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Category Archives: sneak peeks

I had just driven away from the session when my phone rang.

And it was Fabi asking if I had left yet.

I had, I was already a few blocks away. Why, I asked, was everything okay?

Oh, yes, she said….she had just forgotten to take a photo with me before I said goodbye.

Next time, we said! And giggled.

And then happily, a few days later I emailed her and told her she might have forgotten, but I hadn’t.


More from this beautiful Brazilian family soon.

I have been under the weather since Thursday with strep, and boy was it a doozy. I am grateful for pain medication and antibiotics today.

working on:

ryan & amy:


dalebout family:


weston family:


baltgalvis family:


catching my eye • a peek into drew b. and family • orange county photographer


you may have seen my twitter update about my session with drew, mentioning that i was in love with their little family, but what i didnt mention is that they almost died in a fatal parking garage roof/shopping cart accident in which i was at fault.

happily, chuck was quick on his feet and saved the day before catastrophe. i was MILLISECONDS away from throwing my camera down and saving drew and brayden when chuck righted the cart and all was well.

i was also updated after the session of three facts: drew had a huge bruise on her arm, chuck had a fat lip, and brayden got a scratch on his face. leading me to think about adding the following to my website: WARNING! PHOTO SHOOTS WITH TARA MAY CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: LIGHT BRUISING, TRIPPING, LAUGHING AT ONESELF, LAUGHING AT ONES PHOTOGRAPHER, FOREHEAD GOOSE EGGS, FACIAL IRREGULARITIES, SPRAINED WRISTS AND/OR ALMOST BAILING OUT OF A SPEEDING SHOPPING CART. ASSUMED TO BE WORTH IT, BUT PLEASE HIRE AT OWN RISK.

love ya drew! :)