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there can be only one like it

But in the right rays of the sun \ If you squint hard enough \ There can be only one like it.

“Home” by Delta Spirit


I have an extreme passion for my home and what resides here alongside of us. A few of these were taken on film, last shot of the roll when I realized I needed to reload before I left the house. A few of these were taken on digital, small grabs that caught my eye while I work from home and the kids aren’t here to fill the space. They span the last six months.

Gail - Your home is so eclectic and FABULOUS. It also reminds me that I should do something like this (take pictures of my home I mean) to better appreciate it. I'm in a 7-year itch with our house (a literal one, as we bought it in '06) and doing that thing where I just sh-t on a lot of different things about it when instead, I should embrace the things I DO love about it. This post is a sweet reminder of that. PS - LOVE the new look. Different and yet still the airy, breath-of-fresh-air that is your brand :)

Gail - Also, this post makes me think of this awesome post I just read on Cup of Jo yesterday. That quote that Jordan shares from Rita Konig? SO you!

cass miller - Love this space, Tara. So very inspiring.

Cathy - I love your succulents. I am still searching for one for my pot. FYI.

isabel - a home i would love to spend an afternoon in.

Darcie - I adore all the vignettes in your home!

yan palmer - the sense of wonder present in all your work just drips and inspires.

laura h. - and right at that moment, my whole heart imploded on itself and the tedious work of rebuilding it -- a better, stronger model -- began. ---- tara! i'm moving in the next few weeks into my own space for the first time in six years. i've been craving a place of my own, a place to love like you do yours. I AM SO EXCITED. and this is so timely! the perfect inspiration (motivation, reassurance, and warmth) to go forward with. thank you for letting us into your space. xo.

Isabel - I love your home !!! Your photos around the house, the vintage objects and your beautiful suculents !!! :)

Jana - l o v e

Peta - Such a cozy lovely space. I just want to curl up on that couch and hang out.

margie - beauty all over that house. wow.

Lyndsay - I want to move in. That's weird. Oh well!! People sometimes say it looks like a crazy old grandma lives in my house. I feel that way about yours too!!!

Drae - I am in love with your home. It looks so cozy and inviting, like a real home with real stories between the walls. You did good, real good and I love how you've captured it.

Naomi - I love succulents! LOVE them ... I too am working on having a passion for what resides in our home. Slow process!

Jen - Beautiful...each and every one

sharon - such a beautiful home, I can tell you pour your soul into it, wrap it around you like a familiar blanket

amy grace - my heart is creeping up to my throat. all these things, these details that make us feel like us, they are tiny anchors, symbols, points of light. growing up in a home built just after the civil war, and now living in a tract house that hollows me out some days, i always push myself away from the physical experience. tell myself it's my babies who will carry the meaning, wherever we are. the people are home...but then you go and remind me i should look harder. that the instinct to move on may be taking something away from this place that holds us together. so simple, so sublime too. xoxo

ellen patton - I love your table!

Dina - You are master of the details in every photo you take and it's obvious you apply that same gift to the art of homemaking. Lovely photos of a lovely life!

Sharon A - Tara, I remember when you first blogged that beautiful collection of frames. Loved it then, love it now. I am planning something similar for a large wall in my living room.

tracey - The maiden hair fern, the succulents, the lone cacti (and a fiddle leaf fig, not pictured)...they all reside in my home too. They're like "bizarro" plant friends residing on opposite ends of California. (Favorite Seinfeld episode ever.)

jeramy sossaman - nice. homey.

Visty - It's funny, after I read this post last week (and drooling over your fern) I carried it around in my head differently. You said you have extreme passion for what is in your home, and I carried it as "fiercely protective". A total projection of what I have been doing to our home. I have moved beyond the point of worrying about hurting feelings or someone else's sentiment, and toward just plain having what we love, what suits us, and what serves us. My wooden giraffe, hard-won in a knuckle biting round of haggling with a merchant under a bare light bulb in Ethiopia, is a thousand times more valuable to me than a hundred doilies crocheted by a great-great aunt's mother in law. My home, my family, our life. Getting fiercely protective.

shawn - Tara, LOVE, luv, L-O-V-E this series of shots of your home. Gorgeous. AMAZING! It's beautiful. I am amazed at how you captured the essence of your home...not just a house. I only wish I could snap these vignettes to freeze my home in a moment of time like you have. Very inspiring.

Jennifer - Lord...your house is beautiful, these shots are beautiful and your family is beautiful. Love it all.

meridith - So colorful and bright, just what a home should be!

jen downer - So much thought and care and love put into every nook cranny & crevice. I love how you live your life with so much intention and heart.

Kelsey - So colorful and rich in both history and love. Beautiful.

Julie - I love your picture collage. I noticed that the pictures lack a border and wondered what kind of frame you used, or how you accomplished this look. I would like to do this in my own home.It's a very fresh way of doing an old school picture collage, and I just love it. Any help would be much appreciated.

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