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personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 01.10

January notes:

Love this fence. Have taken photos of OTHER people in front of this fence. When we were here playing golf for Anna’s birthday I asked Shane to snap a couple of us in the same spot.

I am not wearing glasses because I was wearing my prescription sunglasses, and I didn’t want yet another shot of me with sunglasses on. (My glasses were in the car – not enough time before dark to grab them.) It feels weird, my glasses-less face, but it is actually growing on me. Are contacts on my horizon?

Drew is obsessed with that grey sweatshirt and wears it every single day. He likes that the sleeves are too long and that they bunch up in his hands. It drives me bonkers having to look at him in it every single day, and although sometimes I gently recommend that he switch it up, I know that this is his way of expressing himself through his clothes. So deeper down, I love it. I can’t wait to watch him through all of the stages of discovery and becoming.

Uniqua is clipped securely to Mckenna’s belt loop. She comes with us everywhere we go. This is the second Uniqua replacement. Mckenna likes to find her shadow in the light and project it into walls.

I am so glad I went with that color when choosing a jacket. I almost went with olive green, but this gold color is so 70′s fantastic.

Right now the kids spend a lot of time playing wii. Nathan is a pure professional when it comes to boxing, bowling, and tennis. All of the kids complain about sore arm muscles after the weekend is over!

Favorite dinner of January was: Beef Biscuits. (I should edit and say my favorite dinner of January. The kids hated them.)

We are all loving the rain and cooler weather. None of us likes being hot. We are complainers in the heat. We all enjoy snuggling into sweatshirts and cardigans and soft fuzzy blankets.

Looking forward to the premiere of Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Lightning Thief in theaters. I have started the first book of the series so that I can have something to talk about with Drew. (That was Jeff’s brilliant idea for me.)

Anna has recently gotten into Polly Pockets and HORSES!, but only plays with her toys when she has a friend over. She loves to make a bath or swimming pool for them in the bathroom sink. She also loves dressing and doing the hair of her American Doll.

Jeff downloaded the latest Offspring album, and although it isn’t always my cup of tea, it is definitely on major rotation and getting lots of requests from the kids. (Half-Truism and Kristy, Are You Doin’ Okay? are favorites.)

Jeff and I are struggling through the aftermath of Mckenna’s surgery. She is almost completely healed, but twice a week occupational therapy appointments along with weekly burn clinic appointments take up a lot of precious energy.

The house is a bit of a mess. A lot of my organizational projects are half-done or not even started. I want to get organized and re-arrange/re-decorate pronto!


Okay so here’s the deal. I love seeing photos of all six of us together, but for obvious reasons that rarely happens.

Was talking to a friend about this problem, and I thought of a great idea. IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF.

Once a month, I am going to organize a family self portrait. Hand held, self timer, or grab someone else to take it.

Whatever. JUST DO IT. Just to have it.

Because I can, and I should!

I don’t think once a month is too overwhelming. Not even for this procrastinator. I am pretty sure I can do this. I am going to let the kids get in on it too, and maybe have them plan a shot or two if they want.

When I share the photo(s) of the month, I am also going to jot down some things that are going on with our family at that time. And then at the end of the year, put it together in a book.

I would love for you to join me.



Jen - Love this idea Tara! Oooh so in. Should be interesting with my brood....

Jen Johner - LOVE love love this idea. The monthly family photo.. the notes... the book, love it all. Time passes so quickly, before you know it.. a year is up, what a great way to remember the little things!! I'm in!!!! :)

Beki - TheRustedChain - ADORABLE!! It's rare that I'm in front of the lens also, but I'm trying harder lately...

Cameron - I love these glimpses into your life. :) Thanks for sharing. :) I don't have kids yet but should do this with my husband, if only so that when it's time to do Christmas cards I actually have more than a couple to choose from. :)

Kuky - I love family pictures once a month. We did this starting when my daughter was just a month old. We can see how she changed a little every month. And now we've been going on for over four years.

zalaine - That is a stunning idea!

kim - love this idea. yes, i do. i need to sneak one in today for january, though.

kim - i meant to look fabulous, girl!! proud of you!

margie pargie - Count this family of six in on this, too! Fab idea.

Aly - I love this idea Tara. I am starting to write down my notes today! Thanks for the inspiration...

Betsy King ! - Great idea! I am trying to get in front of the camera or Miles' photo albums will make it look like he has a single dad. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

stacymeyers - i sooooo so love this idea...hmm, i will only have 11 photos though because january is already over...whaaaa! love these pics of your look AMAZING!! :)

Manda Levy - Right on!! I am so gonna do this! BRILLIANT!

