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kind of life

Somehow, the nickname “the babies” has stuck for the younger two of our children. It started as a tease/joke and has stuck around as a term of endearment. Mostly, only Jeff and I use the term. We refer to them that way because they are still in the same elementary school. So we say things like, “Have you picked up the babies?” “I am on my way to drop off the babies.” “The babies need their lunches dropped off today,” etc. I imagine next year with them in different schools the nickname might die. I wonder if someday when they are the last two left at home, in high school, we might start referring to them this way again…that is a funny thought.

So, one afternoon sometime in November, I picked the babies up from school and was struck with how the sun was streaming across their playground. It was literally glorious! Crisp clean golden light. The trees were back-lit and sparkling. I could hardly take my eyes off them as I drove away. You guys must know what a light nerd I am by this point, right? I had Mckenna in the car already, and swung by to pick Drew up from school, completing the gathering of the chicks. As we pulled into the driveway, I told them about the light, and asked if they would be willing to go back to the school so that I could photograph them in it. They were all like, shrug, sure, right now? And I said yes, please, go to the bathroom, drop off your backpacks and meet me back in the car.

The sun (and the children) gave me just about fifteen minutes. I could have wrangled for more time but what I got was just enough. Just enough to get a bunch of pictures that I love, and two pictures that I need. That I didn’t know I needed.

I wonder, does it feel that way for you too? You see a photograph of someone you love (whether you took the photo or not) and it feels like you just found something that was missing? It has captured them in such a way, that until it was frozen into a picture, you didn’t even know it was something you thought was important enough to remember?

This is one of those.

I needed to photograph them on just this day. With the clothes that they picked to wear to school and their rainbow of shoes. Those colorful shoes just really, really make me smile. This was any day. A nothing day. I can’t remember one thing about it other than this moment. No one was prepped, it was come as you are, stand in the light, and then chase each other around the jungle gym until after dark. Just …. us, them, life.

I came home and opened the images while Anna did homework beside me. I emailed them to a few of my closest friends, sharing the story. My friend Margie emailed me right back and what she wrote touched me to the core. She said, “The fact that you went back to take the shots…it says so much about your life. Like it isn’t rushed. You have time with your kids where you can say..hang on let’s do this! And then they are willing??? They weren’t all like..’oh my gosh mom, I have tv to watch!’ I feel like I can breathe when I look at these. They’re beautiful. Love their expressions. Their clothes that they picked out themselves. Their willingness to understand that good light takes priority in life! LOVE THIS.”

That feedback from her was a gift, as all of her feedback tends to be. It helped me see something about me right now that I couldn’t really see. And that is, I am breathing again.

Two years ago I was stuck, depressed, afraid, unsure. If you’d like to know more, I wrote about it here. Back then I started a process towards true mental health and a fulfilling, meaningful marriage and life. Because that is what I need. Slowing down. Being truly present in the moments of my day, not divided. Not as much multi-tasking. Stretching, learning things about myself that hurt, but helped me change. And I am changing. It is hard, but I am doing it. Margie helped me see, I’ve stopped hurrying to the next thing, over and over all day long. The way I used to live.

Everyone is so busy. I see updates and read blogs all about a lot of busy, thriving people. Sometimes I feel that by making the changes that I have, I am not thriving, I am missing something. Especially in the photography industry, it always seems like someone is getting a book deal, someone is traveling to Barbados, someone else is photographing a celebrity. Then there’s me. I’m usually at home. There is a good and a bad side to every choice. I am missing something. But this is what I know: Right now my life is all about these people. It won’t always be. I will have an empty nest eventually. I know that I wasted a lot of their life running and running to the next stage, the next level of development, the next next next. I know that I wish I could do it over again. I know that time has passed, and I can’t. I know that I want to be different now. I know that I don’t do well when I am busy. I get anxious and sick and absentminded. Being busy does not look good on me, no matter how much I want it to.

Even still, I have to constantly remind myself that being busy does not bring meaning to my life.

Giving my children the kind of life where we stop everything for fifteen minutes in the light, giving myself that kind of life…that definitely does.

I saw this quote online sometime this week, can’t remember where, but it has stuck with me. I made this (feel free to download it/screencap it/whatever it) and I thought it was the perfect ending for this post.

What kind of life do you want? What are you doing to get it?



Betsy - Again! No words to describe how I feel when I read your posts. Thank you. Keep doing what you do with your beautiful family and beautiful life. You are brilliant in soooooo many ways. Blessings to you and everyone you touch.

Emma - Beautiful, as always. I have a hard time reading here these days without tears in my eyes.

Myra - Absolutely gorgeous: the words, the photos, the honesty.

yan palmer - tara, oh man, everything i say will come out cliche, but i'm so thankful that you've inspired me on so many levels. as a photographer. as a mom. as a human being. thank you. i know its hard sometimes. hard to miss out. but i feel the reaffirmation every day of where i'm needed when i look at my three little ones.

jodie - Oh Tara. This hit me to the core. We moved into my in-laws house with our three kids (2, 4 and 5) in October to save for our first home. We are working so hard right now so that we can buy a home and have some savings so that we can slow down. If we had stayed in our last living situation we would have kept working hard and gotten nowhere. I can't wait to slow down. A few more months and we can! This was such a beautiful reminder of what we're working so hard to achieve. Thank you.

kelly mccaleb - beautifully expressed. i have been working on that same journey toward a healthy mental state- and i have had to accept that i need to live smaller than a lot of people can. i am slow. i need a lot of sleep. i need a lot of alone time. i need lots of time with my family to feel connected. it can be really hard to be ok with that in the world we live in. i think a main part of my journey is saying that's ok and really believing it. i think of your motto "just be" all the time when i'm being hard on myself for not "accomplishing" what i think i should be able to. anyway, a novel. but just wanted to say i concur and think you are rad.

Le Anne - Like Margie, as I read your story, I was thinking about how wonderfully unrushed your life is. It literrally (I can NEVER spell that word) made me take a deep breath while I read it. Anyway, I have to share something with may get wordy. Today I had a thought about you. I was thinking about how you photograph people just being themselves and living their lives but in doing that you capture something that they wanted but didn't know that they wanted until they see it in the image. I was thinking that you are so ahead of the game. I cruise so many photography sites...SO MANY...and I don't see anything like you anywhere. You are really something special. That was what I was thinking as I was driving down the street to get the kids from school, anticipating my images from you. Now I sit here and read your post and I read that you feel like you are behind in the scene. Tara, you are not have lapped the rest of them! Keep being you. You are something very special.

