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the twins’ saturday afternoon routine

These are my favorite types of sessions. Nothing is set up, nothing is planned. I just follow a family around while they do what they normally do. This time, it was: snuggle, play, snack, play, walk to park, play, snuggle, bath, temper tantrum, snuggle, bed.




Michelle - That's perfection :)

jess@studio3z - a normal beautiful.

Betsy King ! - What wonderful memories of this time! So real. and beautiful. I would LOVE to have photos of our bathtime routine!

Amber - I'm seriously going to cry. This is beautiful. I would give anything to have pictures like that of our family. Heartwarming. Gorgeous. Lovely. *sob*

julie - happy, happy, happy, happy . . . that's what I see and that's what I feel with these images!

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} - love this. it captures their essence.

margie scherschligt - This couple makes parenting look so joyful and fun! And it is...but they REALLY look like they are loving it. What fabulous photos!

jodie - beautiful... these are my favorite kinds of sessions too! love.

Haley - perfect in so many ways...

Haley - my favorite sessions as well...

Erin - Stunning Tara! These are some of my all time favorites!

lilia - omg! love the double babywearing shots!!! :-)

apryl - wow, LOVE these - what fun! did you have to stand on the bed over mom & dad to get #2 & 3?

Heather M. - Wow, these are stunning. I love how expressive the Mom is. Beautiful, beautiful photos.

mrs boo radley - So fun! I love the swing shots. What a beautiful day. I am sure they will cherish these forever. AMAZING!

Ingrid - the kids are adorable, but their mama has a smile that totally lights up her face, doesn't she? beautiful photos!

kelly mccaleb - i love everything about this shoot- just beautiful!

cblackstone - you are on a roll sistah!

mary alice - oh my!! these are fantastic - and mom just WEARS her joy doesn't she?? WOW, what an amazing smile she has!!! totally brightened up my day to see all that love!

Andrea - Tara, seriously an OUTSTANDING session. What a treasure these are... a documented loveletter to each other.

Ashley Camper - Candid is always the best! Beautiful shots Tara (you can hear the laughter :)

julia - wonderful....I love "day in the life" sort of pictures...

Bonnie Berry - These are amazing Tara. You are the queen--I bow down to you : ) The first two are swoon worthy.

Erica Adasm (True's Mama) - Swoon, Seriously. I love how the mama is just beaming with love for those sweet little angels.... Daddy taking them a bath.. oh perfection.

Erica Adams True's Mama) - can you come to my house at naptime. thats my favorite time to cuddle my son :)

Christina Newby - I have twins, so I can absolutely relate! Love this session.

michelle - Mom has such an amazing smile/laugh! :)

Trude - LOOOOOVE the joy you've captured on mom & dad's faces. :) And so awesome how the first couple B&Ws really feel like film! Don't even get me started on the yummy light and sun flare...

Rachel - Tara. Holy shit. I have loved your work for years and years and years - and this might be one of my most favorite shoots ever. So inspiring! This mother's face is so expressive and you can easily see that she has taught her children to smile just like her - to let life's happiness OUT! It's so fun - and dad is clearly in love with his family. Such partners. Ugh, I could go on and on and on. Perhaps 'holy shit' wasn't the most classy way to say I love this, but I really couldn't think of anything else that summed up the awe I felt when I was done looking at these photos. Wow. :)

Jim Hughes - I've noticed guys don't seem to comment here, but I'll risk it just to say I always get a warm smiley feeling looking at your photos of families. Thanks for sharing them!

Katy Regnier - I love love love them more than anything ever (but you already know that) Thank you Tara for capturing my family in such an authentic and beautiful way!

Sarie - These images are pure art. I imagine this session was a ton of fun. Those parents look like they smile at every turn! Lovely.

jasmine johnson - this is why i love what you do tara... just freeze framing this time. that mama just looks so happy!

Kelly - Love, love. It's all around them.

aimeeferguson - that is what it's all about right there. love, love, love!!!

Summer - Awesome. My FAvorites too. Those little guys are totes adorable.

nicki smith - Love, love, love this session!!! And I love how every member of that family loves each other in such a way that you were able to capture it through your lens. How precious these moments will be to them forever and always.

Lee - Brilliant! I love the B&W photo of the husband and wife embracing against the cinderblock wall. The whole collection made me smile. Thank you! ;o) - Lee

Domenico - Couples in love are just the cutest!!!

Robin - Totally cute session!! My new fav of yours!

a - out done yourself. again. :)

Michelle - These are awesome! You magically capture the essence of the family without the frills! Awesome job!!!

Melanie - Love!

heather ives - priceless. mom has such a great smile!

Alyssa Ryan - I love the session, im jealous to see the Saffron Gates in someone's house! Beautiful work :]

Chris - Just wanted to let you know...I check your website daily and usually leave with tears in my eyes. You capture life the way it really is - the little things that generally go unoticed. A touch. A smile. That look. Those tiny dimpled feet. Life. My boys are now 27 & 21 and I wish you had photographed our young family...because when I talk to my boys on the hone, that's how I see them on the other end of the line. As my babies - curly hair at their neck and pudgy little cheeks. Maybe its not to late to come to California for some pictures....

tara pollard pakosta - amazing! this is just perfect! I so wish I would have had a shoot like this done when mine were 1 & 2 years old! tara - indeed.

Darcy Babers - I love these! And I love that huge, beautiful smile that mama is wearing in nearly every photo :)

c - this is our exact phase of life right now but with just one little stinker :).. thank you for helping me see the beauty in my 'normal' today

kellie larsen - What a beautiful family! That mom is the happiest mom I've ever seen! I love the feel of all these photos. They'll be so precious to them forever.

Bonnie - How amazing that this family now has such ordinary but special moments captured for them in beautiful photographs!

Gretchen Davis - Man! I love these, you have just captured them perfectly!

bobbi -! Those first three b&w's... does it get any better than that?! Might be in my TOP favorite photos you've ever taken! Oh, and can't leave out the amazingness that's happening on the swingset... you SO rock rock ROCK!

maile - oh Tara, these are some of my favorites that you've ever done. You are so gifted. And the little baby's belly on the bed...I want to eat her up! I'm so jealous of these pix, and MUST find a way to have my family photographed by you.

Becca Pirwitz - this is a really fun shoot! i can hear all the laughter in my head... excpet for those last two... i can hear the crying. hahaha. :)

cmhl - that mom has the best smile!!!

sepa - so beautiful! one of my favorites, too.

Abra Michelle - How awesome! What a joyful group of pictures. Beautiful!

susan - Seeing these makes me I realize how unfair it is that you live there and I live here ... with too many miles between. I need pictures like these with my boys. This family will treasure them forever.

dssr - You are really quite amazing at telling a family story with your camera! Always great to visit and see your work.

Carri - Beautiful photos! You captured a day in the life of a perfect, beautiful family.

Carolyn HP - oh my gosh, what a great shoot, so natural, filled with love... I love the shot titled R079 of the couple. Looks like you really had fun!

Kate - super beautiful!

Stephanie @ Geezees - These photos are beautiful, great job!!

Samantha H - I LOVE all of these photos. You inspire me everyday! Samantha

anne - Sigh. How I wish I had these kind of photos of our family. They are quite simply...magnificent. Cheers!

PamN - >>>>>JOY!<<<<<

mommymae - this is one gorgeous family! almost makes me want to have twins again!

Séverine from France - love their smiles. Love your pics, great job as always, Tara.

Erin - I am behind, behind, behind on blog reading and just came across this. Love, love, love this session. :)

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