Kristin - Seriously an awesome idea - i am so in :)

Gina P. - grand idea...i am in!

jodie - GREAT IDEA! Love it! We don't have a family snap shot since last Christmas! LAST CHRISTMAS! When our kids were 6 months, 2 and 3! They are now 1, 3 and 4! DOING THIS SOON!

Visty - gotta go post mine...I had it up last night but there was a glitch. Like this!

emily pitts - what a great idea. i accidently already played along last month. we were on a family walk and i snapped a photo of our shadows, just because they looked so cool. it was a very happy day. that photo makes me happy.

Vanessa Tuau - I love how you love your big family - you give me non-stop inspiration - I have 5 kids (15,13,9,7 & 6), but I avoid appearing in photos, "until I lose weight". I hate being in this mindset and really need to stop caring and just do it.

Desiree de Monye - What a great idea!!!! I am going to do it too!

teri - I'm in!!!! I'm rarely in photos of my family because I'm usually the one taking them....then it hit kids sure have lots of photos with their daddy and very few with me. Great idea T!

Annie ~ Basic Joy - Lovely idea! I'm in. (Much better than trying to recap the year from memory in December...)I'll do 5x12 for our crew...

Lisa Lee - I'm in! Great idea!

Christa P. - Awesome idea and yes, very doable!

Amanda - Great idea! Count me in.

Kari - I would totally join in. Except, being February One, it'll have to be eleven pictures. Or maybe I'll include next January. Or maybe I'll cheat. Wouldn't be the first time. Love the shots--pretty, pretty.

Sheri V - great idea ... you look beautiful !

Kirsten - Okay - love this that Christian is off at the U, he's not popping up in pictures nearly enough...well, except for in his pj's playing video games on the rare weekend. Just because he's got one foot out the door, I don't want to miss catching him here. And. I have a friend who is helping me with paint and stuff around the house, and she gave me the kick in the pants to finally get something other than a 4x6 up on our walls :) I'll share soon!

katherinemw - great thinking!! i will have to try to talk my husband into it! i love it! also loving the recap on your family, you glassesless (is that a word?) as well, and your jacket. dynamite!! thanks tara!

Sissel - This is a really great idea. I am already a month behind....grrrrr. Have to agree that you look great without the know, showing the windows to your soul. Thanks for sharing the husband and I have very few pictures together but I got a great tripod for Christmas I have NO excuse now.

annie - AWESOME idea! I am in! I actually went back into my iphotos to look for a pic of my family and I realized that I only had one of the 5 of us! Thanks for the idea!

Goddess Leonie - I totally adore you. And your family. And you are so right on with the jacket colour... it's divine, babe! xoxox

apryl - this is an awesome idea & i am giving is serious consideration, although my pants have grown somewhat tight over the past few months = not going to love looking fat in photos!

Kelly - Brilliant!

ocean lotus - really really love love this idea - particularly about putting this together in a book at the end of the year!! Love it!!

deb - adore your idea and just might have to join you!! xo. deb

Alicia - Love this idea. Thank you. We are so doing this!

niccolew. - Love the idea!! I will try. "Try". It's the word I use most often now so I don't feel the guilt if it doesn't work out. Love it! Thanks for such a great idea.

Shauna - I love your idea and you have inspired me ... I need to learn how to use a timer and now this is my motivation to do so!! You have such a cute, unique, and REAL family!

heather - i am soooo totally doing this!!! i love the idea!!!

lauren c. - openField. - you look wonderfully cute without your glasses : )

tara pollard pakosta - awesome idea tara. I totally should do this because I was just complaining that the ONLY family pix that I have from recently are from 2008! CRAZY! that is just plain sad and breaks my heart. i am sooooo into this except now I am bumming that I missed Jan! well, I will just have to improvise that month! great idea! tara pp

Katrina - I'll try... should be interesting to watch me grow (preggo) and then see the addition of my son! Great challenge.

Mariola - can I copy your idea? I do have one of the 4 of us on my bday yay!! now I just need the notes!! again, thank you Tara for finding time to share your life with us .. it is pretty awesome :)

andrea - You're looking great! Love the idea of a monthly photo, but like many others I may have to cheat for Jan. ;) still need to try the beef pockets, they sound yummy!

suzette - awesome idea Tara! I am in. This will fit in perfectly with my 365 album I am doing this year! Love it. I love this post and I love love love your jacket.

Sharon - Great idea! I'm so doing it!

Leora - I love the idea of taking a picture once a month with the family!!! I don't have enough pictures of me and my boyfriend-- im thinking of doing a picture once a month!!