Jen - That is Margie - she is good for the soul and truly knows how to be a friend - there is no other like her and so happy to call her my friend too...

bentley - Somehow you always capture what is playing in the back of my mind. It is so true about what you said re: other photographers and the industry in general. Someone is always doing something, making you think, but I want to do that. Or SHOULD I be doing that? It puts this weird pressure on us. I have a hard time turning that off and doing what's right for me. Beautiful post as always. xo

Anonymous - I am 19, alone and struggling with why I should continue to live this life when I feel so depressed all of the time. I do not believe that I will ever have a family or children, the kind of life that I want. Reading this simple post helps me hang onto the idea that it is possible to change my life, that there is still hope for me to create the kind of life I want. Thank you.

visty - Yes, yes, yes, it is that way for me with a picture now and again, seeing an unplanned treasure that I can no longer live without. I want an unhurried life, a life full of laughter and sharing around the dinner table, a life where my kids feel comfortable telling me the hard stuff. I want to be more present. Busy does not have a place in any of those things.

Amber - I'm not a photographer but I sew and quilt and lately been thinking about what direction to go in...this post brought so much into perspective. I have 4 kids too and they are growing up so fast - one day they'll be out of the house and I don't want to look back and realize I spent all that time on the sewing machine and not with them...

courtney ortiz - I would rather give my clients images that are as real as yours then photograph any celebrity. You can't get these images and memories in Barbados. I've been reading/stalking your blog for years, since I first picked up a camera. You have been and always will be an inspiration to me as a photographer, mom, and a woman. For these little windows into your soul I am eternal grateful! xxoo

Rachel - Hello! And so I meet another great writer.... I love your thoughts on not only dwelling on the good, but finding the truth. A quote shared many times before: "What are you gonna do with your one wild and precious life?" by Mary Oliver. I think you are certainly asking that question of yourself often in your writing here and your answers are so rich! What a blessing!

Gina Ayanna - Tara, Wow. I am always amazed at your insight and wisdom gained through the things you have gone through. I read your blog often and don't comment much but this post compelled me to. Thank you for talking about the importance of slowing down. Our society tends to focus on the race, so I must say this was a beautiful, calming and reassuring piece to read. XO

Lauren - Tara- reading this post and seeing these pictures made my heart feel full. Thank you.

mrshobbes - I just had to comment, because your story, and especially that last quote, hit me to the core. Tears are running down my cheeks. I just got news a few days ago that in a nutshell will make it difficult for me to get pregnant. I'm still torn up about it. But I realize I'm just scared because I need to do a little more work to get what I want--a baby. It's not impossible, just harder. Thank you so much for sharing this :)

missy scholl - wow..thanks so much for sharing this! so awesome! you are living your life according to your #1 priority your family..and yeah you may be missing stuff..but it will all come to you 10 fold when you are ready for it! not sure if this is your cup of tea or not, but an exercise lady i love (i think she lives in your neck of the woods) is doing a 30 day goal challenge...just to get you to think of what you really want and make sure you are doing things according to your may like it.. it really has changed my life already in just the 20 days i have done it and recommend it to everyone! it is totally free and worth the few minutes each day!

Jenny Solar - I love seeing other photographers with families on this same path as us. It's a hard road to travel and Josh and I remind ourselves of that all the time. Finding a balance between running a successful business and REALLY raising a family is HARD. But I think the bond that you are building as a family (and in your marriage) is so worth the struggle. Keep it up! We always try to remember that we don't have to be wildly successful (and popular). We just have to be successful enough to keep photography as our ONLY job so that we can maximize that family time.

Stacy of KSW - I look so forward to each of your posts. I usually don't comment (sorry) but feel such a personal connection with you each time I see a shoot you've done or a glimpse into your life. Today, however, it sounded as if you were speaking words right out of my head. Guess you could say our lives are in a similar place right now. Thank you for being so honest with yourself and the world. I'm still struggling with the honest with myself part, learning to go easy on myself and have a little compassion for little ol me. It's a journey I have only just begun but you give me hope I'll get where I want to be soon. So proud of you for the changes you've made and the wonderful person that you are. Thank you for inspiring me.

Cindy - It is indeed a Kind of Life ... Inspiring entry + lively and warm photo.

jessica o'brien | jessohbee - love your posts of this kind. i really, really do. - - - - i have had a similar journey over the past year that i can't really get my heart or mind around typing out here in a way that actually explains it. but i will share with you a few parts + thoughts: - - - - there was this huge part of my life, which i'd was my primary focus + definitely the component of my life that most defined me as a person. this part of my life was why i lived the life i did everyday + was interwoven with all my dreams + long-term goals. my efforts on this were constant. it was everything to me + it got everything from me. - - - - last year (actually a year to the day on this saturday), it all came to an abrupt, hurtful, devastating halt. everything came crashing down. - - - - for a while, i just wanted to fill that void. i kept pushing down the same route, hoping to get to the same end results. - - - - but finally i let my vision go. not that i was resigning myself to be unfulfilled. i simply realized i could still get to the end goal, but take a different route. or maybe, the route was right for me, but that was the part i needed to focus on - not what it was supposed to lead to, in my head. i blogged a drop of that here: and said: "me, maybe a year ago or further back, would have stubbornly kept my original goals in sight + forged ahead adamantly, refusing to believe that once i got to them, they wouldn't hold exactly what i hoped they would. i would cling, white knuckled, to these timelines + plans, + end results i had wired my brain to believe were the only path for me." such a huge step for me to let those go... - - - - the other thing that resonated with me was when you said being busy does not add meaning to your life. my god, this was a hard, hard, hard, hard thing for me to understand + accept. i'm still grappling with it. when my dream was halted + my world came crashing down, i had more silence + more time than i could ever recall having. and to me, those things represented loss + void. - - - - so they were the enemy. i kept busy so i did not have to think or feel. my mind couldn't wander. i couldn't find myself reminiscing about what i lost. - - - - and their presence felt like failure. because to me, if i was busy, that meant i was moving toward something more, something better, a future life. it meant i wasn't accepting "here and now." i'm still filling my days + life up, still making myself go-go-go, but i'm trying to find peace (not fear or anxiety) in the stillness.

Jennifer - Thank you so much for sharing. I am so busy all the time and constantly feel that in an attempt to move my business forward, I losing precious time with my daughter. It is nice to know someone so creative and successful feels the same and that it is ok to slow down. It won't always be this way.....

