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incorporating art

when i walked into the home of our friends brett and billie a little over a year ago to shoot newborn gray, i knew i wanted to do this.


this is a painting given to them by a friend from college-it portrays thom yorke (the lead singer of radiohead) and someone else i cant remember.

billie emailed me around gray’s first birthday to get tips on how to shoot him best in front of the painting again. she wants to do it every year. (how cool right?)

so when i shot their christmas card photos in december, i begged them to bring the piece to me, since i wasnt able to go to them.

and they did.



look at this cute mug:


note to my clients-if you’d ever like to incorporate something like this in one of your sessions just let me know! the bigger and crazier the better. haha.

Erin Vega - that is AWESOME! way, way cool.

candi - so cool. that was always one of my fav baby photos of yours! :) those are so fun!!

Laura Reaux - Yep, that's always been one of my favorites of yours, too. How cool that they want to incorporate that painting into his yearly photos. Love the one with him in front of it!

Christine - WOW! That is huge! Where do they live? So awesome to have that every year. Cute mug!.

tara pakosta - too funNY! i LOVE IT! tara

Cathy - I love this Tara. but when i first read it, i read it as, their friend from college, Thom Yorke, and i was thinking DUDE, they went to college with Thom Yorke? HOW COOL IS THAT? : )

kristin - i like the watermark. nice touch

gertje - What a great idea, Tara. The huge size of the painting and the small amount of colors in it makes it really stand out towards the background, and the fact you took it outside is just so funny! Ciao from the freezing cold but sunny Netherlands!

Shelley Haganman - I love this idea! It makes it extra "special" for the people involved too!Brilliant!

Billie - hey tara! thanks for sharing our most favorite pictures ever. i'm pretty sure the other guy in the picture is supposed to be Moby. at least, that is what i have been told ... you never know with crazy artists! i WISH we went to school with thom yorke, but it's hard enough to get people to visit northern idaho, let alone want to live there. have we told you how much we love you for making these pictures happen?

Melissa - Fabulous idea....wonderful result! Melissa

karen - oh are SO GOOD!!!

boho girl - omg...this is awesome! rocks.

kass - love the idea of the annual photo - its a great painting :)

suetreiber - sweet! He is one cute guy.

tara Whitney - billie-i love you too!

maile - these are awesome. What a great idea. You are so creative!

denali - no way I'm admitting I have tears in my eyes over these ridiculouly AWESOME photographs of people I don't even know :P

Jana - Wow, you continue to amaze us with your photo-creativity! Makes me want to paint something really big just to put people in front of it.....truly cool!

susan lyons - This totally rocks! I think it's one of my favorite sessions you've ever done! Love it! I hope all is well with you :)

heather - have I told ya lately how much you INSPIRE ME???

Stephanie - love the art in there..and with the yearly progressions...this is gonna be cool.

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