Lisa Damrosch - ok...I'm in too..there are only 3 of us and I can't believe how few photos there are of us together. No time like the present to get to fixing that!

Shanna - Um I am thinking that this is a fabulous idea. I'm thinking I must join you in this.

Judy in Huntsville [al] - Love this idea! our kids are scattered - one back at home after graduating college and the other still away at school - but family portrait whenever we're all together - the times are precious, still. i'm doing something similar - a little ten on Tuesday that i post and then put into digital scrapbook pages so I'll a nice little book - all about our lives- at the end of the year too. Get your friend Cathy to work up a little template for you -

AmyC - Fun family photos! And I LOVE the idea of letting the kids help on the monthly photo! Why didn't I think of that??? My kids hate when I get out the camera, unless they get to be totally goofy! Thanks for the idea!

Alice - Tara you look Gorgeous ! This jacket is really cool. Did you lose weigh ? You look thinner ! I love the idea of the monthly self portrait ! You sure will treasure them at the end of the year. You family rock ! You all look so coo !

maren - Tara, you look AMAZING! seriously.

Mel - Love this idea!!

Rhonda Steed - GREAT idea! I am going to add one family shot a month into my 365 photos!

sarah - great idea. totally gonna try for that.

Erika - love this idea! It was my husbands goal to get me in more pictures with my kiddos this year. Isn't that sweet! I think this will be a great way to get it done at least once a month. Thanks for sharing. Love your family portrait - what a fun memory from a fun birthday. Don't you just love birthdays.

Amber - What a great idea - I'm going to try and do it with our family too!

Kelly Fitzgerald - great idea! Oh, and I love the without glasses look.

Irene - YES!!! I am going to do this too! What a wonderful idea. I have been wanting to get a family portrait since early last fall. Has yet to happen..... but you have inspired me (yet again) and I will definitely join you!!

Susan Lyons - Tara- you are looking like such a hot mama! love the longer hair. You look very happy. I love this idea. I'm going to do it too! Thanks for sharing!

Kristen - What an amazing idea... thanks for sharing! I love hearing about your family. So beautiful!

Jullie - That sounds like such a fun year long project!

JoAnn - I am reading Percy Jackson's sooo good? Have you ever done audio books in the car with your kids- I bet this one would be good for the whole family. We are doing The 39 Clues series on audio and our family loves it!

Jill - Love this idea!! You are so stinkin' smart miss tara whitney!

Young Nanny - Tara, you're gorgeous - with or without your glasses. Blessings to you and your family. xxx

michelle - i'm in..... though I will double up for Feb.... cause its feb1 and I just jumped in.... so here goes.... me, my j and our 4 lovely beings.... who are at this moment having a dance party upstairs instead of quietly waiting for stories in their beds...... thanks for the great inspiration!!!

Dana - I love love love this idea! I am a scrapbooker as well as a photographer so it is rare that I am ever in a photo...I love the idea of letting the kids plan a shot as well. So fab. Now let's see if THIS fellow procrastinator will follow thru for 12 WHOLE MONTHS??!!!??? :) I hope so...Crap...January is over... can I just take 2 in February? lol Dana

Tamara - great idea!!

Jess McD - I'm in! Fantastic idea, can't wait to start.

Fcas - Yes...I'm in!!! What a great idea!!! Here's to family portraits once a month for 2010!!! LOVE IT!!!

Julie - Lovely idea! I'm in! I'm off to look to see if we took a family picture in January now! ;)

shane - As your family's photog, I think I could squeeze you in once per month for a nominal rate.

Kerry - You are effen awesome! Thanks for this delightfully wonderful idea.

Lisa - I LOVE this idea! And I'm going to take it and run... to my camera bag... and find my tripod in the mess of crap in the spare bedroom. I'm so inspired by this -- thank you for sharing!

Catherine Burns - I hope you have Google Analytics for tracking blog hits. . . I just connected my blog and it makes my heart glow when people from far away places are reading and watching our family antics. I hope you see daily hits come from Kazakhstan - I love reading about your family life in addition to viewing your amazing photography! We also have a family of 6 - though one is now half-way around the world in university and another is about to leave the nest as well (sniff.). I have been doing a daily photo for more than 2 years now and I will take the challenge along with you for making a family photo once a month!! Look forward to seeing what you do!

Kami - I love it too! although I missed Jan. that's okay.

rachel - i have already missed january. oh well. wonderful idea though! maybe i will get at least one this year!

Georgia - This sounds like a brilliant idea. With six of us too, I hardly ever make it into photos (not that I like myself in photos, but sometimes it would be nice to look back and see how I looked). I like the idea of recording what everyones been up to for the month too. Looks like I've missed Jan, but I'm going to try to come in for Feb.

