Tara! I couldn't have needed this post more and I couldn't be happier for you and your corner!

Sherry - So many of us are on the same matter our age, lifestyle, careers..and no matter if we appear to have it all together. We all have our struggles and our journeys. Thanks for being brave enough to share yours. You've helped all of us feel like we are normal. I'm a bit older than you (46) and have one less child (3)...and I have ebbs and flows of feeling like I'm holding it together. And it never seems to be everything all at once. I over schedule myself a lot, I sometimes let my kids get it absorbed too much in social media (mine are a bit older than yours though and didn't grow up with it as a constant)...all I can do though is set a good example for them. But I do feel like things run much more smoothly when I'm taking care of myself. As my husband likes to say.."Happy Wife, Happy Life." We are the anchors, captains, and steerers of our families and we have to keep ourselves on course. Take care of you and the rest will fall into place. Bravo, the best of luck, cheers and way to go!

Cyndy - Beautiful, wonderful! Love and luck to you xoxo

Cate O'Malley - Like many others, I can totally related. Our lives can so quickly get bogged down by "stuff" and "noise." Some of the things on our seasonal Bucket List (that I make with the kids) include things like blow bubbles. Laugh. Picnic. Movie night at home. Because I want them to always cherish the simple things. The fact that we don't need everything we think we do at Target. We're always a work in progress. Last month, after seeing how many times we go through the drive-thru in a month (I was tracking spending) to just get a drink because we just can't wait another five minutes to get home, we gave up drive-thrus. Something so silly, yet so big. Always a work in progress...

Kim H. - Wonderful and uplifting post. I am so happy for you, and inpsired by you. Thanks for sharing.

Kristin - Tara, I liked your post. I can relate as well. I'm in the middle of a similar experience in my marriage. The thing I'm realizing though is that just changing my behavior never lasts. The undercurrent of my behavior always sucks me right back down eventually. True change can only happen when I understand what fuels the kind of behavior in me that I don't like, when I ask the question, why am I so broken? I believe I am broken because my relationship with God is broken. And Jesus is the only one who can fix that. That may sound canned, or even trite - but I believe that is the root of all our frantic-doing-trying-to-find-meaning-and-ourselves-and-still-failing...patterns. The fix can only be found in the One who came to fix it.

Crystal - Amazing, inspirational blog post... This was just what I needed as I sit here wasting hours away at work reading a stranger's blog. :) I have started limiting "electronics" time for my son at home during the week, and would ultimately LOVE to eliminate it completely during weeknights. It's such a time sucker. Before you know it, you're eating frozen meals or fast food every night, and don't even have real quality time with your family. I'm glad the changes are working for you. Thank you for posting this and inspiring the rest of us.

Kim - Love how open you are about your struggles, there are so many of us in the same situation. When you have free time, check out Brene Brown's book "the gift of imperfection." It's a wonderful read on how we should embrace who we are and nurture the imperfections of us. It made me think of you and your "perfectly imperfect" tabs. :D

kelly tonks - I heart you Tara!!! so raw honest and wonderful, thank you for every last drop and you will be replenished and spilling over the brim on your journey, another season:-)) xx's from Ct

Martha Thomas - i hope my corner comes soon.... you are beautiful and amazing; thank you for this post....

AllisonKimball - I know you don't need another comment to tell you how wonderful you are, but your are. This was lovely and inspiring and I wish you all the joy during these moments.

Marie Tere - I couldn't love you any more....thanks for the amazing and inspiring post.

patty - beauty*FULL tara... thank you!

Charni - I am sitting(thousands of miles away) reading this with a lump in my throat. I am getting you 100%, what an inspiration! You know what, at 45 I, as well as my family, NEED to turn that corner. Thank you so very much for sharing, love from Cape Town xx

brooke - white linen - you amaze me. thank you. thank you for reminding me to do what matters. now, time for me to pull up my big girl pants!

