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Category Archives: CHECK IT!

getting lost in the beauty of it all \\ quality peoples

Getting Lost In The Beauty Of It All from Quality Peoples on Vimeo.

I believe in this.

Hope you get a chance to get lost this weekend.


check it! (publishing/printing your twitter feed) or (backing up your twitter feed)

I have been using Twitter since August of 2008. My lovely friend Cathy convinced me to check it out and I haven’t really looked back since. I love everything about it.

I get to keep in touch with friends during the day – it is my “water cooler”.

The latest news is just 140 characters away – I will never forget finding out about MJ’s death just seconds after TMZ announced it. That was crazy and new and the first time I realized how much power Twitter actually had.

I highly recommend trying it out if you haven’t already.
Great way to keep in touch with companies you use or celebs you love to stalk or TV shows you watch.

And by the way, thanks for reading mine.

I was looking around today to try and find a way to publish or back up my tweets (I absolutely HATE that word), and I found a few options I thought I would share.

Here are a couple of book printing websites. (If anyone knows of anything else, please comment and I can add to this list.)

Tweetbookz –
(Don’t love the cover or page designs, but you can customize.)

Tweetnotebook –
(Love the look, but you can’t customize the tweets. They randomly grab the most relevant 200)

Twiary –
(New service not available yet, but I am hopeful their design aesthetic will mesh better with mine and that you can customize.)

Here is a guy named James Bridle who came up with a script and published his own book via Lulu.

Here are a couple of Twitter “printer” websites that compile everything in one place so you can print at home. –
(Takes all of your tweets and puts it into a nicely designed PDF document. I did this for now.)

Print Your Twitter –

Here are a couple Twitter backup websites. (will also back up friends and followers)

And another Friend backup – I have not done this but think it could be handy if it works.

Here is a fun one – put your tweet onto a tshirt!

I took some time to read my updates from 2008 and so many of them made me remember things I had long since forgotten. I am so glad I am on there, no matter what Jeff thinks.



check it! (notebook doodles)

Have you seen the blog titled Notebook Doodles?

I have been really taken with the notion of words on photographs lately. Finding her right now was good timing.

Simple and beautiful illustrations (the “font” is her own handwriting!)
Simple photographs
Simple thoughts to ponder.

Here are three specific doodles that are really resonating with me right now.