Miz Booshay - Great idea Tara! You can do it :o) I love your pictures from today. I think you look beautiful. Three of my children are grown and I adore every picture I have with them. My parents died when I was 16. I do not have a picture of my mother and myself. One picture with my dad. No whole family shots. It's a really important thing to do with your children. I think it is a beautiful gift to them....and you :o)

Fi - YAY, my first comment...been lurking on this fab blog for waaaay too long! Tara, you're a star! I'm loving the family photo idea, having six of us in our fam too means we rarely, if ever, get a photo of us all together - we are SO going to do this - thanks Tara...loving your jacket too! Warm, healing hugs to McKenna

Samantha - So many of us are in the same boat. I love this idea and I'm definitely going to give it my best shot. I have a handful of photos of us all together, very sad! I love this and I love your blog, just so so inspirational, thank you!

Gina - I'm so game for this!! And go me, I set up the camera on my tripod with my little remote and took a family shot of our family of 6 on Sunday. <3 I think I'll make a whole book of them at the end of the year. Thanks for the super inspiration, Tara! Your family looks so happy and fun in the shots. :D

mel - awesome idea! i don't even know when the last time we've taken a pic w/all of us. i may cheat and take one today and call it january's pic. :) i love the idea of making a book at the end of the year.

Kim Bolyard - what a great idea...take advantage of having them all there with you oldest is off a college and I always feel bad when I have a picture of us here and she is missing from the photo...any ideas on how to handle that one....I actully got one on News years day of us all together starting off the year... peace Kim

Samara Lin - Tara, you are such a good photographer and mom. This is an excellent idea. I like the idea of doing it monthly and documenting what you've been up to. It would be so cool to put your photo and your notes into a book as a Christmas gift at the end of the year to document your family!

Danette - awesome idea. I will join you....and the rest of your lot. Who are all fabulous. love the 70's gold jacket. ;)

Nicky Hurt - Awesome idea! I use my timer or my remote to take family photos, but doing a project a few weeks ago I realize there aren't many photos of me and DH together alone. So that will have to be on my to-do list, too. :)

Greer - This is a great idea! I might even be able to get my DH on-board since it's only once a month :)

ria - I love this idea. I MIGHT join you. ; )

Jamie Gomez - Tara, you are so much fun! I LOVE this idea. Also, I TOTALLY get the "wears the same sweatshirt everyday" thing. My son wears his "texans" sweatshirt daily. I am sure his teacher thinks that is all he owns. :)

Colleen - It's a WONDERFUL idea :) I decided that on the 11th of every month we would take a photo together (just got married Oct 11 of last year). Our January photo has our dog in it, and I love it so much I think I'm going to make it a family photo. Too many people never have pictures of themselves, it's so sad!

lisamcg - Love this idea. McGarveys are IN!

katie - what a great idea! i am soooo in.

meg duerksen - oh i love this idea! the only time we ever have a group phot of of all seven of us is at christmas...and not even that this year! i bet i could do this....if i TRY!

Kristi Suguturaga - Oh thank you thank you for inspiring me. I love the way it is organized. If I organize it and say I will do it, usually I can do it. This helps me to put a date on it rather than just say someday I can do this once a month. It sounds easy and really important. I want to do this. I am in. I will do it. You are awesome. Thanks a ton!

LauraZ - love this idea!! question...what lenses do you favor when on vacation?

mindy - I've been trying to do a family photo project for years now. I always try to do one photo a week for a year, mostly snapshots or self timer. I do great for about a month or so and then give up! It's too overwhelming to try and keep up with it and I always feel so guilty when I miss a week and think it's pointless to try and catch up! Your idea is MUCH better. I love the stories about the month and then the book at the end! It's perfect! You have inspired me to continue on in my family photo journey! ;) I just love your blog!!! :)

elizabeth pellette - seriously great idea Tara.. I am so in need of Family photos.. not just one of the kid but some of all of us together being a family.. I am going to have to put this on my to do list.. thanks for the fantastic idea.. You continue to Rock.

Becky Thomas - I will join you Tara! This is a great idea. . .and, as I am a fellow disorganized procrastinator, gives me one specific thing to focus on!

Heather Prins - I am so doing this! Took our first one today (i'm going to cheat and say it was for January!)

tracy genovese robinson - Love it I've got my own four... all under the age of seven. I'm all over this!

Lynn L. - Love the idea! We are in!

jr cline - I'll play. Since I live alone there will be lots of photos of just me. Once in a while I might be able to get a few of my children in the shot. We'll see. lol

taniawillis - i'm in! love the idea. i just posted january edition (without a photo since my camera is in the shop). but i wasn't going to use that as an excuse to not at least document the words.

