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Category Archives: You Are My Wild



One year ago I started a weekly portrait project with 13 other photographers called You Are My Wild. This is my collection of images, one from each week of 2013.

This project was like a much loved annoying little brother for me.

One whom I will cherish FOREVER – because I was forced out of laziness and into thinking more creatively about my children.
I have these weekly images of life passing by that thrill me and scare me and make me want more. More time like this, more paying attention, more light, more messy hair, more time together, more looking into their eyes.

The participating mothers and fathers that I became close to in the process were a total bonus.

I want more.

Totally not sure yet what idea in my head is going to form into a project, but I know I am ready for a new one for 2014.


Also, hi there strangers.



Sometimes I feel off kilter, anxious, or really empty as the sun goes down. Going for a sunset walk recharges and soothes me because I get out of my head and I stop thinking and I let my senses fill up with it all. Walking, hearing birds and my heart beat, feeling my feet hit the pavement, being surrounded by pink sky. The best time of day to be alive, in my opinion. I lose that option Fall – Winter, when it gets dark at dinner time, and I watch the day end from the window over the kitchen sink.

But (hallelujiah) now that the days stretch into bedtime we have this special extra block of time after dinner to enjoy the buttery sun. To avoid the grumps, to leech out another second of day before we sleep and start again.


You Are My Wild friends, look at the others’ Week 10 submissions here.




Nikon One Touch \ expired Kodak bw c41

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s Wild day, my favorite day of the week after Saturday. You can see the rest of the work and which image I chose out of this set over here on You Are My Wild. If you are like, huh? Read this.

Back story – I was testing out an old camera and old film at our favorite beach. My 93 year old Uncle Leonard gave me his Nikon One Touch on Thanksgiving and I had a handful of Kodak color and BW c41 from, like, 2001. I sent in nine rolls to be scanned and I have to say, I am completely psyched. A lot of it was a little under and a little grainy, so I am still fumbling a bit, but I feel like I was just electrocuted and I can’t stop obsessing about cameras, films, scans. (I spoke about why I moved back to film in this post, to give you even more back story.)