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a letter to my pretties (vintage pop up sale this saturday)

Dear Pretties,

Hi. How are you? I’m fine, thanks.

Here’s the thing. I’m the best at finding cool things but I am the worst at having space for them. (This tiny house has limits.) (So does my husband, and, well, YOU KNOW.) I couldn’t leave you in the thrift store/garage sale/flea market because in the moment that I saw you, I knew you. And you completed me. You had me from hello. I’m just a girl, standing in front of a thrift store, asking you to love me. All that jazz.

So I brought you home, and then I shoved you in the garage. I am so sorry. I have hoarded/coddled you for months (and years). Would you like to see the light of day? I think you might.

How will I ever say good-bye to you?

I promise to find you a home filled with sunshine and laughter.

And maybe some babies or dogs. Hopefully some homemade cookies and incense.

All I know is, the time has come to say goodbye and find someone who will love you for reals. Someone who can take care of you better than I can.

It’s time to share the love, Pretties! Are you ready for your wild adventure?


Love always, your birth mom.


Today I was organizing for the sale on Saturday and the light in the garage was so pretty and I just had to take some photos. I have said my goodbyes. I am ready to do this. I am so excited to see how it goes. I love a good experiment. I love the act of finding something special for myself. I have found that I REALLY LOVE the act of finding something special for someone else. I am looking forward to branching out and taking this dream one step forward.

Hope you can make it!



Trude - That giant T is MINE, obvs. Can I stake my claim already? ;)

Karen Travels - I want that white dresser. Why are good dressers so hard to come by? Too bad I live in North Carolina, or I'd be meeting up with you for sure, dresser.

isabel - the horse head book ends!!! the globes!!! the rugs!!! waaaaaaah.

isabel - the chairs?! the dresser the chairs are ON!!?!? AHHHH!!!!

jen downer - those are some awesome finds! I'm excited to see how the sale goes for you guys. I predict SLAMMIN SUCCESS!

katy - my tiny house's limits are always tested by my making of things... totally understand the longing to have/buy/love and the lack of space! looks like you have some amazing things collected

Drae - Oh my gosh! I need that T! I have been searching for one and love that one.

Imene - How I wish I could pop to Irvine and back!! you do have impeccable taste

Tina - Curses! This is one of the few times I wished I live in Orange County...instead, I'm in Idaho. It's cold here. But I see sooo many pretties that would love my home! Good luck! It will be fabulous!

sharon - I am sooo hoping to make it up there this weekend! I have a friend in town and it is just up to how the kids are cooperating... Looks like it's going to be amazing :)

pam - you are too cute! loved this post and love your eye, can't wait to see what pretties come home with me. but....i'm thinking you need to keep that baby bathtub...awesome ice bucket for outdoor parties and dinners with the fam...i know!i'm a horrible influence, ignore me!

Julia P - Hello beautiful! Oh how I wish KY was closer to CA!? This sale looks so fun! I had the pleasure of meeting Emily in NH at Squam this past Sept! I bought one of her skirts that I love to wear & just feel 'good' when I do! I hope you two have a delightful time filled with love & laughter! Think of you often as we view our photos & listen to the song you attached with them, now on the iPods! Hope you & your fam are well! Much love.

Annie F - Wish I lived closer - would love to take your globes and billard balls off your hands!!!!

laura h - if i lived anywhere nearby, i'd be there in a heartbeat. definitely spied some things i would love to leave with me. alas, texas is my home and i'll have to do my thrifting all alone. good luck these week, ladies; wish you all the best. xolh

laura h - please excuse my inability to speak. i'm blaming the pneumonia and bilateral ear infections for that one. *good luck this weekend, ladies; wish you all the best. xolh

tracey - Super duper cool that you have found your second calling. :)

ellen patton - If I lived closer than Boston I would have been there!

Krystle - Oh how I wish I lived near you. That purse is scrumptious! So is everything else, but that purse... I hope it found a good home.

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