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teeny edie

Edie was so small that I fell head over heels for her, a tiny little miracle.

San Diego @ sleepy time


PS: I am so excited that I get to do this again with them next month. I could spend days with this family and be endlessly inspired.

Laura H. - In love. And that baby hammock! Precious.

brianna saban - you reign supreme in my book. a true artist. my inspiration in this business from day one. thank you for sharing your gift with the world like you do. i love your work, and i especially love teeny eddie:))) XOXOOXOXOXOXOXO!

jennifer Camplin -!

Ashley McNamara - I just adore your newborn work it's so different from what's out there. It's real.

Tsila Sofer Elguez - such a serious perfect baby

andrea - tara! that's newborn session perfection right there. awesome work.

Liz Zorek - are amazing.

Melissa Stottmann - Is that real life or what? Gorgeous.

Peta - just so perfect.

onsanity - precious!

Katy - I love them all (but you already know that!) ... perfect pictures of my perfect tiny girl. love love love!

Leslie L - Wonderful photos! I don't know why, but I ADORE baby photos in black and white!

arenda - Your photos contain so much EMOTION, Tara! I don't even know this family, and my heart gets squeezed looking at these beautiful photos. Beautiful work.

lara - Hi you know what that door frame sling is? It looks so comfy and I tried searching around and can't find anything like it on the web! PS Lovely photos as always!

Katy - lara - if you're still checking these comments, the hammock is from New Zealand and it's called nature's sway. a friend who used to live there got it for us but I'm pretty sure they ship to the US too (

julie - Im always a sucker for the in the bed cuddle pictures!

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