Becky Thomas - this is why we love you Tara - you are true to yourself and challenge all of us to do the same. . .thank you

Kristen Gardner - Thanks so much for sharing. Exactly what I needed to hear.

AmyC - Oh my goodness! I have tears in my eyes! First of all, YES! I love when we get those surprise images we didn't know that we needed. And as I was reading, I was thinking exactly what your friend Margie said. I love that you took the time and that your kids were willing. LOVE!!!

Allison G. - whether you know it or not, you are truly an inspiration. your pictures, but more than that, the words, stories that go along with them. simply inspiring. it has been my goal this year - and for the rest of my life - to enjoy moments. to see moments. to smile more. we only have this one life. who knows if we get a re-do or not. i am choosing to live like we don't. thank you so much.

Kim - I made this my background screen. How true is this? Very.

heather jadd - your posts are like a breath of fresh air. my youngest is 2.5 so it is tough to say "let's take a photo! i love the light!! " believe me, i try often! i will keep trying and when they are older i can only hope that my kiddos will be sweet enough to be so spontaneous and allow me to capture them just the way they are. thank you for reminding us to enjoy our lives and our kids right NOW. you aren't missing anything and these photos are living proof of that. i absolutely love these shots of your sweet kids.

Eryn Kesler - tara, I am moved to tears. My favorite quote was this: "I’ve stopped hurrying to the next thing, over and over all day long. The way I used to live." I'm in a season of my own life, where I'm living the same. I just loved that you said, "the way I used to live". I'm hoping I'm doing the same. Really, really, beautiful post. I'm reading this book called, "ordering your private world" by Gordon MacDonald. This post reminded me so much of what I'm trying to live. thank you thank you for sharing. Hope it's okay, I'm going to share this with my friends who're reading the book with me.

Tracey Lapin - I read this in tears. And I want to thank you - cos my kids are only 4 and 6, so I can turn it around now and not waste any more time.

amber fischer - This post was a gift to me. I needed to read it. I'm just starting out - a two year old and one on the way - and find myself being so busy and striving to become more that sometimes I worry I'm missing out on the present. Thanks for the perspective.

aileen - love this. and really, reading anonymous' comment above, i'm so thankful you wrote this today for her/him to read.

Sara - So weird. I had the same insight this morning, in the shower, after getting up early for a change and doing 10 minutes of pilates and meditating before going to work so that I could try to find my quiet center before charging into the madness that is often my day. If I want to see changes in my life, I have to change my habits. Like actually really stop the routine and adopt a different one. Thanks for sharing this.

amie wagner - I fell in love with photography because of being head over heels in love with my children. When I eventually started my business, my plan was to keep it part time so that I could be home while they are young but it quickly became overwhelming. One day my son told me that he no longer wanted to be a photographer when he grew up because then he would have to spend all his time on the computer instead of playing with his kids. My heart broke but it was just what I needed to put things into perspective and so was this post. Last year, I made better decisions to live more intentionally, enjoy the moments with my family and use my gift to bless others. I know that I will never be able to keep up with what others are doing & I am beginning to be okay with that. Thank you for sharing.

Vanessa Alves - So many things to many things to thing about it... but you did the right thing , you feel the moment... and It seems we are so in rush all the time, that we forget how to feel... but you did...... we all need to do this...

Paula S. - My motto is there are pros and cons to everything - like you said about there being good and bad sides to things. Like you sharing this and pushing through these hard times are helping other people. Like my friend getting pregnant from rape at 18 and she now has one of the most wonderful children doing great on scholarship at college. My Aunt used to lament that we are human Beings and yet we are always living like human Doings. I would LOVE the opportunity to do what you did. To just take the moment (and have willing children participate). To NOT be busy. To have friends who don't COMPETE with you by how busy, busy they are. To be aware of the light and take the time to capture it, live in it, together with the people you love. That is exactly what I aspire to and probably the reason I am so completely drawn to and romanced by your gift. ******** Dear Anonymous 19 year old - I pray that you are NOT as alone as you feel. Reach out to others. Lift your chin up and meet their gaze. There are people in this world that care about you, or would if given the chance. So many of us have felt similar to how you are feeling right now - or have loved ones that have had similar struggles. Things CAN get better. With time, reaching out to others, taking care of yourself. You would be amazed with how many people around you right now would love to lift you up if they knew you needed it. There is a support system out there for you. I hope it finds you NOW.

ann - As I read the paragraph starting "Everyone is so busy." it really hit me inside. It is exactly how I feel. I am so glad I've taken the time to slow down and get reconnected to myself and my family before my photography business ate me alive. Thank you as always Tara for being so real in what you share here on your blog. It is so encouraging to see that others are going through the similar issues you are and that someone else feels the same way you do.

Luvlee - you dont know me, but I <3 you xx I hope to know you one day :)

annette - I love love love the pictures of your children. And I love the way you take time to recognize the beauty in the ordinary. Isn't that what gives us peace, contentment and hope in life? That every day has beauty in it, that even small things can be wonderful, that ordinary is by itself, extraordinary? We have a ritual in our home, because we are lucky enough to be on a hill with an unobstructed view of the horizon / mountain range in the distance, where we watch the sunset. We oohh and ahhh at it every night. Its ordinary, its beautiful, its mysterious, and it happens every day. Go figure. Happiness is always right there if you choose to see it. And you do. Thats why I love your blog! Thanks.

Carlin - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I needed to hear this from another photographer-mom. This has been weighing heavily on my heart, and I am determined, now, more than ever, to slow down and enjoy my babies while they are still young and fun. lol. Please do not stop sharing these little important tidbits of your life. Your insight is enlightening, inspirational, and sometimes your stories give me the biggest laugh of my day. Hugs from Canada. :) Carlin

Danielle Stutes - I needed to read your words ~ at that exact moment. Thank you!

erin m - amen, tara. perfect.

Jen - Thank you, Tara, for your openness. I do not "do" busy well, either, so I am learning. And I am so grateful to be learning the lesson now, rather than 20 years from now. Still, I feel regrets for missing out on things because I felt I needed to be busy, be doing, be "productive." So glad to know I am not alone. You inspire always. Thank you.

Macey - sometimes the light takes my breath away and i feel as though the entire world has stopped, and nothing else seems to matter. i'm so glad to find out i'm not the only one that feels this way. thanks for sharing :)

Ria - THANK YOU for this post Tara.

amy tangerine - i do love you

Amber - I love those pictures. You're right, the light is awesome. I call mine 'babies' too. Always have, probably always will.

