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a halloweenie kind of weekend

Our Halloween activities started Saturday, with Shane and Rachel. We carved pumpkins, got take out, and spent the evening together. We begged Mckenna to come downstairs, and she graced us with her presence at the table for literally one minute, to draw what she wanted on her pumpkin. Then she spent the rest of the time being grumpy on the couch. Rachel was the queen of cleaning out the guts. Shane got the job of detail carving. We had to talk Jeff into the fact that carving pumpkins was fun, but he came around and ended up coming up with my favorite pumpkin of the night. Anna was obsessed with playing with gooey pumpkin insides, and ended up taking my suggestion for a kitty pumpkin. (Shocker!) It was a pleasure watching Drew and Nathan really get into their design, and not need any help at all. What a change from years past, when Jeff and I were stuck slaving over six pumpkins, with toddlers whining at our feet.

On Sunday, we invited several friends over for a low key gathering with costumes, food, and drinks. The Halloween playlist was bouncing off the walls, there was at least one baby in almost everyone’s arms, and the Roquamole was a huge hit.

I took a second to photograph everyone in their costumes, but didn’t keep my camera out for the party. There were too many chips to eat, and too many babies to hold.

Anna bowled us over with her gypsy fortune teller look.

Mckenna was a hit in that wig, sweet little Annie!

“What’ll it be fellers? Mustard? Or Ketchup?”

Jeff and I dressed up as Mckenna and her favorite right hand woman, Uniqua. We kept it a suprise from the children, and when we walked in to show Mckenna, she surprised us and said, “What are you two doing?!” Not in her normal vocabulary and SUCH a funny response. She loved it.

Like I said, babies babies EVERYWHERE. What fun to experience. This was their first outing to our house. Noah, Henry, and Hayden.

Jon and Robyn with their boys. Parents of three month old triplets get a pass on the costume rule.

Brett and Billie as miner #21 and mistress.
Shane and Rachel as kitty and nerd. I don’t really think he dressed up all that much actually. Can you really dress UP like something you already ARE?! (sibling rivalry always lives on) (The stapler was the perfect touch.)

Gray and Loch in the most AMAAZING handmade costumes. Max was made by grandma, but Billie knitted the monster sweater AND HAT.

After dinner we headed out into the hood with our gang and the kids raked in pounds and pounds of candy. Drew took off for his first Halloween trick or treat with friends. (WHAT?) And Nate had two friends of his own to join in the fun. We rambled slowly, laughing at the antics and excitement of all of them. Gray and his swinging tail, running after Anna. Mckenna loudly reporting to us after every house with what candy she had been given. Anna racing ahead of the pack with more energy than I have ever seen her have. Nathan and his friends cool and collected, little professors, who we eavesdropped on and enjoyed. Towards the end Jeff and I sat down on a curb as Shane and Rachel kept an eye on the girls – well, I actually laid down on my back on the cement I was so wiped out and my back had started hurting earlier in the day. Picture me laying on the cold cement as Billie says to the trick or treaters walking around/behind me, “Pay no attention to the tired old parents!”

We loved every minute of this day – it was the perfect mix of friends and food and fun, and I can’t wait for next year.

After cleaning up this morning, this was the only proof of it left.



melissa m. - Great costumes for all!

Shanna - I seriously love Anna the gypsy! Such fabulous costumes. And I could eat Max and that little monster right up. I love the costumes that you and Jeff chose. And love even more that it received such a great response from McKenna.

Rach - I know, I know we both kind of slacked off this year. In my defense I was something else for work... Just not something kid appropriate. ;-) We had so much fun. Can't wait to do it again next year.

Anita - i love looking threw your eyes !!!! and the weather in your part of the word, bare foot... lucky, we had our first flurries the night before...

Yolanda - Holy moly! I am in love with that handmade Max costume, but the handknit monster set that Loch is wearing is just out-of-this-world adorable. I’m nuts over it. And a big chuckle on the Miner #21 and Mistress pair! Funny and creative people always attract funny and creative friends.

stacymeyers - Sounds like a perfect Halloween weekend!!! Costumes were great....all of them. You guys all look awesome! Love that everyone comes up with their own pumkin carving designs...we do that too!! Thanks for sharing your cool little weekend!

