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Featured : NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers) Video Interview

Most debates exhaust me.

In my field of work there are many that get hashed out and then rehashed and then hashed out some more and then beat to death with a pool noodle. I am not interested in entering a debate about Canon VS Nikon or Mac VS PC. Debates on the internet tend to spiral into judgment and name calling with a holier than thou attitude. So when my friend Dana Pugh asked me to join Lori Nordstrom in a “digital file debate” for NAPCP I was hesitant. I decided to do it because I thought Lori would be a valuable person to learn something from, and thought that maybe I would have something to offer to the discussion as well.

I did learn a lot from Lori, and it was really valuable for me to have an open, honest discussion about what we feel is important to both of us as Moms and business owners. Ultimately, I have respect for both sides. If you are a photographer, I highly recommend that you check it out.

Click on the image below to be taken directly to the video.
(You need to be a member of NAPCP to view the video interview. You can apply here.)

Thank you NAPCP for asking me to be a part of this.



Babble Top 20 Baby Photo Blogs


I just found out that named this blog in their Top 20 Baby Photo Blogs, and that I am one of their “favorite mom photographers around the web.”

This is what they had to say:

“You can feel Tara’s passion for photography right from the get-go: this Orange County, CA, photographer’s About page states her philosophy as “perfectly imperfect,” and that’s just how we like it. This blog features large, colorful photographs of daily family adventures and beautiful home décor. Her family photography goes beyond the traditional white shirts and jeans, though the beach-y aesthetic is one of our favorite things about this blog. She’s not one to aim for “flawless” pictures, but authenticity, lollipop-stained mouths and all. Tara also has a request for clients: “When we meet, show up with your heart. I can’t wait to meet it.” Us, too.

It’s pretty fun to be on a top 20 list. I was honored and excited to be on it. Babble, thank you so much!






Finish the Sentence…with Dave Cross

Picture 10

You can imagine my surprise and excitement when DAVE CROSS asked me to be a part of his Finish the Sentence interview series on his blog. You can read that interview here, and make sure to check out the rest of the photogs in the series here.

Thanks Dave! How I wish I could transfer some of your photoshop knowledge into my brain!