Amy - Wow, such truth. I feel validated. It's ok for me to not 'do busy' well. It's ok to be where I am right now. Thank you.

Gabi - You have such a beautiful and special family, Tara. Your post made me stop and think more about our everyday life. Thank you for opening my eyes!

cece - Tara, some times when I see the incredible light streaming I seriously thank God I have my sight. I would be missing so much without it. Thank you for posting... i don't message much but lurk often. I am a mom to three little girls...7 yrs, 3yrs & 10 months. I played them the "Pea" song and we sing it all the time. I love your love for life... the good, bad and ugly of it all.. and the reality of the moment.

Amber - First I'm going to say that I feel like I know you. I feel like that mostly because I've been reading your blog from the very beginning, just when I was starting my blog too. I can't believe that was so many years ago now. I am absolutely terrible about commenting on everything inspiring I read on the internet and I'm sure I've only commented on here a handful of times, despite you regularly being such an inspiration to me. I feel like you are such an honest, fearless person. I read quite a few blogs with many older children, like yours. The ones I gravitate towards have your same lifestyle, laid back, not so rushed, everything not all planned out. They serve as a sort of goal for me in my parenting. But I only have a two year old daughter now and sometimes it seems like wonderful parents like you never just had one kid and didn't know what the hell you were doing or how it was going to all come together. The thing is you DO lay it all out and say that things maybe were not so easy in the beginning and that you have had to make tough choices. I don't know if you really know what it's like to hear that from someone you admire... it's just, amazing. It gives me this sense that I can get there. I do take time to take many pictures of my daughter. To stop and nurse her whenever she wants. To sit in front of the potty and read her twelve books when I think to myself, "I should be getting things done!" Reading this makes me hopeful that the thing I am getting done is laying the foundation for the kind of family relationships you have. Thanks so much for all your honesty.

Catherine - this post took my breath away, your stories and insights are like little miracles. thank you for being you, and the truly amazing mother you are to your sweet children... they get you, and i'm sure they so love having you as their mother. xo

Jules - I love your posts. This resonates with me SO much. And I love that quote. Thanks for sharing everything.

Julia - ALL four of them willing to go back to the school playground AFTER school? You are one lucky Mamma :-) They are all beautiful, love the photos. Light is wonderful too.

Fran - I couldn't agree more. This is what I do to remove myself from the busy-ness - It comes from very similar sentiments as yours :) It has been a little neglected of late, but I am going to rectify that very soon. Thank you for the inspiration. xxx

Sarah - You inspire me to write my truth. Thank you, I needed to read your words today.

Krista - Thank you for this post Tara. Just what I needed to slow down and enjoy my children even if it means missing a business opportunity. Beautifully put.

Hege - what an awakener this post was. I have so many dreams, and so much fear. And Tara´s words just goes right in an twists my heart. In a much needed way. Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes a blogspost can be the thing you didn´t know you were missing. I needed these words so bad. And the pictures you have taken of your children, they are amazing. Love the story behind it. I can never grow tired of what you share Tara. All I know about you, I have learned from your blogposts. Oh, I wish I had friend like you. You set others free with your honesty.

Barb - You're leading a beautiful life, Tara. <3 I totally get what you mean about feeling like you're missing something by slowing down... I get that too, from time to time. But I have chosen a job where I have some flexibility, including the ability to work 4 days instead of 5... and to leave early or take a day off when my kids need me. And 90% of the time, I'm good with the passed-up opportunities, etc. in my job. Keep doing what you're doing, girl. You're very inspiring.

Sally - Such insight. In today's busy world, we are often seen as the "odd man out" if we are not as busy as everyone else. I am happy to be the odd man - staying home, going slower, enjoying my family. Thanks for putting it all into words so beautifully. The pictures of your kids are so refreshing - LOVE them!

dawn - again...i feel like I could have wrote this .... so beautiful and as usual, grounding;)

FunkyStpeh - This fabulous post brought me to your other post: More on the subject of truth... Along the lines, I could recognise myself, when I doubt, when I am worry and so on... I love your blog and honesty... And this famous post made me wanting reading more of your blog... I also wish I'd live closer to you so I could have a session with you to capture my family... Who knows, may be one day...

Mandy - Tara, Thank you for sharing your beautiful, real life with us! You have really inspired me to slow down and savor life. This isn't a race to the finish line. I can definitely see myself rushing my poor kids and husband along, waiting for the next stage. I can't say thank you enough for helping me remember who the most important people in my life are, m family.

Maureen - I loved this post, I especially loved the response from your friend, so glad you are in a better place. It is a beautiful photo. I was working full time, using my masters in engineering, and then I got laid off, and now I stay home with my kids, and people wondered if it would be a hard transition, and it hasn't been, I love it. I have this saying about life, "You can do everything, but you don't have to do it all at once" So when I have an empty nest I can go back to work, but for now it is about them and I like the pace of this life.

Georgia - Such a lovely post. I can so relate to what you are saying. There are times when I wish I was following up with my art- doing courses, putting myself out there, painting every day. But I look at my 4 (our two youngest are the littlies), my eldest nearly 17, my youngest 10 and I know the day is coming when I will have more time on my hands that I know what to do with. Right now, it's a bit of this and that- crocheting blankets that we can snuggle under on the couch, doing a painting to go in their rooms etc. And I'm glad I have the time at least to do those things with and for them. I'm glad I have the time to drive them to and from practices, to help them with homework and to sit and chill and watch our favourite shows together. And I know I wouldn't have time to do these things if I was working or studying. And I do know what you mean. There are times when I wish my eyes were cameras- to catch that glance between siblings, to capture the hug that's given generously. Thank you for letting us see our own family, through yours.

meghan - What kind of life do I want? What am I doing to get it? Thank you for the challenge Tara!

Stephanie - what an amazing amazing post. I loved your friend's feedback. I am inspired and encouraged and delighted. I will definitely keep these words in mind as I think about our family.

Bonnie Berry - These kill me. Especially the one with Drew leaning on Anna's head. A nice reminder that our most important subjects are our children.

Amy S - Well lived, Tara. I love how spontaneous and authentic you are. I am often conflicted with how busy I should be with my studio, and during this slow time of year it has been so refreshing and amazing to be with my sweet children and realize what is most important! Thanks for sharing your sentiments!

