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i have met up with this lively bunch once before, when i fell in love with their family dynamic and fell in love with their smart, quick, funny personalities. i began following their family blog, and i still do to this day. visty is a wonderful writer and makes me laugh and think everytime.

they were down in so-cal on a family vacation, and we met up near the balboa fun zone for their session. what i love about them, and many of my clients, is that they understand what i am trying to do, and in fact have hired me because of it. they are relaxed, and together, and open to me being there too.

they dont try too hard. they are just … themselves.

there were rare moments of setting up a shot for them, but mostly, i just hung out and shot things as they happened, without doing much at all.


they purchased a collage with these two images side by side-loved their choice.


momma and baby snuggling and laughing in the sun. it doesnt get better than that, does it?


i think this series is one of visty’s favorites. mine too actually.


and this was not posed, which makes me like it even more. the shot just after this was, but this was before they knew i was there. the two big kids were hanging out here while i photographed the littlest. she wandered over here and i was thrilled!


visty’s hilarious and “make me swoon” account of the session can be read here. love her to bits! you will too.

happy friday…


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  1. this IS happening for me one day.
    me, paying you. you, photographing me. and helping me become more comfortable in my own skin. i’m going to start a fund just for you and whenever i sell art…that’s where the money is going.
    because you effing rock.
    and you know i will come to you. and be happy about it.

  2. I was just wondering yesterday if people ever try to hire you to do what THEY want you to do… had someone hire me specifically for my style and then had her fiance say he didn’t particularly care for it. (She won) Interesting the questions you dont get asked in all the interviews you’ve done ;)

  3. Awww, look at those crazy people! I love them! Tara, you are one of our best memories of California, all woven in like the weft to the warp of the tapestry.

    It’s good to have exquisite photographs like these of your family when you want to lock the kids in the closet.

  4. I think Orange County or the state of California should use your photos in their visitor’s bureau or something! Your pics make me want to move there- or at least come for a visit! Love your blog!

  5. I’m a budding photographer. You are such an inspiration to me and I love your style. I’m looking into getting a new lens and I’m wondering what you use to shoot with most of the time. I have a 50mm … but I’m wondering if my next step would be the 24-70? Or one with all the tricks like a 17-270 tameron zoom lens? I’d love your opinion. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world and treating us to such eye candy on your blog!

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