Robyn - I, too, have been waiting for you to come back. Can hardly believe that you seem to have been going through just what I have been dealing with over these past few months - a lot of hard things...and a lot of renewal. I really appreciate your sharing your story - I am really looking forward to hearing more. Also, after reading all these comments, it strikes me that you not only have a fantastic blog, but you have some a ton of great readers! They have lifted me up too, so thanks for making a place for all of us to come.

Nita K. - so amazingly real. so many of us feel this way. thanks for sharing your story.

Shell - I have missed you so, T. I took in every word of this and just marvelled at how good you sound and it made me smile. There were several zingers in there that hit me like a bolt of lightening. I have changes to make and my own corner to seek and find. I love you. And I'm glad you're nurturing YOU. xo.

M - This post took my breath away. I didn't know I needed this until I couldn't tear my eyes away. Thank you.

kim - perfect for me today. tears are flowing. thank you.

lynn - It's amazing how words that belong to someone else can hit home, so very hard. I am in a similar place, striving for purpose, for meaning, for a relationship between our 'little' family of six that works. Sigh. I am inspired, hopeful, and encouraged by your efforts. Onward!

Roianne - Amazing! Inspiring! So glad your back and thank you for sharing your story :)

Katrina - I feel exactly like you were!!!!!

Libertad Leal - This is BRILLIANT. You are brilliant. Thank you.

Mel McCarthy - This was such a beautiful piece of life to read. Thank You for sharing your experience and your wise thoughts and for nurturing us at the same time as you nurture yourself. I've been slowly working on getting to that corner and at 39 I think I can see that sweet lil' sucker! ;-) Thanks again. ox

leslie - You are PURE inspiration, Lady, and I am very very very proud of you :) love, Les

Alicia - LOVE the way you differentiate between pamper and nurture! So true!

kristy - This post you wrote is about ME. I have come to a breaking point over the last 2 months and am trying to figure out what to do. This post made me cry and I wanted to thank you for sharing your feelings, it is SO helpful to know that I'm not crazy and others feel this way. I have been living my entire life disconnected and I still haven't figured it out but I am trying.

trish haldin - …Thank you for sharing Tara - Welcome Back...

carly Clarke - the tears are flowing. ive been drowning too. i was looking at your work wondering if i will ever have it together like you. then i read this post. the internet is tricky because everything is stylized and perfectly lit. you feel like if your life is not an constant perfect blog post you are a failure. thank you for sharing your story so we can remember that things are not always as they seem.

Kelly Gor - Crying. I could have written most of this blog post. Well, except for the change part. I need to do it. I feel like it is impossible. You are an inspiration. I want my life back. Thank you for this post. Xoxo

Jenn @ Home is Where You Start From - I clicked over because I recognized the beach scenes in your photos, I'm in the general area...but I had to comment that this post really encouraged me. I started describing myself as "scattered" the last 6 years or so- and it depresses me. I could relate to so much of what you wrote here. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I have A.D.D. -I go off of tangents when online, too. anyways, you really inspired me with the time you took off and the many changes you actually jumped in and did. Way to go, you! I am more a thinker, not a do-er, but I am going to try to jump in and actually change things up. Thanks for this. :)

polly - this really moved me. you are so brave to talk about what most people are actually feeling. thank you for this.

Monique - I had to read this post bits at a time... it overwhelmed me... because I understand it too much. I am sitting at a dirty kitchen table, up too late again, pinning on pinterest a life I want to be living. I want to read the post again (and maybe again and again) and hope that the part of my brain that doesnt want me to progress will let go and die and let me finally move past this big ass block of discouraging paralysis. Best wishes on your journey. Thank you for sharing this!

Kayleen - "It takes energy to make energy" totally just clicked in my science-nerd brain. You are inspiring, thank you for this post.

Julia - Tara, So happy you found your mojo again. You so deserve it :) j

Maryanne Gobble Photography - This is JUST BEAUTIFUL!