Angela Giles Klocke - Tara, I absolutely get what you're saying. I find it so hard to slow down like I want to when the world tells me I have to be in a hurry. I love photography but I don't want to book a session every single day of my week and have to hurry and deliver, as so many people suggest I do. I want to enjoy each session and delivery quality, not quantity. I think that's it, though. We want quality over quantity and much of the busy world doesn't get that. While I do well on being busy, it also doesn't really look that great on me. Again, I so get this. :)

Shawna - Long time lurker, first time poster. So many, many times I read your blog, I feel like you have written exactly what I'm feeling. Of course, you do it much more eloquently than I could ever express. Lots of changes happening in my life and I this is a nice reminder that I only have to please me & my family of three.

Audrey Coley - Crying this morning, as I get up to read your blog. I think its about time I got back to the heart of who I am. This job can be all consuming. You can feel like bigger and better is always coming after you. I need to get back the reason for everything which is my kids. We don't know what we have until its gone. Thank you for this:)

Anya Wait - Life is ever so fragile. On the day you die it will be the simple things you remember, the simple joys, the simple pleasures. And that is also the legacy you are leaving your children...they will remember that you cared enough to enjoy them, to truly BE with them. My children recently lost their father, it is those simple moments of laughter and love that they remember... that they cherish ... that they hold dearly to their hearts.

Laura Radniecki - Oh Tara. I probably follow many of the photographers that you subtly mention - the ones who are out chasing things, being busy. That's great for them, but not for everyone. I want to tell you - among all of the photographers in this industry that I follow online, look at their work, and feel like I somewhat 'know'... You are my favorite. Your style of photographer - taking photos of the REAL life. The image you shared awhile back of the family in a rumpled bed in the morning, it was a B&W photo... that stuck with me. The philosophy behind it stuck with me. You, Tara, have stuck with me. I know that those fleeting moments of feeling like you're left behind will probably never stop but I hope you know that you are a continued inspiration to me and to so many other people [proven with the comments left for you!]... I anxiously tune in every time you write a post. I just feel like you GET IT. You get the true meaning of life. What is really important. While I just have an outside view of you and your life, and there are no doubt rocky points in every person's life and in their story, you seem to be doing one heck of a job. Prayers and blessings for your family in 2011, Tara. xo

Jennifer Henson - As I sit on this snow day, checking emails and blogs, I come across your blog. I always love it-the photos, the stories-the real-ness of it. I am thankful for the push to do important things-to take those minutes with my kids and the perfect light-and not waste them before they're gone. Thank you.

stefanie - I am a long time stalker and usually don't comment (even though your blog is like an old friend to me), but I just had to thank you for this post. I have been starting the same process myself and have been torn, having a hard time letting go of chasing the next thing and the next. I feel the same way about being present and giving my time and attention to my family right now and get frustrated at times that I'm not doing it. This post is really encouraging and inspiring. Just what I needed today. Thank you so much for sharing yourself!

Thea - this kind of life, is what I want. I also am slowing down, turning away from being busy...rushing to the next thing. I too am trying to not allow the voices that cry to me I am not doing enough with my work or in all areas, and to listen to the sound of my sons laughter, his calm breathe, when I am moving slow enough to notice. That effects our entire family dynamic. It is something I am really starting to appreciate. Pausing.I love these photos. They are definitely an expression of everything you wrote and the impact it has on your children. xoxo

cathy - Tara, this is beautiful, as always.

Kim - I am you 2 years ago. I hope I can have the courage you have shared and make a change. Thank you Thank you Thank you

bobbi - ...i feel you more than ever this time tara... more than ever. I couldn't be more happy for you. and your family, they're perfect... 100% perfect.

tara b. - I love this. Perfect timing for me, too. Next week we are moving our little family from the phoenix 'burbs (which are stifling us in more ways than just the heat), away from family and friends, to an 800 sf house in Portland... because we love it there. No jobs yet, so that's a bit terrifying. We've been thinking and talking about it for a long time and now we are just... going for it. The quote you shared was a timely affirmation!

margie - i love love love this... and today reading it is exactly what i needed to hear.. love you dear friend... love you... m

shelley e - thanks Tara- I needed to hear that- because they you are now, is how I want to be- I am the person, running here & there and not taking the time to just be with my most important people. And I don't know how to change it... :(

{andrea} - THIS is WHY. You are more than words can describe.

Karen H - Thank you. Beautiful as always. If you want to write that book someday, hopefully with words just like this, we will all be here to buy it. How wonderful that you have reached this place of peace in your life and that you share it with us. Bravo.

stacy benintendi - i know what kid of life i want and i'm doing NOTHING to get it. i am still at a stand still in my life and wish that i was where you are. i know that i will be, i just have to be ready to do the work. i think after this baby is born and my health issues are eliminated i might be in that place...i just feel stuck and sick. i LOVE though that you are in this place. i LOVE the emence sence of contentment i feel from you. it really makes me so happy for your husband and you sweet deserving kids. but mostly for you who needed a break, who absolutely 100% needed to feel this kind of peace in your life. for you my sweet friend i couldn't be happier. :)

Tabitha - WOw! I needed that. Just so you know...if I ever win the are on my things to do list. Family photos by Tara Whitney. (we can do it in Barbados if you would like. :) )

Laura - Tara, what sweet words. They really ring true with me right now. How awesome of you to be so open and honest. Your "babies" and big ones are beautiful. It's so crazy to think that my little ones will be as big as yours in no time. And I haven't been taking enough time to slow down and really enjoy them as much as I used to. Thank you for the gentle nudge to do so. xoxo

Laura - Love this. I'm so glad you took the time to go get those photos. I work outside the home in an an office where everyone seems to thrive on being so rushed and overloaded in their personal life and it's so nice to get a breath of fresh air from you!

Heiid - you spoke to me (again) today...put in to words what i so often am feeling these days...and i so get that part about 'needing' a certain image captured of my kids...those are the ones that i put up in my home or on my INSPIRATION board...just for me. thanks for your post today.

Trude - Good lord I love the love in that photo. And yes, you are definitely lucky that they went willingly! I've always seen you and what you do as a definite choice towards family, that it's more important for you to be with them than teaching this or that workshop, seminar, etc. And it's a beautiful thing. That's where I want my emphasis to be too. Which is why I'm thisclose to launching my own photography business, not only because I'm so passionate about it, but also because when I have little ones of my own I want to be able to be home with them, not stuck in an office an hour away, coming home depressed because I don't care about what I do. And you're busy too - just a different kind of busy!

michele - You are definitely not "missing something." The irony is that because you do slow down to see (and capture) what you do, nothing gets missed. Like those priceless gems of your kids in the sunlight. That's the real beauty that busy misses out on sometimes. And why you're the best.

