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I’ve known this adorable lady for many years. Her mom has hired me several times to photograph their (amazing) adult family. When she emailed to let me know there was a baby on the way I couldn’t WAIT to do this session. Because, I mean, look at her. Full of personality and comfortable in your own skin? NOTHING BETTER.

We started in their little apartment, where the good light was found in the bedroom, bathroom, and balcony. Then we headed down to the grass near the beach to read and people watch, some of their favorite activities. As we were driving home, I saw the pink garage next to the red/blue burger joint and asked them to stop. It just happened to be the alley for the apartment she used to live in as a single girl. I love connections like that. Great little special nuggets for a special time.



Light and relaxed. This family just makes me smile. It was my first time meeting Simone but my second time meeting everyone else. At their first session with me, big brother was just a wee little guy.

You can view our previous shoot here.

my first time shooting film with clients

Canon EOS 3 \\ Kodak Ektar *

I consider myself very lucky to be able to meet up with this family on their California vacation once a year. I always leave so inspired and have a lovely time making photographs with them. This time, knowing the mom to be up for anything, I asked if she would be willing to have me shoot only film at their session. And she said yes.

Armed with eight rolls of Kodak Ektar and a new to me Canon EOS 3, I started up the session with shaky uncomfortable fingers. I took my time deciding what to shoot, and only let myself fire off 1 shot per “setup”. (I broke my own rule 2-3 times when it was called for.) Having to stop to load a roll of film felt very disrupting and not having the safety net of a few shots fired off anytime I SAW something felt very scary. But quickly, it didn’t. I fell into the groove. Knowing this was an experiment for me, they were patient as I fumbled with rolls of film, and waited for the right moments.

I was shocked and relieved when I saw the results. Out of the eight rolls, I only had to trash about five images. I LOVED the tones and feel of the rest of the photos. Not only that, the best part was: I. DIDN’T. HAVE. TO. SPEND. FOUR. HOURS. EDITING. THESE. FILES. (The black and white images were the only ones edited in Photoshop with my black and white action.) It was like the biggest party ever getting the scans back and sharing with my client, without having to do any work on the computer.

I am not sure that I am ready to go full film on all of my clients, but this experiment was definitely a success.

You can see their session from 2012 here.