Tina - This was absolutely amazingly life changing! thank you!

janet - what a blessing you have given to so many with this post, including me! Thank you for your honesty.

cat - thank you so much for sharing.xoxo

Brandie - I never comment here but I had to say something about this post. Thank you. Thank you for being open and honest and real. I have felt this way for about a year now and no matter how much I talk to myself and resolve to shake myself out of it, it just isn't happening. You have inspired me to try a bit harder, to not panic. It is so simple but means so much just to read that someone has had this struggle and found their way out. Thank you.

Alexandra DeVellis - Thank you for this. Seriously, thank you. I am trying to find the corner and turn it - I need to turn that corner - need to. Your post was honest and inspiring. You touched on so many things that directly relate to my life and the changes I want to make. The word that keeps popping into my head is 'nurture' - love the idea of nurturing myself, my family, my home etc. etc. So good. I think I can do this. Thank you. xo

heather ives - so happy for you.

danielle - wow, fantastic post Tara! You are working towards progress, and I applaud your honesty and courage and self-awareness. I think we all feel this way sometimes, it's wonderful you noticed it and are working on you. Hugs!

jeni rosenthal - love you tara! :) you are an amazing person/ mommy/ friend and photographer. The only true constancy in this life of ours is change and you are finding peace in that spreading your wings like a butterfly! :) You are a beautiful inspiration, as always.

Cilla - I adore you and don't know you...yet do know you. You inspire me. Since having my son, I have felt lost in how to live life to the fullest in every way. I constantly feel like I can't keep up. Thank you for inspiring all of us with your life and love.

shelleymay - move to bend,oregon and turn some corners with me damnit. this post just rocked my core, woman. you've no idea how inspiring this is to me right.this.very.moment. thank you.

Ellen Patton - If we could all be as real and honest and cool as you...

Christine Kufske - I too turned a corner this past year. Amazing to look back and think about where you came from and where you are heading now with a clearer more grounded heart! Thanks so much for sharing this. I have followed your work for a long time and am so happy for you and the new direction. You continually inspire! xo

N.Prather - The words you just spoke. Is me to a t !! I deleted my Facebook and pinterest. And am starting to live a new way for me and my family. It takes courage and strength and you have inspired so many people to change their worlds. Thank you for sharing your world with us !! You are amazing. See you on Instagram !!!

Shelly - So proud of you for taking the break you needed to find yourself. Your authenticity is inspiring me to do the same, and many others. Tara! You are so awesome.

Heather - This post is so inspiring!!! I've been feeling the same way!!! You are doing everything I want to do so much! I know nurturing myself is the only way I can feel whole. Thank you for being an inspiration!

Jeannine - Brilliant.

AmyQ - Found this in my bookmarks- reread it. And I noticed I have already commented on it- that I was rounding a corner- and for fucks sake, I'm still rounding that bitch!!! I haven't been on IG in a while and cancelled Facebook 2 weeks ago. I called and cancelled my cellphone today. Yes I did. I'll be damned if I let fear and addiction keep me plugged into something I know in my bones is causing me the biggest regret of my life- missing life. Missing my 5 kids grow. Missing the enjoyment of the little things I've almost forgotten- like answering the phone without knowing who is on the other end and being surprised. Stopping by someone's house to visit for a few- just little things. But I'm feeling better than I have in years. I'm excited about it. And I'm not getting a cordless phone or caller ID;). Old school, baby. A long time coming, but I feel the end of this corner- finally! Rooting for u Tara. Hope you're well. Xooo

tchris - Just found and read this today... Thanks, I needed that. Hopefully my corner will appear soon, too. =)

Lisa O' Malley - Hi Tara, I have to tell you that I come back to this post every now and then and it's my most favourite one from you.Thank you again for reminding me I'm not the only crazy out here ;) Trying to keep it simple babe xxx

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