Erin - Beautiful post. I want a life defined by people, yes. The incredible thing is that in the choices you've made, your work has become authentically you. And that is beautiful, in you and reflected through you.

Trina Jaynes - Tara--I've been reading your blog for years now (but rarely comment) and am constantly amazed, awed, and inspired by your honesty, your passion for your family and for life in general. We could all use a little more of that in our lives. This post really struck me today, made me tear up a little. I am, along with my family, in the process of making some hard changes. Changes that I hope will help us slow down a little more, give us a change to see that light you spoke so beautifully about. Trying for a little more mental health and a little better physical health, more time together as a family before my two amazing boys are grown up and those moments have gone with them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and I hope I can channel a little of your wisdom along my journey....

tara pollard pakosta - tara, this is SO ME! it's true. everyone else's kids are involved in every activity under the sun and sometimes I feel jealous that mine do NOTHING! we are HOME all the time. and now that I am homeschooling that is true more than ever. we take time in our days for the things we love, reading, painting, scrapbooking. we drop everything every day on our lunch hour and take walks, bike rides,go to the park. go for a drive. I am trying to keep things simple and just ENJOY our time together. homeschooling has given me my girls back and I just want to enjoy every moment I have. this post was beautiful!!! and so are YOU! love these photos so much!!! xoxo tara

shannon - "being busy does not look good on me, no matter how much i want it to." yes indeed, yes indeed. xoxo

karen - poignant.

Angela - Had to link to your post. I agree with so many of the sentiments you had. Yes I have a photo that I didn't know that I needed.

Angela - I have that feeling about certain pictures. I just needed that moment frozen. I shared a link to this post. I loved reading it.

Christianne - I noticed the colorful shoes right away, too. And how much they love each other. And the way Drew is leaning on Anna, so protectively, in that second shot. (I swear, that girl Anna is going to be a supermodel. She's deliciously beautiful and photogenic.) I love the intentionality you take with your family. Your slowing down reminds me to also remain true to what is most important to me and the kind of life I want to live.

Debra - Thank you for this Tara. Exactly what I needed to hear/read right now. Your quote you shared is my new desktop.

Debbie S. - Awesome! Your openness about your life so helps me feel ok...THANK YOU. Your photography is fantastic...that's some beautiful light you got there. :)

Martha Richardson - Margie sent me...I'm so glad I took the time I'm better for it ;)

Julie Kirby - Before I read your words & I was looking at those beautiful "real" photos of your kiddos, my thoughts were, I need to take my kids out after school & get a shot of them like this. As I read on, this is exactly what you did! My 2nd thought was that I hope this picture goes on your wall HUGE as a remembrance of your kids at this time. This is probably one of the most telling, beautiful pics I've seen you take. I love it & I don't even really know you or your kids (although I feel like I that weird?)

Amy Hill - I totally have this picture your talking about Tara! The one that makes me see what I didn't know I was missing. It hangs above my computer screen so I can get re-inspired by it every single day. After reading your words, I understand completely what you're saying. Busy certainly isn't fulfilling. Thank you for the reminder.

Kirsten - LOVE this post. Totally was wiping the tears. It's a struggle to balance the personal goals and the just wanting to be "in the moment" with the littles. Thanks for putting into words what so many artists feel!

Julie - Oh, oh oh . . . you have nailed it! Being busy does not bring meaning to your life. I am home . . . a lot. I have to remind myself of this too. I think it is very important that you realize you are not missing anything. You are gaining everything by being able to enjoy the everyday with your family. By not running here and there every moment of the day, doing everything that we are "supposed" to do, you have found stillness . . . and in learning to be still you can have great peace. Thanks for the reminder. Love the images. Love that you still call the 2 youngest the babies. You are sweet. Julie

Nancy Jones - <3<3<3 love this sooo much <3<3<3

maureen cassidy - Beautiful! Tara I too do not do busy well. I get the same reactions as well and it is hard to balance that feeling and the desire to successed and make art AND have children you want to give everything to... I enjoyed your post. many blessings!

Jana - Thank you once more for sharing your heart so eloquently. You have an amazing way with words, along with your magnificent eye for loveliness! I'm living the life I want - and it was a lot of hard work to get here. Work at being here, in the moment, work raising a couple of amazing daughters that are now 26 and 22, work involved with a loving relationship with the same man, for almost 30 years (ok over 30 years considering we met 30 years ago), and still hanging onto my profession - which lucky for me was something I could do at home while my girls were young. Lots of compromises, in everything - but it's created a happiness we still share. You're truly on the right course!

Angie Penrose - Tara... just want you to know you are such an inspiration. Thank you!! It's my goal this new year to "choose the better part" and focus on whats important. Thank you again.

Kathleen - amen sista!

Dina - I love, love, love your thoughts at the bottom! It does always seem that everyone else is on the up and up in success. And then there's me, wanting to do more but still somehow refusing because this little slice of the world within my home holds more promise than any I could achieve on my own. I'm still reaching but with knuckles firmly intertwined with theirs.

cherie - i come here daily because you inspire me to live a better life. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kimberly L.C. - This touched me so deeply. Thank you.

Hayley Burk - Your posts are always so inspiring, Tara. Thank you especially for this one.

laura h. - that quote has been one of the best things for me the past two years. TWO YEARS. thank you for again sharing this part of your life. your friend said it so well. i love that you live that life, that one of my "heros" leads a life that allows for (demands, even) moments like that. i'm proud to say my own life is beginning to look a little more like that! it is such a comforting feeling to come here and know that i've not run out of time to change my life and how i operate. i'm so young still. i have time. i can change. it does so much good for my soul to slow down and reading your stories and seeing your photos reminds me of that. i feel like i'm rambling so i'll move on to the other thing i wanted to say. well, two things. ONE: to the anonymous poster who posted here, it will get better. and thank you tara, for being open and posting that and giving that person hope. that's beautiful. TWO: i was amazed at all the comments here. not surprised, just overwhelmed. i read almost all of them and wished each of your commenters love and light, peace and serenity. the way your humility and willingness to share your beautiful life brings out a side of people we might never have seen is just beautiful. hugs from texas.

laura h. - oh and one more thing i forgot: what le anne said? THAT. all of it.

