veronica and her family • newport beach • orange county photographer


that cute chick in the pink sunnies is veronica.

the other cute people are members of her family.

she organized this session for them. she dressed them. she encouraged them to have a glass of wine while waiting for me to arrive. (she got them there early for this specific purpose) (in my opinion, a great idea to help everyone relax and be just a little silly)

my new motto?

just be drunk.



her parents. so happy and soooo fun to be around. they raised up some really amazing people. it was so awesome to hang out with an established family with older children. gave me hope that i can make it through these young years, and come out the other side with amazing people to hang out with.


we saw these bar stools stacked behind a bar. um, (whisper) everyone grab a stool! there was an empty parking lot conveniently around the corner.


love, love, love this quote! so did they. so much so that they suffered through a large group of people waiting to get into joe’s crab shack staring at them while we got this shot.



just seconds after taking this shot…


…i got tackled by amy boring, a photographer who i knew online but had never met. she bum rushed me with a huge hug, and we talked for a few seconds before getting back to work with both of our families.

mom and dad with their kiddos. dad couldnt stop laughing. there was a major wrestling match going on between him and the boys just before their shots. loved it. and mom couldnt stop crying. loved that too!


and two more i loved.


thanks veronica and gang!

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  1. tara, i want to thank you again for such a fabulous day. it was such a treat for us!

    you were able to so perfectly capture our family dynamic- completely sarcastic but a wee bit sweet when we think no one is looking.

    thank you. thank you. thank you!

  2. another great session, Tara……hey, being that you are raising daughter’s I cannot recommend highly enough this book, The Girl In the Mirror, by Peg Streep and Nancy Snyderman… must read it when your girls approach the adolescent years. Forces you to reevaluate or just revisit all of your long held personal beliefs. It’s certainly helping me in raising my now 13 and 15 year old daughters

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