• “finally, someone in thailand…

with feet bigger than yours, tara.” said sabrina, in Wat Pho, the reclining buddha temple.

beautiful place

we had our palms read

my guy told me, among other things, that i love like crazy, but divorce is POSSIBLE. my mouth gets me in trouble.

only way to save marriage?


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  1. Tara – Those are gorgeous shots. I absolutely adore the unusual angles you use. Makes must more interesting shots. I hope you are planning on blowing some of these up for your house. Maybe someday I’ll have the funds to travel with you guys. Until then I’m still waiting for you to come to ID for me! ;)

  2. Loving the vicarious traveling. I love K.Kasem’s little business office. And you sparked a memory: I was with my friend Sandra and she wanted to have our palms read. So I *reluctantly* went along. This lady started telling me all about a curse on my family from when we traveled to another country. Ummm….no…no passports here. Canada for some skiing? No. She so tanked my palm reading. Then Sandra…”hmmm…I see two men you are currently with. You must decide.” Wow. She had her wedding ring on and everything. Totally having an affair, considering divorce. Now how did she do that? Blew both our minds. OH, and she did file for divorce, but they reconciled.

  3. One of my problems with “palm readers?” They put ideas in people’s head…divorce, possible. Not if you don’t want it that way baby! They know nothing…Rock on in your adorable, solid marriage. Til death do you part!

  4. Hi Tara, so I have been checking your blog out for quite some time and I just have to say that I LOVE your work!! You capture such beautiful details of life. I am just beginning my own photography business and would love to get one little tid-bit of advice from you!
    I love your Thailand photos!! They are yummy!! I don’t need to go there now, cuz you’ve captured the beauty that a person can almost touch and feel like they are there! =)

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