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There are times when you are working so fast during a session that you can hardly see what happens in the viewfinder, and then you edit the photos and you come across an image that you just …. can’t … believe. So lucky to have gotten this. I am in love.

Hege - Amazing capture.

Emily - This is beautiful!

Jenny in AL - In awe - that speaks to my very core.

Visty - One thing I love about this picture is that I can't tell if the babies are boys or girls. The whole thing is distilled right down to Mother and Child.

isabel - ohhhh my heart.

amber fischer - Luck? Pshaw. You're just amazing at what you do. This is breathtaking.

Kirsten J - Priceless.

Amy - yummers!

Rachel Del Grosso - just. gorgeous.

Jen - precious

amy - Somehow, in my mind, I always imagine that you are one of the most amazing photographers of all time and there is no way you could get any better. And images like this just confirm that I was right! Perfection again. Thank you for sharing this.

Meredith Adams - that is incredible. that composition is amazing. (:

Michelle - oh this is just so, so precious. Can't stop looking at it.

Sheila Sim - Just magnificent. What a lovely moment to capture. Beautiful!

Brandy - someday I'll save enough pennies to pay you to take these photos with my family...

onsanity - couldn't agree more, what a moment

meg duerksen - this brought tears to my eyes. something else that brought tears....not being able to come to your pop up sale!!!!! that looked awesome. did you sell that heart painting? i always loved that. :)

Mikki - Found you via the You Are My Wild project and have pleasantly gotten lost within your blog and website for past half hour, taking in your work. Really lovely. Glad to have found you!

sara - ohhhh tara - i literally gasped at this image! what a treasure for this're amazing! :)

kelly christine photo - that IS the best feeling. to think you maybe got nothing good then bam! you surprise yourself. amazing photo. <3

Jakki - What a sweet tender moment...

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