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This is a family that I met for a photo shoot several years ago at their home in Utah. I like them a lot. I was able to sneak in one last session of 2012 with them just before Christmas, on their California vacation.

This reminds me, I need to get to the beach!


PS -  I am having a vintage/handmade pop up sale this Saturday! For more info click: HERE. Later this week I will be posting more photos of what will be for sale. Bear with me until this weekend, just trying to spread the word as much as possible!


you only live once – the photographs of Hannah

Hannah is in her first year of college, living in Portland, out on her own for the first time. Her Mom, Natalie (pictured with her here) hired me to photograph her. After getting to know Hannah during our session, I really feel that Natalie couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to have her daughter photographed. Your first independent years are so thrilling, so full of exploration and learning. It was entirely different than if she had done this for her high school senior photos. We captured her at the beginning of her new life, rather than at the end of an old one.

Hannah was unsure of the process and admittedly very shy. I understand that feeling, and so my main goal was to put her at ease and help her to feel confident in her beauty. When we met I was struck by her quiet, strong presence. I was drawn to her instantly, and would have wanted to photograph her had I seen her walking by me on the street, so I felt very lucky that she was before me so willingly.

I loved how quiet and careful she was in front of the camera. I felt honored to watch her move across the field, completely unaware of how stunning and special that she is. Natalie wiped away quiet tears as she watched us. I was often on the verge of tears myself, and I can’t quite put my finger on why. This was just one of those sessions where something special happens. I left feeling that the person I photographed gave me more than I could ever possibly give them.


summertime, and the livin’s easy…


mckenna didnt quite have the motor skills to figure out how to throw her body head first on her stomach down a slippery piece of finite plastic that caused “plastic burn” on the stomachs and shins of her siblings.

or maybe she did and thought everyone else was crazy.

knowing mckenna, i can see either being true.