the falconbridge family • grassy field • san diego photographer

this session couldnt be more perfect for this family. everything about it is just exactly them. i told them to pack up a picnic (whatever they might normally bring to spend an afternoon outside together) and bring a few changes of clothes. they brought homemade muffins in baskets wrapped in tea towels, a guitar, a baby pram, dollies, grapes, and beautiful linens to lay on.

we drove around looking for just the perfect spot. thankfully, we found it, without too much of a wild goose chase. from the street it didnt look like much. i pointed to it as we drove by and said “that might work…”, but kept going…not trusting my gut. after about ten more minutes of looking, we came back. i dont know why, but its always stressful for me to be the one to choose the location. i always worry my gut feeling wont be right.

i adore this little family, if you are a regular reader here, you very well know. since meeting emily just three short years ago she has become a sister to me. her husband a brother to me. her children like one of my own. this june, they will most likely be heading back to their homeland of australia to get some things in order and have baby number three. we are unsure if or when they will be coming back.

my heart hurts and i try not to think about what life will be like without them so close. it is hard enough being 55 miles away from each other.

it is very bittersweet to have done this session, knowing it may very well be the last one here in the states.


i have tears in my eyes as i type and delete…type and delete…there are no words. i will just let these speak for themselves.

from emily’s home movie session

edited: i have been hand-slapped through the computer by emily who informed me i was being SO DRAMATIC and she is MOST CERTAINLY COMING BACK!

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  1. these are favorites — i love that family and don’t even know them except cyberifically — when i saw the video a few weeks ago i totally loved ivy’s little aussie accent…and i’m glad em handslapped you for the drama — i was getting sad thinking they weren’t coming back (even tho i can relate to that longing for homeland)…i love your work and your energy…

  2. I have tears myself! Three years ago I was introduced to blogs by a friend, she had both of you on her blogroll and I quickly began to see the beauty of blogs through reading each of your blogs! I’ve always wanted to be a photographer, your style is something that reminded me of how I see through the camera lens – I’ve been hooked ever since! Her blog is spectacular as well – if I had a fraction of the talent you two have, I’d be quite blessed! I can’t believe they may be moving – so sad to hear! But, of course, it’s just an excuse for the two of you to travel more! Blessings, Sasha

  3. photos stunning ….I am sorry u r going to miss your Emily BUTyou will now have to come and visit her in Australia – do some shoots here and I’M first! LOL! Sydney beautiful southern suburbs of Sydney – beaches, rivers, sand and sun! Please come :P

  4. Hi Tara, these are all SO stunningly beautiful – all the pics I’ve seen of Em, Mick & girls have been fabulous, I think these are my very best fav’s ever. You will have to come to Oz & do some photo shoots down under !!! lots of love xxxx

  5. These are some of my favourite shots, and the video was just perfect, I bet Emily was wrapped at how well you and Michel captured their family. If you come to visit Australia you will see why Emily wants to come home for a bit – it is a fantastic place. And if you are travelling I know a few more people that would love a photo shoot – me included!
    A happy Aussie!

  6. Well if you have to move back to Aust – what a wonderful gift to leave with. You rocked this Tara. Besides – I think we would all delight in having you come to Australia. I’d be happy to put you all up and play tour gude, :)

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