alexis and her crew • newport beach • orange county photographer


im feeling short on words this week.

the kids are home on spring break.

im finally caught up on things after getting sick.

this is the family of my good friends alexis and shaun, who i have written about here, here, and here. ive known them for eleven years. she does my hair. and i take her pictures. we share a common bond over depeche mode and most other 80s bands, it’s it ice cream sandwiches, and laughing about stupid things.


would you believe, they have painted this wall and door the same bland peachy tan color that the rest of southern california is?!?!??! I AM SO UP IN ARMS.


this is bowie. she is named after bowie himself.


this is finley, growed up just a bit since i last saw her!


nothing special was done to these foggy images. the beach was foggy and beautiful the day we were there.


there was a guy JUST to the left of this frame, on his cell phone, watching us like we were possibly crazy. you can see my laughing face just to the left of shaun in the reflection of the glass. i was shooting without looking through the camera. i wish i remembered what we were laughing about.



i just saw these three blonde beauties yesterday. for a hair/photo day. drew and nathan have new haircuts, i am mostly brunette again, and the girls got a trim. alexis, bowie, and finley romped in the weeds off the side of the road for me. those photos to come soon.

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  1. Love the photos, especially the ones on the beach, just beautiful!!! It’s it ice cream sandwiches… Yummy! I haven’t had one in forever and hadn’t really thought much about them until now. I’ll have to remember to get one when head to Nor. Cal. this summer!!

  2. Oh my Gosh! I can’t believe how grown up Bowie is and Finley is beautiful just like her sister and mom! Holy Crap! I can’t believe you’ve known them 11 years cause that means that’s how long we’ve known eachother too! Wow! That’s crazy!

  3. Gorgeous photos as always!

    I think you should take a bucket of cool paint and go to that door in the middle of the night and paint it. And do it the night before a photo shoot so they don’t have time to paint over it.

  4. Hey T, these are beautiful. I love how you’ve arranged the in the collages too. I’ve seen you do these heavenly foggy beach photo shoots before… inquiring minds must know, morning?? What settings are you using to get that blown out foggy sweetness? Do tell??

  5. love the look of these – happy and sunny – even if it was a foggy day. I also love it when I am tired from working and I click over to your site and see new post/pictures – makes me take a break and catch up on tara moments. :)

  6. Tara, I just have to tell you that I have been inspired by your blog ever since I came across it last fall! You never fail to give me an artistic boost – simply by the pictures that you post. Really and truly, I want to be a photographer just like you when I grow up!!

    I was intrigued by one of your posts, several back, where you mentioned that you played the game “Hurry” with your families – giving them three seconds to re-position themselves. I wanted to ask if you would share other “games” or techniques you use to help create the amazing interaction that you so adeptly capture? You are a very gifted lady! Thanks for the inspiration you give us all!!!

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