Jessica - funny, it gives me anxiety when I blog stalk and read about people doing this project and that project and in the meantime they're raising a bunch of kids to boot. how can they even balance it all? and most importantly, what kind of life do those kids have? no thanks, that's not the kind of life I want to lead. as of right now, my only desire is to give my kids the gift of my presence, they're only little for so long! and I have a lot of little ones right now! nine!

Francesca - Such a beautiful post. Thank you! xo

Molly W. - Thanks for this post, Tara. I feel like I could do a really long rambley comment but I'll just leave it at thank you. xo

sharon - beautiful, inspiring post, so true to how I am living my life right now. after losing a child everything came in perspective. i stayed at home with them before and loved them so much but now i want the details to be geniune, present, not to miss life with them in any way and yes it does take giving up other things, making priorities, being purposeful. thank you for this beautiful post

Pam-Tara's mom - Tara your words are always heartfelt.especially for me the one that sent you on your journey of life leaving me with so many regrets.But for all I would love to take back and do over I am so proud of the mother you've become.Tara trust me when I say you can relish in the face of no regrets because your a Mom that relishes in the moments right now.When the empty nest occurs it will show up as I wanted something I never had before I did something different I am content, no regrets Not because I relished perhaps every moment But because I was aware in time to make the difference I Love you Mom

Shari Schwarz - Aaaah! I soooo needed to hear that. I am in a non-busy time of life and I feel like I'm being reprogrammed to NOT be on the go, go, go. This post spoke to me so deeply. I'm learning and struggling and re-learning to love my little ones, my husband and even myself right where we are all at. Not rush them, not wish for more or different. Thank you once again for sharing your heart. It helps all of us be more honest with ourselves. xo Shari

Rose - Thank you Tara for that quote... you may have just given me the push to the edge that I needed. Thank you.

stacy t - you touch me. you make me think. you make me stop. in the midst of my divorce and raising my twins as a single mother, i needed to read this. you, my dear, are special. thank you.

angela auclair - you are not missing a thing;)

jen h - thank you tara.....much needed. I might just grab that quote you so beautifully put together. thanks again.

Yolanda - This…this post, that image, and that quote…an absolute gift to me right now. Thank you.

tiffany - i came across your blog a short time ago and felt compelled to read and read. your photography is beautiful and your philosophy so fresh. thanks for speaking your truth.

Kate Madaus - Tara, Thank you! Thank you for understanding these are the moments to cherish. I am so grateful to have come across your blog. I recently made a tough decision to step away from activities that, though were good, only more busy to my life. My goal this year and the rest of my life is to be present in the moment. I want to be able enjoy my family, cherish sweet moments in life. Busy doesn't look good on me as well. I can not begin to express how encouraging it was to read your blog. In a world full of busyness and busy people pushing me to be more busy you are a breath of fresh air. I truly wish more people would take this approach. I spent a stressful year going to and fro to different things and almost burned myself out. It takes courage to change but I am so glad I did. I'm opening myself up to a new way of living. Blessings!

Elaine - thank you once again for making me see what is important.

paulainauckland - awesome post, Tara. You made me think about what I love about being slow and in the moment, and it's the family times. Hugs!

Sandra - This post is so open and honest. I came here expecting to feel that "less than" feeling as I browsed through your amazing images and read stories about an amazing life. Instead, I am surprised to feel a deep sense of connection. A deep sense of knowing that we are all the same. We're all strong amazing women raising our families, living, or lives and trying to live as genuinely as possible.

Angela - I am so grateful to read your post - right now, at this moment. I believe it was no accident that I thought to look up your blog tonight, after not having been on in a long time. Your words touched me deeply, and helped me see my seemingly "desperate" situation as a potential blessing. I am a newly separated mom of three little ones, with no family around, and have been mourning the fact that I don't have the energy or the money to do all the fun "busy" activities with my boys that their friends do. Some of our main entertainment has been just "hanging out"...on the beach, etc. Thank you for making me feel that YES, this is enough. Right now, at this moment is what matters. Sending much love and light! :)

Heather Johnson Photography - You are such an amazing writer. Loved reading this today, it was how I was feeling about myself--but could never articulate it the way that you just did. Absolutely amazing...and the photos are stunning of course. Love it.

Tracie Rabago -'s been a while since I have read your blog. I gotta tell's a bit like going home again. I love you, my stranger-friend! Tracie

emily ruth - i've been thinking about this so much too... while i love the internet, it also sometimes makes me feel like i'm missing out because i don't spend all day making stuff to post... i used to have a handmade greeting card company & when i closed it to have my son i remember saying to myself 'people will want to buy cards in 20 years. i can do all of this later, i can't have this baby later' (i was already preggo :)...& i have to remind myself of that... all of the ideas in the world are not going to be used up by the time i have the chance to make mine happen... what i'm doing right now: raising these kids, keeping this house, supporting this man, it's not going to happen like this ever again... & i want to look back with joy, not wishes that it had been different... wowie! that was lovely counseling session, thank you! how much do i owe you? :)

Julia - I love what you wrote and I love what you captured. Thank you for sharing.

shelley - i adore this post. and am right there with you. the day when extra-curricular school activities will hit me scares the bajeezus outta me. i saved this photo and made it my profile photo... thanks T for bein you...

Nichol Krupp - Beautiful written and very well said Tara.

Danielle - Tara, I love that you have figured out what is important - live YOUR life, YOUR way. You don't have to answer to anyone else (except maybe the hubby and the kids). I'm very impressed that you've realized this at such a young age. And I'm going to say something that I'm certain you have heard over and over again: "they do grow up too fast". My 3 are 21, 19 and 17 and the oldest two are basically gone! So take advantage of every moment you can capture, enjoy, fight over with your four kids - it'll be over before you know it!

Jill Phillips - <3 this post! means a whole lot me!

angelica - thanks so much for this. I also struggle between wanting to be present and trying not to miss out on the opportunities of life (.. who doesn't I guess), I guess balance is key, and balance requires having time to breath. I think this is officially my favourite blog now. I always love the photos, but the stories usually also touch me...

rach - I SO need to listen to you, before its too late! as always, thank you!

Rachael - Love this post! I just discovered this blog, as well as looking through your portfolio. Love your pictures! I'm sure everyone who sees them says the same! Your post really spoke to me though. Love the picture you took of your children, and that you took the time, before their school day, to take a picture. And they let you! Love the light through the the quote you shared as well :) You converted me. I'm going to become a follower of your posts!