Carolyn Hall - Awesome idea Tara. I am on it!!

Wendy - Great idea! I have a monthly email with my three sisters in law and we do it for just the kids. I think it's a fantastic idea to do a family portrait once monthly! Don't know why I didn't think of that...I'm definitely in.

Alison - We do once a year self timer portraits at the place Joe asked me to marry him. The kids LOVE to race to the camera to look at the screen to see what it looks like after every single shot. And someone always asks if we would like them to just take our picture... NO! Have fun:)

Kristie - Seriously you are a brainiac, Tara! Loooooooooove this idea!! Getting the kiddos involved will hopefully get my two "photo protestors" on board!! Can't wait pitch it to the family tomorrow : )

jenn - I love the idea of having a monthly family photo shoot. Sometimes we get so busy in our everyday life and forget what matters most! I am soo going to join you with this great idea. By the way I LOVE your images they are amazing!!

Sharmaine Kruijver - I AM SO THERE!! Blogging right now with my January photo, which I was happy to already have. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy - Wow, Tara. You never fail to inspire me. Your work is beautiful but your soul shines brighter. I am going to do this. Because I can and I should. Thank you.

Kristen - you're awesome! what a GREAT idea. I am GAME for sure. ...I used USED to have a goal to snap a photo of me and my little monkey - Liv Kate every week. ...then every month. LOVE this idea. ps. Cute photos. The middle is my fav. ;)

Angelique - This is sooooo great, awesome pic. I am in also I look forward to this!!

Karen - omg i love it. such a fantastic idea. i tried the "one photo a day for a month" thing and failed miserably. "one photo a month and a few footnotes" = doable. thanks for the idea and i love your 70's fantastic jacket too!

Elaine - I am starting tomorrow. thanks for the idea...

Ana F. - I LOVE the idea. It's so sad to look at my family pictures. It's like I'm not even part of the family. I'm afraid my kids will look at our pictures in the future and think that I was never there for their soccer games, and school parties, Christmas... I was the one taking the pictures!

Stephanie - do it while you can, my friend. my babes are all 8 years apart... we have only one left in our nest... the others are 29 and 20 and already involved in lives of their own. how i wish i'd thought of this years ago... :)

Ally - Great idea Tara! I'm in! Will attempt. Jan is obviously I'll just substitute our Xmas pic and will try again for Feb.

ali bloom - oh, Tara.. this is such a fantastic idea! I need to take more pics of my kids & especially of me with them. AND I need to write more stuff about them & us as a family. Thank you for the awesome inspiration!

Laura Reaux - I saw the idea (and link) on Sara Jansen's blog and I love it! I NEED to. If I had lost any of my children or husband in our house fire on Christmas, what a priceless thing a full FAMILY photo would have been. Even now, I wish we had taken one recently in our sweet house that we miss so much. I'll be joining you!

Michele H. - So this idea!

Edie - Im in!!!!! For months now I have wanted to get out and take more pictures of our family, and practice taking portraits. We have so FEW family photos with ALL of us together, but I never get around to taking them. And I LOVE the idea of documenting what is going on with the family at that moment too.. So many little details get lost over time. What am awesome family heirloom that can turn out to be! And it may be just the kick I need to get a personal blog up and running.

tracy - Love this idea! Count me in :) 5 people in 12 months!

Haley - I'm so in!

tara pollard pakosta - you inspired me! except I need to go back and write some things down! tara

Marina Miller - i have six. so doing this.

bobbi - 1. I was so behind on your blog... EEKS! 2. seeing you without your glasses REALLY shows how much your kids look like you... especially Nathan :) 3. I like you glasses-less! Though, I like you with glasses, toe.. either way, beautiful. 4. Love your idea.. can't wait to see what team Whitney come up with... 5. and now I'm fully caught up! Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us... I love the way you write and share...

jess - i'm in...going to try this!!!

Sarah Jane - Just heard about this from a friend. Thank goodness we have a few days left in January!

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I’ve been thinking about my photo/scrap goals for 2012 | Life His Way - [...] – This was inspired by Tara Whitney’s Six People Twelve Times project, where she took a photo of their entire family once a month for a year. I really like [...]

I one I | carla marie photography inc I blog - [...] six people twelve times [...]

Just US | Northwest Indiana Photographer » Northwest Indiana Photographer -KellyK Photography, LLC - [...] by a personal project called ‘six people twelve times’ by photographer Tara Whitney and picked up as a group project on photography forum The Bloom Forum, [...]

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