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i have sat here for over an hour typing, deleting, typing, deleting…the right words just arent coming to me. i cant quantify how i feel now that it is over. its quite possibly the jet lag, i am still running 14 hours ahead of CA time. it could also be that there is just too MUCH to say.

i did have a very

but, until the words come, i will do what i do best. shut up and show the pretty pictures, as cathy would say.

this is our lovely group:

me, tami, sabrina, kari, michelle, doña, clare, jo, maren, april, amy, and my partner in crime: em.

some shots from around our first hotel in bangkok:

our time in bangkok consisted of much singing of this song, massages, a dinner cruise, a visit to a temple, having our palms read, an art journal workshop, lounging about the pool, and oh did i mention shopping? LOTS OF SHOPPING. so much shopping.

we drank loads of this fresh oj to keep refreshed and energized.

a couple shots from inside a taxi

the workshop took place under a pagoda on hotel grounds, on the edge of the river while the rain poured down around us. emily was in her element.

and then, a 90 minute flight and pure bliss after busy, bustling, bangkok: the tubkaak resort in krabi. we did a whole lot of this.

and spent a lot of time in this:

yes, that is a completely outdoor shower and bath. the details of this resort were beyond spectacular. i have never ever in my life seen something as amazing as it.

the day we arrived, as sabrina and i were unpacking in our rooms, emily comes rushing through the doors and says, “did i do good? DID?! I?! DO?! GOOD?!” i laugh even now thinking of her…she did more than good. the tubkaak will serve as location for my dreams for years to come…

this was where i did the photo sessions for the girls, mostly in my bathing suit. now, that is a dream come true. to feel comfortable enough around our tribe that i could contort myself into the positions i contort while shooting, in a bathing suit. but it was just oh so handy…and oh so cool.

(photo of me, photographing kari, taken by amy)

while in krabi, we each had five hours of spa treatments, spent a lot of time in bean bag chairs on the beach journaling and laying about, had dinners outside with the warm breeze and the lap of the ocean, had our lunches served to us pool or beachside, and in general pampered ourselves to excess.

here’s to being pampered to excess.

and to being back home again.

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  1. Tara.. wow.. looks just incredible.. what an amazing time you must have had.. it looks amazing and you are one brave woman floating in the water on your back camera in hand.. and not getting said camera wet or ruined in said water.. What a wonderful experience to never forget..

  2. bittersweet, so bittersweet. makes me sigh, and long to have been with all of you. LOVE the photos of all of you, so great to actually see everyone. my god tara, beautiful. you are amazing. such an amazing experience. i have no words for how much i missed going and how much each of you has touched me. you all deserved this amazing experience and i’m so happy for all of you. love to you.

  3. amazing. when is the next one? : ) it looks like you girls had a blast. it’s relaxing to just look at your pictures. i love the one of you doing shoots in your bathing suit. oh to be that comfortable. tara you make me happy.

  4. Ms. Tara,
    miss you and soooo happy you had a beautiful time. Next trip i hope i can join you. Thanks for the comment on my hanna. She and Bella have had a challanging year with K. Lots of great times, lots of tears too. When hannas teacher was talking to me yesterday she had no idea how much i needed to hear that. She had no idea that inside just 5 minutes earlier i was feeling so busy, and crazy, and not successful. I found myself hugging her so much more yesterday, feeling like i wish i could buy back all the days i didn’t realize how great she really is…..and not just to me. Hope your family is doing well. Don’t believe that crazy palm reader:) Take care T…love, ter

  5. As an ardent admirer to your blog and em’s,too, I wanted to go on this trip so much!!!! Being eight months pregnant, though, the timing wasn’t right. Please tell me you’ll do this again and I’m there. Pictures are lovely and capture the spirit of your trip.

  6. K, I saw these when you first posted them and words couldn’t express how happy I was for you, and I still really have no words. Your pictures say it all and I am so glad you had this fantastic, magical, memorable time. What a recharge! Hope you are blending well back into life. That would be a tough one to come back from. Love you! XOXOX

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