Shell - I never have time to check out blogs, but you are always the one I go to if I do. I swear each time I visit, no matter how many weeks or months go by, you have something so touching and amazing to share. You really are such a gift and so inspiring, in so many more ways than photography. Thank you again. Blessings to you and your sweet family! xoxo

Sandi - The last 6 months have been a real struggle for me. For about 3 tears I've been focusing on helping my business to grow. Around the time my daughter turned two she started demanding more of my attention, I realized that I needed to do things a bit differently, I didn't want to be missing out.; So I took a step back and analyzed my life and where it was heading and where I wanted it to go. Things are better. I'm so glad i came across this post. Your words really hit home for me.

Salena - I am the opposite. When I sit idle I get anxious and antsy like I need to be doing "something." We are a busy family and I love every second of it! What I want from life most of all is for my kids to know that me and their father truly loved them, without a shadow of a doubt no.matter.what!

Kari - Reading this every day to remind me . . . change is a day-by-day, minute-by-minute better choice than before, a little at a time, all the time. Must remember to keep at it. Thanks, love.

Paula - I keep coming back to read this Tara. Everyday. You've been where I am now. You've given me so much hope for the future. I feel ready to make changes now. Thank-you.

Crystal - I came over via Ali Edward's blog and your end quote was just exactly what I needed to read tonight. Thank you!! I did exactly that nearly 4 years ago when I took a one- year leave from my job as a teacher and then a year later, completely resigned and took a job as a substitute teacher. My desire was to have time with our 2 beautiful granddaughters and I had to change my life to get that. It was so, so worth it!! Even when I worry about the bills, I know that the time I have with them (and now the 3 grandsons) is simply priceless. I am happier, calmer, less-stressed, live in the moments and consider myself so blessed. I play in the snowbanks, I read books at the drop of a hat, I play pretend by the hour, I cuddle little ones when they wake up from naps, I cheer at hockey games, I love my life!! I just want to tell you that you are a wise woman to have made these life-style choices for you and your family. Enjoy every moment, Tara!

Jessica Cudzilo - A week later and I still haven't stopped thinking about this post ...

Kami Vanous - Hi Tara! I read this post this morning. Now the day is done and I had to come back to share with you. I've been following your work now and again for a couple of years. I stopped by today for a little dose of inspiration (something your site and blog are never short on for me as a newby in this business). As soon as I finished reading this I stopped working. I threw a silly outfit on my almost 2 year old and headed out to play and finally take pictures of my baby boy at a location here in Durango that I've been eyeing for months. I just wanted to thank you. Because you are brave enough to blog about the most personal things in your life I got some adorable shots of my son. I spent time playing with him instead of glued to the computer. Today was better in my world because of you. So thank you. Your children, by the way, could not be cuter if you had spent hours trying to choose outfits for them. You are so cool for putting it all out there. xoxo kami

Angie F - I'm here from Ali Edwards blog. Thanks so much for your post, I think it's amazing! WOW!!

Sara G. - I am glad that Ali Edwards linked to your post on her blog. It is good to slow down :)

kimberly - a great treasure lives here : )

Heather of WA state - I'm so happy you've found balance, Tara. A few years ago I found myself at a crossroads, where I could charge forward in a career filled with travel and excitement, or scale back and enjoy my young family and volunteer more in my community. I dropped out of the workforce, ignored my college degree, and devoted myself to others. My life is simpler than most of my friends who "moved up" in everything from housing to careers, but I am fulfilled and at peace. Someday I may live a more sophisticated life, driving a flashy new car, and utilizing the latest tech gizmo, but maybe not.

Kelly - <3!!

Domenico - Yeah, I think those four are the only celebrities you will ever need to know, and Barbados shamdos... looks like you're already in paradise. Love you.

Domenico - Crimey! My mum just brought me a snack and she said love you as she left and then I typed love you as I said it back to her. Please don't block me. I have stupid fingers.

Kerry Trujillo - Thank you.

Channone - Moments with our children are so fleeting!! You are right to want to capture the "every day" because that will change too! I read your post literally the day before I go back to work full time after staying home with my son. And your words are going to haunt me tomorrow..."waht kind of life do you want?" And the photo with your son resting his head on your daughters head?!?! OMG made me want to cry! That is such a special shot! You can feel all of their love for each other in those photos. What treasures!

Corry - Thank you! this is just what I need to hear. Everything is absolutely clear in my mind, now. Your words are captivating.

erin malloy - yours posts touch me deep at the core. im in love.

Tina - The photos took my breath away! I know we are inmevery photo we take. Your love for your children and their love for each other and you is made visible here. It's crazy that we can forget the life we want, forget and lose our way, get distracted. It's good to know and to see evidence of the rightness of it. It's magic.

Julie L Holleran - I can attest that you are on the right road; I went to see my four grandbabes this morning for a brunch set up for us by my daughter and her husband. Took a picture of one of my twin grandsons playing a clarinet duet with my husband,a second grandson showing off his new violin and just "candid" shots of us all sitting around together chatting about this and felt just like home when my two were growing up...time spent taking "time" is never lost and always comes back one hundredfold...enjoy Julierose

AshleyAnn - This is so beautifully captured in words and in photos. Funny that I just read it today since it was posted so long ago. I shared a photo on my blog today that makes me feel this way. It is of me & my daughter in the hospital. I tried to look happy in the photo, but when I see it...I see my sadness. I didn't think I wanted my sadness captured, but now that it is...I'm grateful. Thank you.

Erica Clements - This soooo speaks to how I feel and although it feels line a hard decision at times, it reaffirms that I've made the right one.

Jane - I too came from Ali's blog. Lovely grounding thoughts on the quality of life in the little moments which make up the whole of one precious life. Thanks for the thoughts.

debbie - I am sitting here, reading your post in front of 20 sixth graders who are driving me crazy as they are working on an Egyptian project (not that i should be...) and am going through so many emotions. i, too, am going through a pivotial change in my life. With my 40th birthday in a month, a husband just concluding a year of sobriety and an unexpected addition to the family in 7 months... ugh.... major changes are going to happen and quickly. i am going to contiue to read you blog and identify with all your emotions and feelings and realize that i am not alone. thank you for your honesty, it is making a difference in my life!

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Inspiring photography « simplelife:art - [...] kind of life » Orange County photographer | Tara Whitney  [...]

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