Debbie Bowers - Tara, you and Jeff look GREAT and the children are precious.There getting so big!

Isabel - I am laughing about the miner num 21 and his mistress !!! Excellent costumes !!! I also adored Uniqua !!!

Le Anne - What an awesome post. I think that this is one of my favorite of all time. I think that Anna looks so much like you with those glasses on. Costumes are adorable but YOU and JEFF just about made me pee my pants! You rock! Tell Billie, Gray and Loch's momma, that I think she rocks in the knitting department. That sweater and hat is amazing. The whole ensemble is so sweet. Can I take a baby please!!!!! Just a lovely post all around, Tara.

Laura H - When I saw your picture on Twitter this morning, I knew you were McKenna but I couldn't get my head to remember what Jeff was! Too cute!

Billie - I see Gray and Loch each and every day and I still can't believe how cute they can be sometimes - it doesn't hurt to have you taking the best photos! thanks for having us oh, and P.S. You forgot to write about the tired parents who laid down on the sidewalk while Shane and Rachel supervised the trick-or-treating :)

Monica Brown - Love it. Love ALL of it :)

elizabeth pellette - Love everyones costumes.. so clever... looks like a good Halloween was had by all.

Becky Thomas - love the little peeks into your life - and what fun parent costumes you had!

Shari Schwarz - My boys and I just totally enjoyed looking at these pics! Fun times! Shari

Pobke - right. that settles it. i wanna be a whitney.

meg duerksen - i love the ANNIE costume! it is one of my favorite movies....i might have that whole movie memorized...maybe. and i knew that was uniqua right away. :) so cute.

krista - they are all great, but LOOOOVE the max and wild thing. adorbs x 1000.

Amber - Sounds like an awesome weekend! All the costumes were AWESOME!

Molly W. - so rad. you and jeff look especially awesome!

Lisa - All of those costumes are just awesome! especially your's & Jeff's... great idea!!! & how can you have so many cute babies in one place at one time!?

christie hobson - STOP IT. Omg, I am dying over you/Mckenna and Uniqua. I can't tell you how many "WTH is Uniqua, really?!?!?" conversations we have had in this house, hahaha. Looks like you guys had a great night, and the Wild Things costumes are adorable! :)

Kim - I love all of these costumes, but can I just tell you how much my heart melts seeing you and your hubs in the McKenna/Uniqua costumes. So stinkin' cute...and with your hands clasped together like that. Those Wild Things costumes are gorgeous!

christine - OH MY GOSH! I asked Brenna (since I couldn't really see) what Jeff was and she starts cracking up..."Mom, that's the girl from Backyardigans!" We are rolling over here. LOVE all the costumes. Looks like an amazing Halloween. love you.

Lana - Dressing up as McKenna and Uniqua (sp?) is the best costume of the year! It made me laugh out loud, and I think I could have guessed it!

jen h - so cute! And Anna looks like you with her new glasses! And I just think that is way too cool that you dressed up as McKenna and Uniqua! Love that!

Georgia - OMG !!! Those Max and wild thing costumes are GORGEOUS!!! Was there a pattern involved??? Looks like you had a great Halloween. It's always fun to get together with others and dress up!

Liz - I can see so much of you in Anna in the gypsy shot! Love looking at all the costumes, we really miss out here in Australia!

Chris Hunt - love every last picture, this is truly life. fav costume: uniqua, hands down

courtney ortiz - Annie is my all time favorite movie ever! Every kid looked great! xxoo

Peter Bagi - Love the last pic in this series. Plus you guys as a family looking amazing! Love seeing new stuff from you Tara.

Shannon - Absolutely great costumes!

Amy Nieto - Sooo much fun! I've never carved a pumpkin, can you believe that????

Elsie Nicholls - I am curious - what specific yarn or yarns did you use to make the little hat with the horns - the hat/hood is adorable as is the model

Elsie Nicholls - Also what needle or hook sizes did you use?

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