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Published in Signature Styles with Amy Tangerine

Amy is a friend of mine. We met in LA, but became close while in Thailand together. She was asked to be a part of this book: Signature Styles by Jenny Doh. The book features several stylish women, sharing their style at home, work, and play. I drove up to her adorable little apartment in Venice and we spent the morning playing dress up and walking around Abbot Kinney. This shoot took place way back in 2010 and I can finally share now that the book is out!

Here is the book cover and Amy’s section:

And here are some of the images they used in the spread … and some they didn’t.

Amy is the owner of Amy Tangerine t-shirts and also has a new line of scrapbooking products with American Crafts. You can also find her blog here. She always has something fun and stylish up her sleeve. Doing this for her was a no brainer. Love this fun chick.


• sharing a couple of things quickly •

first, my friend jay is offering up family sessions on his blog-check it out-if you are in the socal area.

second, i had a photo published on the cover of a simple scrapbooks special issue! so excited to hear it was chosen. especially because it is a photo i took of my friend shannon’s daughter. lookie!

third, back to work. :)


a few months ago, lena hyde emailed me and asked if i would like to participate in vol.5 of design aglow.

right after i freaked out and jumped up and down on my chair, i calmly and professionally emailed her back-HECK YES!


it was an awesome process. joyce smith interviewed me and asked really really good questions! questions that were all really fun to answer. and i know sometimes when i read an interview, whether it be a photographer, actor, musician, whatever-i get disappointed when their answers are lame fluffballs obviously meant to blow off to the interviewer, so i tried really hard to answer everything in a way that wasnt fluffy. i hope that anyone who subscribes will get something out of it.

AND all of the photos in the feature are brand new and never seen before.  it was SO HARD not to share my recent favorites on my blog! so glad i dont have to keep any secrets anymore. that watermelon shot came about because momma told me everyone said she looked like she swallowed a watermelon. i emailed her back asking “would you feel weird picking out a watermelon that matches the shape of your tummy and bringing it to our session?” she didnt feel weird at all and i freaking LOVE THAT PICTURE because it means something to them. the letters in the cozy picture were purchased at timeless treasures in SF, one of my favorite places of all time. they are meant to be hanging above my bed, but we all know how that goes…

and while i am on this self promoting kick, todays mama has me featured in their “dream big” section for a few weeks this month. fun questions there too. their website is geared totally towards moms today, and the dream section features moms who turned their dreams into reality. pretty inspiring to go back and read past interviews.

an exciting time over here for me-thank you so much for all of your support and constant and amazing feedback. to think that almost four years ago i started this blog to share photos with far away family and friends and it turned into what it is now? is just all kinds of freaky amazing.

so thank you.  xoxo